Ahmadinejad in Yasouj

Says era of bullying and imperialism has ended

(AP) - President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says any U.N. Security Council resolution punishing Iran over its refusal to stop uranium enrichment "won't be worth a cent." In a speech Wednesday to a crowd in the central Iranian city of Yasouj, Ahmadinejad has also said the United States' "satanic and evil domination" of the world will soon disappear.


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No Fear

On Ahmadinejad speech in Yasouj

by No Fear on

Khomeini wrote in his book of " Hokomate Eslami " ;

And while this faqih rules, it might be said that the ruler is actually sharia law itself because, "the law of Islam, divine command, has absolute authority over all individuals and the Islamic government. Everyone, including the Most Noble Messenger [Prophet Muhammad] and his successors, is subject to law and will remain so for all eternity ... " (p.56)

Just as God established the Prophet Mohammad as the "leader and ruler" of early Muslims, "making obedience to him obligatory, so, too, the fuqaha (plural of faqih) must be leaders and rulers" over Muslims today. (p.63) While the "spiritual virtues" and "status" of the Prophet and the Imams are greater than those of contemporary faqih, their power is not, because this virtue "does not confer increased governmental powers". (p.62)

A person like Ahmadinejad who is supposedly melted in the doctorine of VF , should know that power doesn't rely in the hand of people. He has made references like the 3.28 remark almost all the times. He could say the same sentence differently, like this;

" ...( with ) The power in the hand of ( our revolutionary ) people ( And the advice of our supreme leader ), ( and with Gods help and support ) , ...(we ) will slap you so hard on the face .... "

The example above is almost always used as political rhetoric by all other politicians in Iran. But Mahmoud doesn't say it like it used to be. Once again, he says it like this whenever he can;

" ... The power in the hand of people, which is the extension of God's power , ... will slap you so hard on the face .... "

There is a huge difference between this rhetoric and the previous ones.

However, i admit i might be reading too much into this.  :)  Just a curious observation.


What happens @3:28, remains @ 3:28

by comrade on

A.N's not being totally aligned with the doctrine of VF is a known fact, which could have taken its due prominence, had it not been for the uniting issue of nuclear energy.


No Fear

by minadadvar on

Attacking the west to divert attention from internal probelms is getting old.  Just look at the faces of people.  They look bored, uninterested and even agitated. AN needs to come up with new strategy. 



by minadadvar on

No Fear is trying to make a point.  Your comment makes you look foolish and ruined No Fear's attempt at making AN look good. LOL.

Sargord Pirouz

No Fear

by Sargord Pirouz on

I admit, I'm nowhere near an expert on theology. But the quote isn't really a contradiction. The people are the extension of the VF, which is the extension of God.

My advice: when it comes to interpreting political rhetoric, you need not take things so literally. 


He is right.

by BehroozAzarin on

He is right.


It feels....

by Benyamin on

As if Iran is like a joke! I mean it doesn`t seem real. The president talks like a 5 year-old and people cheer for distruction and sounds very much like the old Iranian movies when "Bahman Mofeed" would lie about or brag about something that either never happned or will never happen.

Laatam ham laat-haye ghadeem 

No Fear

Ahmadinejad makes another point.

by No Fear on

Check this Video at 3:28 when he says;

" ... The power in the hand of people, which is the extension of God's power , ... will slap you so hard on the face .... "

I thought the VF is the extension of God's power on earth and not the people.

What are you saying Mahmoud?

Darius Kadivar

Well he Sure made ONE Correct Statement ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

"Emrooz Ma Bayaad Iran Rah Besazeem ..."

Engadar Iran Roh Veeran Kardy Keh ... For Sure There is No Denying to that ... LOL

SATIRE: The Olagh has Landed ;0)

SATIRE: The Extraordinary Tale of The Persistent Fly ;0)