Potkin Azarmehr

With Peyvand Khorsandi Confronts British MP George Galloway

On Tuesday award-winning Iranian-born blogger Potkin Azarmehr (sitting to my right in above video) and I went to the House Of Commons to protest at a public meeting, organised by Stop The War Coalition, where Respect MP George Galloway (pictured, with Azarmehr opposite) was to speak.

The meeting set out to defend the rights of protestors at last year’s Gaza marches in London who have been given harsh sentences by UK courts. With the backdrop of months of violence in Iran against peaceful demonstrators, we thought it would be apt to highlight Mr Galloway’s silence about human rights abuses in Iran, well documented by Amnesty, Human Rights Watch and for that matter, YouTube.

Mr Galloway’s links with Press TV are well known — an organisation that is a mouthpiece for the Islamic Republic.

My fearless companion didn’t waste time before heckling Mr Galloway and I chipped in too although I was very nervous knowing that we were in the Commons and there were police everywhere.

Mr Galloway, pointing to Azarmehr, said this man wants do arrest me and warned him not to (the Open Democracy piece ‘Arrest Galloway’ was actually penned by me). “I wouldn’t if I were you,” I think were his words.

I was surprised and impressed by Azarmehr’s boldness. When Mr Galloway told him the chair next to him was taken he said: “It’s as close as I can get to the Supreme Leader.”

I really wanted to be in the back row but here we were in the front– what a dude >>>


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Stop criticizing

by Rea on

Better anything than nothing.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

actually Potkin has professed pro monarchy sentiments.

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

i wonder why he doesn't comment here. for someone with a web presence.... hey wait!

there's nothing wrong with it until you try to cover it up.  


Think what you may, but

by Rea on

......  when you're desperate and there is no other way to make your voice heard, then you do what these two young men did.

@DK, loved your "dancing" link, copy/pasted it all over. :o)//www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClzgWqyFMMQ



Darius Kadivar

Well Said Benross Jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

Incredible how much we need to be apologetic after all these 30 years of crime and punishment !


A monarchist IS an ordinary Iranian

by benross on

What kind of line of defense is this? He is NOT a monarchist, as Galloway accuses him to be, but an *ordinary* Iranian. Is this how you defend those 2 Iranians murdered by IRI just before Bahman 22?

You tell me which Iranian is more *ordinary* Iranian than a monarchist? A communist? An Islamist? An Akhoond? What constitutes an *ordinary* Iranian? 


So You're the Moron Who Disrupted the Speech!

by HHH on

First of all Galloway doesn't benefit from either Israel or Palestine or Islamic Republic.

He has some goals he follows and he uses every microphone in the Muslim world he can. I've never heard him say any propaganda for IRI, he only answers questions in his free program in Press-TV and he tries to remain respectful to IRI without becoming it's puppet,  but on the other hand I've seen him break arms and legs to support Palestinians when no one else gave a damn.

So those who blame him for having his program in Press-TV should look in the mirror and ask themselves what they have done for Iranians or palestinians lately. 

Darius Kadivar

MON Q Happy Saint Patrick's Green Day ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Happy Saint Patrick's Green Day



Darius Kadivar

Fouzul Bashi Honey ... I'm sure You are ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Plenty with Qualifications ...


But Neither YOU, MON Q nor Me will rank number one in Patriotism above this gentleman :


Good Night Darling ...


Fouzul Bashi

DK, Honey :) I AM more qualified than you ;)

by Fouzul Bashi on

I do regularly travel to Iran, so I know the place, unlike you who hasn't a clue  :) loool

I am very very well versed by profession, experience and passion, with democracy and democratic institutions, unlike you who is stuck in the dark ages of Sultanism :) I have no illusion of democracy in Iran, not under the Mullahs nor under the Shah, unlike you who is deluded to his eyeballs with Sultanism!  

You don't need lecturing on democracy sweatheart.  A diehard Sultanist doesn't need that sort of distraction!  

Finally, with your talent at labeling people, you would have got a good job at Iran's courts ;) or Kayhan newsrag :0)  I can't say you are funny enough to qualify for a jester at Khamenie's court though :0( 


exactly Kadivar,

by Q on

you can lash out on anyone you want.

But no one can accuse you of being original or even mentally coherent!

Darius Kadivar

MON Q You are a Loser LIVE WITH IT ! ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

I know it's hard for you to admit it But You Are Actually VERY Useful to our community :




Kadivar, the monarchy is over -- for ever

by Q on

deal with it.


Continue acting like an unfunny-yet-pathetic clown the rest of your life. Let see which you choose.

Darius Kadivar

MON Q You were Never a Chellenge to anyone but Your own EGO !

by Darius Kadivar on

If you think Any Genuine Democrat And Patriot on this website takes you seriously any more than Sargord, Jaleho or anyone else of your likeminds.

Keep On Dreaming ...

Even Your Moussavi Avatar hurts to poor fellow more with a PR like You to represent him.

Oh and This is 2010 not 2009 and Your Five Minutes of Glory are Over ... 


Good night !


Darius Kadivar

Fouzul Bashi ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Oh Of Course You are More qualified on both accounts I suppose. I have no doubt that with your regular visits back and forth to Iran over the years you have gained sufficiant insight into the democratic institutions of the  IRI and the lovely ideals of the Islamic Revolution you whole heartingly supported in ousting people like me and 3 Million other fellow compatriots in the Diaspora out of their home country for more than 3 Decades.

Well Lady Just to tell you that EVEN After ALL these Years I did not exhange my patriotism, invalid royal passport and Loyalty for a bunch of turbaned traitors, Their Arab Flag and perverted system of goverment which I consider as illegitimate  today as I did 30 years ago and will fight in my capacity ( through Words and Not Bullits ) to the core with the last breath in my body.

Feel free to go and lecture me about democracy and not being Iranian enough in your eyes.

Unlike YOU, MON Q and MARGE I know where my Loyalties are ...

BOOK: EVEN AFTER ALL THIS TIME By Afschineh Latifi ( A Memoir )

And I don't want to spend another 30 years debating on the virtues of democracy in the West with fellows like Galloway who have nothing but contempt for Western Democracies while benefiting from the democratic platform only to undermine it from within under the cloak of intellectual discourse and freedom of speach they so willingly deny for our compatriots back home. 





Getting Kadivar to blow up is not even a challenge anymore

by Q on

Thanks for all the name calling, cursing and insults like "MonQ" which got you kicked out the first time. I wonder how long before you are banned again because you are just incapable of holding your big mouth!

I have enough strong arguments and a sense of humor to counter his lies without losing my temper

LOL! Yea, Kadivar jan. You're known for your "arguments" wihtout "losing your temper!" Tell me, when did you get into fiction writing?

Admit it, you rush to defense of Potkin because you think and act just like him. And you are just as ineffective.

Who gives a F..CK about Democracy in a foreign land

Exactly! You and that punk Potkin Azarmehr couldn't care less about democracy or parliamentary "debates". This child-like clownery shows you don't even understand the word. It's just some BS to you that you use to get your way, argue until you are blue in the face that "Iranians" need it, but you can't be bothered to apply it to yourself. What a sad hypocrite!

You are wrong, DK (exactly like everything else you thought for the last 30 years). These images are very powerful and have already turned off many Iranians from fossils like you and Potkin. Yes, some neo-fascist with mentality of grade school bullies may be "laughing" at this "success".

But 9 out of 10 viewers who are decent fair human beings are for-ever turned off by these bullying tactics. That's exactly what happened in the US when similar assholes disrupted the NIAC-Amnesty International speech with similar clownery.

Punks and bullies on both sides of the Atlantic only show their own ignorance, which is why no one cares for them and their warped world view.

Fouzul Bashi

Darius jan - parliamentary debate?!

by Fouzul Bashi on

I know that your familiarity with democratic institutions and styles are limited to videos on the u-tube, as is your familiarity with Iran ;)  

In the House of Commons, despite the bleating from the MPs and verbal attacks and counter-attacks from the speakers, people are not allowed to disrupt someone else's allocated time and stop them speaking, or force them to speak on a matter that was not the subject of the meeting or debate!!!  

Darius Kadivar

Fouzul Bashi You Probably Never took part in Parlimentary debate

by Darius Kadivar on

This incident is Nothing compared to what happened in the room next door ... 


They did not call in the Police for that matter.

I personally would have challenged Galloway differently because I have enough strong arguments and a sense of humor to counter his lies without losing my temper like these young yet patriotic fellows did here. But I approve their method for the goal was not to debate with him but to show that Iranians don't share his views on their country's regime as he has repeatadly claimed on Press TV and other medias.

The incident however handled was a Pretext not for debate or intellectual discourse but to show that Galloway did not have unanimous approval when he claims to speak for other people's rights.

So how do you know it was inneffective ? The video is distributed on youtube for all to see and maybe Galloways fans on their way back home will think about why this incident occured and realize that their self proclaimed supporter of all Third World causes is not so representative of his constituency after all ...





Darius Kadivar

What MON Q say's is ALWAYS True ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Particularly in this villiage :



Fouzul Bashi

Darius kadivar - double standards ;)

by Fouzul Bashi on

I know it is about the issue of democracy in Iran but if you care about democracy and free speech at all, then you respect it, be it in Iran or elsewhere.  One important aspect democracy is that, it is based on consensus rather than coercion and the consensus is reached through participation and persuasion rather than interruption and thuggery.

Of course you can't do that in Iran, because it is not a democracy!  However, there is a democracy in the UK and those individuals could freely arrange meetings and talk, can freely attend others' meetings and express their opinions and ask questions.  The  manner in which they behaved gives a very bad impression (perhaps true impression) about some of us who cannot respect other people's space and rights.  As you noticed, no-one in that meeting gave a shit that they were thrown out.  Not because they disagreed with their views but because of the way they intruded undemocratically on that meeting, rudely without any respect for other people's rights, interrupted and disrupted it.   

As for your comments about MY double standards, you are so French ;) and being a gentleman, I leave you with it ;0)  As they said in that meeting: Bye Bye :)

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

What Q says is true

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Whether or not you agree with Galloway is not the point. I think if the roles were reversed, Darius, you wouldn't be so kind. It's really bad form and it doesn't help their argument. Civil discourse is best. It might not be as satisfying as shouting and screaming, but it's more effective. 

I don't even know why Galloway gets involved in talking about IRI. Same with Liz Cheney and William Kristol. They've all made a career out of "Near East" study. Get a life! 


George Galloway Exposed, Again

by IranFirst on

This idiot has been doing this for a long time.The gullible left has
followed him and Islamic terrorists (from Al-Qaida, to IRI) have used
him many times. Here are few scenes



This is about standing up to hypocricy

by masoudA on

This is about Iranians finally having had enough of a bastard posing as an intellectual, lobbying for a regime for years hiding behind Iran’s eventual move towards democracy and human rights.   This is about patriots giving it to him when they see him keeping quiet about all the recent atrocities, as only a cold blooded payrolled anglo-bastard is capable of!   

Darius Kadivar

Robin Hood Endorses Potkin and Peyvand's Behavior ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Robin Hood's Declaration:


Darius Kadivar

I for One won't Spill Crocodile Tears for Galloway ...

by Darius Kadivar on

I noticed him Long Ago before his regular "Gauche Caviar" aka "Left Wing Caviar" admirors on this website ...

SATIRE: Hamid Dabashi & George Galloway "Get me Out of Here, I'm a Celebrity" By DK

David ET

Dear Siamack

by David ET on

Good humor as always. Thanks for the laughter buddy...

I do not like this politician for sale (Galloway) but as for what these guys did (sitting there like Haina's waiting to attack) I disagree with tactic which in fact creates sympathy for Galloway. The two acted like Basijees * , in fact for a while I was not sure what they are going to say or do like they could have pulled out Khamenei's poster or something or gone for Galloway's neck or something. ..embarresing ! But look at the bright side, they could have thrown their smelly shoes at him , the middle eastern way.

هر سخن جائی و هر نکته مقامی دارد


 بسیجی :موجودی پشمالو که بی دلیل به انسان حمله میکند * 

visit: www.iransecular.org

Darius Kadivar

Fouzul Bashi WRONG: It's YOUR Double Standards !

by Darius Kadivar on

This is about Advocating Democracy and Free Speach In OUR COUNTRY IRAN !

Not about Democracy in the West which Already Exists  and which Mr. Galloway is Benefiting From while Denying and Distrorting the Truth about a so called exisiting Democracy in Iran.

This Debate is Relevent to Iranian Issues as much as the War on Gaza or the Holocaust Denials were Relevant to IRan !

Galloway has Used and Abused Iran's Regime Stance on these Issues over the years to promote his aims and goals for the Palestinian cause at the expense of OUR National Interests.

So I don't see any problem in these fellows using his platform to remind him of his own contradictions !

Claiming to be a Salon Democrat is not a Proof that One is a Democrat !

This Fellow is a Deputy in Parliment and is using his priveledge to Influence Foreign Policy in a direction that HURTS OUR COMPATRIOTS.

If this was a debate Hosted by a neutral TV station ( which Press TV is Not by the way)  in front of a neutral audience ( who is not already in favor of the speaker ) and a neutral moderator that would be different.

When Did the IRI Stooges have Respect for OUR Opinion in the Streets of Tehran.


Because the Poor Fellows in the Tehran Campus don't HAVE THIS LUXURY !



If we could do the same in Iran we would do it also !

You IRI Apologists  are Really Funny, When you could do the same with those who advocated War on Iran during the Bush Era or ( like below when Pro Palestinians would do the same towards Israelis seeing their conferences in the US or Bay Area interrupted because of their behavior in Gaza)  you couldn't Give a Damn about Intellectual discourse and Democracy :


But When others do the same in the name of Democracy in their Own Country You Shy Away ?  

I can come up with other examples specifically about IRI apologists interrupting conferences of Pro Bush people signing their books.

I don't hold that against them. In their logic I would do the same ! 

Love Your Double Standards !


Fouzul Bashi

advocate of democracy and free speech, eh? loool :)

by Fouzul Bashi on

I don't care about Galloway and have lost respect for him.  However, that meeting was NOT about Iran, so to disrupt it in that shameful and idiotic fashion, really indicated what thin idea of democracy, civility and free speech some of us have!!!  God help us if you lot here who support this behaviour get your hands on power ;0)

 And even if the meeting were about Iran, Galloway should have been allowed to speak, without interruption, so the audience could hear him, and then Potkin and Khorsandi could have challenged him, by questioning him and presenting their points of view, rather than behaving like thugs. 

Darius Kadivar

MON Q is a punk and a loser because

by Darius Kadivar on

For he can't Even distinguish between a Patriotic Behavior and a Psuedo Democratic Opinion.

I doubt that for this Arab Parast the word Patriotism means anything for it is absent in his dictionary.

Between a Patriotic behavior and the democratic right of opinion of a Foreign IRI Stooge, I choose Patriotism.

This is not a debate about the virtues of Democracy based an intellectual or academic discourse ?

This is about clarifying where WE as Iranians Stand in this Struggle for OUR Rights !

Who gives a F..CK about Democracy in a foreign land when your own compatriots don't have that luxury and see their right's to that Freedom of Expression be denied by someone who does have that luxury to express his denial for our compatriots predicament ? 

If you have Not noticed yet the Iranian Nation and TRUE Democrats is Waging a War with the IRI and it's Friends and Allies  !

ANY Form of Action ( Violence Excluded) is therefore Justified to disrupt and undermine what The IRI stooges are aiming at.

I couldn't give a damn about debating with Ahmadinejad or anyone I consider as an Enemy.

As General Patton used to say:

 "No Bastard Ever Won a War by dying for his country ... He Won it by making the other Poor Dumb Bastard Die for His country ..."


That is the least I wish for Galloway and the Arab Mullahs Ruling My Country !

MON Q I already Told You that Your Palestinian Passport is Available at the Nearest HAMAS Embassy ...


Or Go Join The MKO if you wish :

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat meets Maryam Rajavi:








Azarmehr is a punk and a loser

by Q on

Khorsandi disappoints sorely. What a shame.

What the hell is your problem guys? Is this your idea of democracy? Disrupting someone else's speech for a different event? How self-centered can you get? This is the example you set for the "democratic" values you have learned in the West? If PressTV and IRIB show this clip in its entirety, it will only help IRI.

Galloway is expressing his opinion on a forum that is available to him. Why is appearing on PressTV and speaking your mind any worse than appearing on BBC ?

As a British and Western citizen, Galloway has absolutely no responsibility to talk about or even care about the IRI. He's rightly worried about the crimes supported by his government because those are done in his name. Anyway, I'm glad you both aquainted with some aspects of freedom in the form of getting your unwelcomed ass kicked out of someone else's meeting.

Get over self-righteous egos and do something worthwhile with your lives!!!


BEST PART- when they say to Iranian nutcases BYE BYE NOW

by yahoo_yabo on

I love it. 

Totally British -----  BYE BYE