Mock attack on nuclear facilities

Iran military stages war games

Reuters: Iran staged a mock interception of enemy warplanes attacking its nuclear facilities as part of its biggest military exercises to improve the Islamic state's readiness to respond to aggression, media said on Wednesday. Iran started the five-day nationwide exercises on Tuesday to test its ability to deter air strikes, which the United States and Israel have not ruled out to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons. Tehran says its nuclear program is for power. "The exercise will improve our ability to confront possible threats to Iran's air space and the very populated, vital and nuclear centers," senior Revolutionary Guards commander Ahmad Mighani said. As part of the exercises, warplanes were scrambled to intercept an imaginary air attack >>>


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Anonymous Observer

Faramarz - they don't just fool the "ignorant public", but also

by Anonymous Observer on

supposedly educated, Western residing PhD types.  Look at this post by "Varjavand", who is supposedly a U.S. residing PhD college professor:


He's claiming that the IR is "manufacturing jet fighters." LOL!!

This is propaganda for those who want to believe. 



by Doctor mohandes on

Someone is asking too many questions and letting their imagination wonder to places that it should not wonder off to....

Faramarzzzzzzzz! Did you attend the q and a session at the "facilities" yesteday/ They answered questions of Alaghemandan of all walks of life. they cleared everything up.


سلاح های فرضی در مقابله با دشمنان مجازی


These military maneuvers with leftover Shah's planes, smuggled parts and homemade IR toys are such a joke! The best part is the announcements and proclamations that the IR leaders make to fool the ignorant public.

Yesterday the head of IR Air force said that during these war games they intercepted 6 "foreign" planes in southwest Iran. He then said that they shot one of them down and forced the other 5 to escape!

Today he changed his mind and said the 6 planes were actually IR-made stealth planes and part of the maneuvers and were detected by S300-like, IR-made, anti-stealth radars! Holy Crap!

So, let's think about this for a second. The head of the IR Air force either doesn't know Sh*t from Shinola, or they can't even detect their own dummy planes and destroy them! I wonder where the other  5 planes are now!

The western military folks are probably watching all of this and are laughing their heads off.

Anonymous Observer

F-4's and Hawk missiles :-))

by Anonymous Observer on

It's like a trip back in time...specifically, half a century ago.  

My thoughts are with our people.  I sincerely hope that these idiots' adventurism doesn't end up in war with another country.  Because if it does, our people are out of luck.  



by MRX1 on

like IRI supporters should thank shah of Iran and previous regime for buying and maintaining these equipments.  As you see nearly all these equipments  are thirthy some years old! once again iRI is taking pride in some thing some body else has done.

By the way why isn't sargord pirouz not in this video?  One would think the mighty allah airforce will need a man lke him.


in dastgaha va havapayma

by rain bow movment on

in dastgaha va havapayma hay jangi mal 38 sale pish hast, havapay maye jangi F-4 va F-5, moshak haye hawk va ataghe control. albateh in file film male hamoon 32 sale pish hast .in namayesh jangi mano yade rooz haye akhare sadam hossin mindazeh ,regim manhoos mollayan nafas akharo dar mikesh.

baradarane chini va roosyeshon ham poshte pardeh ba keshvar haye gharbee moamelh kardeh and.gharareh baad az soghote in regim az pool haye dozdi shodeh az mardome Iran keh dar bank haye gharbi zakhyreh shodeh, haghe hesabe baradaran chini va roosi dadeh be sheh .regim mollayan pish be soyeh JAHANNAM.


For I.R. Officials &

by Arthimis on

For I.R. Officials & Supporters only:

In case of creating a war with U.S. (God Forbid) :

Your "Khatamolanbia" = Ahlan va Sahlan va Al Fateheh... !!! LOL



by Doctor mohandes on

Well put Onlyiran. But on a seriously sarcastic note, they are putting all the weight on the arteshe 20,30, 40 millioni. you know? Airforce chieh vaghti we have all this manpower powered by god knows what!

Kazem jan

When they say the cracked the damn thing, it means that they took the box out and literally slammed it hard onto the ground, so it actually cracked. They don't mean anything else by it.


SarGooz Bazandeh

Koja boodim va kooja residim?

by SarGooz Bazandeh on

30 years later … population has more than doubled … the exchange rate is no longer 7 toman to a dollar… there is no respect what so ever among the international community… it would be true to say that during the Pahlavi era Iran took a major step forward and it has been doing the opposite the past 30 years…


Kazem0574- Its' bravado without the muscle

by Onlyiran on

that's the scary part.  All of this old junk will be blown to pieces in less than 24 hours if there's a war with the U.S. or any other half modern air force.  The scary part is that the people who run Iran may actually believe their own propaganda (amr beheshoon moshtabah shodeh).  That's the real scary part.


Look at them! They are not

by Simorgh5555 on

Look at them! They are not even wearing a tie! Have you ever seen an army in the world where soldiers were unshaven and unkept like these? They look like the thugs that they are!


This is mainly for "Mardomeh Koocheh va Bazareh" Iran

by kazem0574 on

IR knows that in a real war situation with the US, any of their radars showing on-line signature will be destroyed before they have time to turn it off, as was demonstrated during war with Saddam.

I would be sorry for the young pilots forced to confront 21st century air capability with Vietnam days air crafts like the F4 as mighty as it indeed was in its time.

F14's were never given full capability by US when they sold them to Iran during Shah's time. IR claims to have cracked the black-box on these but has IR told us any lies before? Even then there has been other revisions since.

IR's only hope are the missiles that don't receive input from external radar, as there won't be any radar left.

I sincerely hope Iran comes out of this mullah madness era in one piece.




Adam delsh vaaseh in Artesh

by Arthimis on

Adam delsh vaaseh in Artesh mostazaf misoozeh be khoda!!! Koja boodim va kooja residim??? Gomaashteh shodeh Sarteep... (Khoshteep Mc Queen, LOL ) In 4 taa F-4 and F-14 (F chaar dar, LOL) roo ham keh oon khoda biamorz vasatoon gerfeteh bood badbakhtaa ...