A Soldier

A Soldier
by Doug Soderstrom

Not a sacred warrior,
Nor with a bayonet blessed by God.

Not even a human being,
Just a simple peasant, a surrogate,
A sacrificial lamb, a frightened child,
Chosen by the rich to be an instrument of war.

A cold-blooded, battle-trained beast,
A mindless savage ordered to kill.

A molded piece of steel, an object, a gear,
A very small cog in a far-reaching engine of death,
An insignificant fleck in the overall fabric of life.

A negligible notch on the handle of an enemy's gun,
A mere afterthought for those who extol the wonders of war,
An unkempt grunt,
A lonely gutted, blood-spattered corpse lying on the ground,
Something like the trivial crush of dead dog on a lonely country road,
Dead meat with a tin tag.

A sacred breath of life having been stripped from its mother's womb,
A father's pride, his very best friend,
Someone whose name is Abdul, Mohammed, Ishmael, Ibrahim, or Hassan,
Or then again perhaps even Mike, John, Mark, Eddy, Ben, or Bill,
A world diminished by the loss of another precious child!


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Multiple Personality Disorder

Very well said

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

I share your sentiment.

Azadeh Azad

Impressive and truthful poem

by Azadeh Azad on

May one day War becomes, like Slavery, an illegal and obsolete institution.




by yolanda on

Your poem is very sad and very true:


A sacrificial lamb, a frightened child,
Chosen by the rich to be an instrument of war.

Thank you for sharing the emotionally charged poem!

Ahmed from Bahrain

My Sentiments indeed

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

and to encourage all to see the truth behind those words, I love you to listen to this song and pay good attention to the marvelous words.

Universal Soldier by Donovan


Peace is the only way to a peaceful life and war is diametrically opposite to peace.

Ahmed from Bahrain


I share

by jamh on

I share your anti violence sentiment.  Nice poem.