Mohammad-Javad Larijani

Interviewed on Charlie Rose Show

Larijani is the head of the human rights council in the judiciary and a top adviser to the supreme leader. Additionally he has been the Director of Institute for Studies in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics in Tehran. Previously, he has been a Majlis representative and the director of Majlis Research Center, and a Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs.


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Is it the one who described stoning

by Rea on

"as a controlled legal procedure".


Contrary to a beast I imagined, he seems so nice, soft spoken, neighbour next door. 

Méfie-toi des apparences !


So if this psycho Larijani

by Arthimis on

So if this psycho Larijani and the rest of I.R. thugs really believe in what they are talking about and acting upon, then the root cause and problem with his entire EVIL REGIME is their version of Islam, period.

By the way, he himself even admited here that the I.R. (aka Satanic Republic) governing system has been taken from the American and French, yet cooked these two most advanced Democratic institutions in a "Hot Pot of Bull Shit Islamic rationality" (LOL) that in reality resembeles Nothing but an "Un-holy" and even Satanic approach and actions to the entire world if not universe!!! We truly can say that based on the clearest facts and evidences about them in the past 31 years with strait face!

So basically, All their CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY (IRANIANS) are justified by such a final reasoning named "Islam" (their version) and in the name of Allah!!!????

If there is a GOD, He,She,It will never ever think and act like you Stupid, Fearful and Ignorant so called human!!! God isn't a psycho criminal like you!!! If he.... is, Who in the right mind and heart wants to have a GOD like yours???

Mr. Larijani and the Entire Satanic Republic,

GO F@$K YOURSELVES, you sick psych-path bastards (especially the Shiate Iraqi Larijani criminal serial killer family). All of you are Satan worshipers on Earth and inflicting nothing, but pain and crime on innocent human beings and you will be punished at the end! Mark my words here! There is a thing called "KARMA" and that really does exist!!! 

May the true GOD of this universe burn all of you I.R. system and people in your own eternal hell! Because you have disturbed, beaten, impriosoned, tortured and killed so many of my ham-meehans (people) in Iran and outside Iran and destroyed one of the greatest countries and civilizations on Mother Earth!! F@$k You, All of YOU !!! Your Evil End on Earth is very Near ...

Free Iran and Iranians.

PS. To find God, Man needs to find Awareness and Consciousness within, NOT any religion!!! Why using multiple lying bastard middle men when you can connect to the source directly on your own???

Immortal Guard

WOW Holocaust brought up again!

by Immortal Guard on

The more the American media keep bringing up this issue about the Holocaust the more they erode the veracity of the Holocaust. In an unwitty way they indirectly cast doubt on the issue. Even if one person perished because of his or her religion then that is a Holocaust. The extent of the Holocaust with respect to loss of human life has been questioned by various scholars and politicians. Also the American media because of their predominance in the West have always paid a disproportionate attention to the Holocaust issue while for instance the Armenian Genocide does not get nearly as much attention and does not provoke nearly as much indignation. Also the Holocaust of the Jews always overshadows the death of over 50 million Christians particularly the Russians and Ukrainians who were also victims of German atrocities. One also tends to overlook that besides the Jews there were the Gypsies, Homosexuals, Communists, the mentally handicapped and the "Arbeitsscheue" who were also put in concentration camps. And last but not least the Holocaust happened in Christian Europe and was perpetrated by Christian Germans. Why should the people of Middle-East pay for that? Also the Holocaust provides a pretext for Israel and the Jews in general to justify their policies. It confers upon them immunity to criticism and impunity to act as they wish!

As for Iran's nuclear ambitions why doesn't the West pester Pakistan which indeed possess a nuclear arsenal and is a tacit and indirect supporter of the Taliban who were responsible for the 9/11 attacks?

Actually if Iran gets the nuclear bomb Iran doesn't need to lift a finger for Israel to be wiped off the map since Iran does not have a common border with Israel. The Arab countries leaning against Iran and having Iran as a support base will do the job.



Larijani can brag about PhD in math that he doesn't have or...

by Disenchanted on


     try hard to speak as a rational modern man etc. But as long as he accepts and more than that, advocates that Neda was killed by MI6 agents his intelligent is lower than an APE and his dignity lower than a PIG!

      The whole Larijani clan has to be held accountable to Iranian people for the crimes that happened under their watch.

      This idiot disguised as an educated fellow has to explain why people who ran over people in Tehran streets with police cars got away with their crimes. How the thug who killed NEDA and his ID was captured by people was never brought to justice?!

      Shame on you. As Bavafa said, Charlie Rose ought to be commended to keep his composure in face of such plain lies.

     Among the funniest assertions he made was that in Shia we are instructed to be watchful of the legitimacy of government!! How absurd, how shameless! People whom you ran over in streets of Tehran were doing just that! Shame on you...

No Fear

Larijani's are no angle

by No Fear on

First of all, allowing two brother to control two very important institution ( Parliament and the Judiciary ) does not seem like a democratic idea. Ahmadinejad faction ( A breakaway faction from the conservatives in the parliament ) raised this issue before Larijani was chosen for another term as the speaker of parliament. But Ali larijani ignored the criticism which also became a public debate and became the speaker again.

There was also that shady real estate deal which involved massive amounts of lands outside Tehran. One of the larijani brother's ( don't remember his name, but i know he was an academic ) with Mehdi Hashemi as his partner were involved in some sort of ownership transfer scam of the mentioned lands which was published and exposed by Rajanews ( A newspaper close to Ahmadinejad ). The deal never went through but repeated request from Rajanews and some parliament members from the Judiciary to look in to this matter was ignored.

The Larijanis are the glue that bonds many groups and factions together under the " Velayat" doctorine. They are the brains behind the notion that all should be " melted in Velayat e Fagih ".

Yes.. They are the leaders of the powerful traditional conservatives in Iran. They pose the most danger and challenge to the government of Dr. Ahmadinejad. Not the useless incompetent reformists.


My hat off to Charlie Rose for keeping his composure

by Bavafa on

I wonder how Charlie doesn't burst into laughter during these interviews? I mean, come on…. how they lie with straight face. I know all politician lie thru their teeth, but these guys (whole IRI gang) are just some thing else.



how many Larijanis are out there?

by azadi5 on

It seems that this Larijani family is everywhere, just how many brothers are these guys?

Mardom Mazloom

That's already good that you know at least one persian word

by Mardom Mazloom on

go-oz is what you are spreading on this site.

Please also enlighten your friend, (s)he would probably stop laughing when (s)he undrestands the thing. hehehe



by oz on


Sargord Pirouz

I admit, my Persian isn't

by Sargord Pirouz on

I admit, my Persian isn't the best. But I do know what "gooz" means. Maybe the hyphen is what threw oz off.

Mardom Mazloom

go-oz, you don't speak Farsi, hahaha

by Mardom Mazloom on

I was telling that if Lariani is OK then go-oz is also OK. But you don't seem to understand what go-oz means ;)

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

to know about that last question; I'll have to say :if a bunch of delinquents runs any judicial system then there is no more justice.           Maziar


mardom mazloom

by oz on

Go??? Where? I'm not following. I didn't mean to be rude, I just think issues are interesting debates, not grammer and spellings. But I'm sorry if I broke a house rule. I am new.

Mardom Mazloom

go-oz, go janam, go

by Mardom Mazloom on

You're registered 4 days before. Your style reminds the one of No Fear who finds that Basiji-voice is dying on this site now fearfully hide him-herself behind this fartful name.

This illetrate, Sargord, is the only low-level western Basiji who looks like terrorists (little head and big fat flop) and cannot speak farsi. So he can at least, pronounce well the name of IRI-thugs he's defending, no?


mardom mazloom

by oz on

Dude, this is not a literature class, what does it matter how someone spells or speak. Debate him on the issue not spelling dude.

Mardom Mazloom

Sargord, you d'ont speak Farsi, everyone on IC knows that but

by Mardom Mazloom on

at least you can correctly write the Persian names of IRI-thugs you low-level-IQ-western-Basiji are defending? no?

It's lariJani, write it 100 times, I hope you'll be then able to don't make a mistake


Javad Agha had a few good points

by oz on

On the international issues, particularly UN's role and the often unreasonable
demands of the west, I agree with Javad Agha. The knife
analogy, I thought, was clear and concise, although I don't believe him when he says he only wants to cut cheese with it.

And obviously he's being a complete douche on issues like stoning and the Holocaust.

Sargord Pirouz

Lariani gave an interesting

by Sargord Pirouz on

Lariani gave an interesting conversation. Charlie seemed to have drunk too much coffee.

Like I said on the other thread, I would have liked it had Charlie allowed Larijani to more fully elaborate on Iran's criminal justice system. 


What a disgrace!

by Disenchanted on


      History takes lots of twists and turns. Saddam's destiny is only one example. One of scenarios in future would be that these brothers all fall in Jail and then they can continue the weekly family discussions there!

By the way I don't think he ever finished his degree in Berekley. That's why he refuses to answer the first question of Rose and just nods his head!




by oz on

Towards the end Charlie wouldn't shut up and allow Javad Agha to

I felt that Charlie was getting impatient and even angry at times. He was debating Javad Agha over Israel
more than interviewing him.  Even though still a descent  interviewer, I lost faith in Charlie when he joined the circus act in 60min. 


Interesting interview

by norooz on

Charlie tried to twist some of his answers and when the answers didn't suit him too well, he jumped to another question and wouldn't let Larigani to finish.  For example, Bush had said, Iran shouldn't have the knowledge of nuclear science.

Larigani said capability instead of knowledge which are the same ,but since capability has been used in media in conjunction with nuclear weapons and people are used to hearing that, Charlie tried to make the same sentence here with capability and nuclear weapon. Maybe because his mind is full of FOX news reports too and he can't use this word in any other context.

Larijani was correct on all the international answers, but on the internal issues there were some ilagical, contradictive answers mixed with some lies.   


pas reedam be eslam

by mahmoudg on

this guy says everything is free other than offending Islam!!!!  In that case I shit all over this cult.  Not because any other religion is better, only because i am told that i have (key word is HAVE) to obey this religion.  Let freedom reign and you will see how many people including me respect Islam.  Dont force your ideas on me and I promise i wont force mine on you either.  This is the freedom so sacred in America and why this is the greatest country on earth.  You want to be respected by the world and your citizens, then let them think for their own and say what they want.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

An Arab Iraqi  talks BS with his handmade assessment,and a lebanese nasralah saying there is no persian and..........

charlie Rose giving him 40 min. of talk talk...

Are we ever going to see these animals leaving our Motherland ?   Maziar


Sargord Pirouz

by KingReza on

Sargord Pirouz

You're one of the greatest trolls to have ever come to this website. 


This mass murderer is the head of "human rights council"!!!!!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Of the islamist regime of Iran!!!!

Now who said that the islamists  have no sense of humour, albeit of black variety? 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Sargord Pirouz

lol w/Worchester

by Sargord Pirouz on

To answer your question, I'm a non-smoker. My Iranian dad actually died from smoking. I miss him.

Worcester Mo

I have few questions that I hope Sargord can answer

by Worcester Mo on

1-  What does this guy smoke?  2- Where can I get some?


Ali P.

خطبه هلاک

Ali P.

ای دوزخی سرشت! اگر ظلم آسمان
میراث سرزمین مرا بر تو عرضه داشت،
در زیر آفتاب دل افروز آن دیار
دست تو، غیر دانه ی نامردمی نکاشت


بگذار تا سپیده دم روز انتقام ،
وقتی که سر بر آوری ز خواب صبحگاه
پیر و جوان و خرد و کلان نعره برکشند
که ای دیو دل سیاه!
مرگت خجسته باد بر انبوه مرد و زن ،
نامت زدوده باد ز طومار سال و ماه ….


Who cut the cheese?!

by Peykan on

He admitted (min=29)! He wants the knife to cut the cheese!

Maryam Hojjat

Islam Nationality, Oh SH.T!

by Maryam Hojjat on

How with such a mentality you got a ph.D. from finest US university?  You and the rest of bastards IRR/IRI came from Arab Countries to plunder IRAN & Iranians in the name of barbaric  Islam.  I wish we true Iranians would cleanse this ancient country from thugs like you.