Iran regime change "fantasy"

CNN's Farid Zakaria commentary


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Irani Irani

Yeh mosht "darivari" az Haji Mola-yeh Groupie

by Irani Irani on

IRI is the product of its times. Which government isn't? Nazi Germany, USSR, Israel, S Africa, Saudi Arabia, etc, etc are all "product of their times" whatever that manure means. Okay, Hidden Imam is the product of its times. This sort of chert-o-pert is the political wisdom of West-residing IRI Cyber Groupies. this respect Iranian body politic is many years ahead of other countries in the Middle East. 

Oh yeah, IRI's theocracy is way ahead of the quasi-democracies in Turkey, Cyprus, and Israel. What a load of crapola (IRI really needs to get better propagandists). Look at the IRI's many "achievements"--what a pathetic, poor, and backwards state our country is in.

All the leaders of the Green movement, Mousavi, Karoubi, Khatami.. are against the overthrow of the IRI because they're wise and they know better.  

They ARE the IRI, duh. How confused are you, Haji Mola?   :-)   

Haji Mola, beja eenkeh een ghezavatha-yeh darivari ra begooyi, yekam az Gaza khaber bedeh. Delam tang shodeh bara an Arabha. 


maziar 58

nothing .....

by maziar 58 on

what regime change ?

we just changed one paloon to other one.

 for 50 yrs pahlavis tried their best to ride us to the higher ground and now over 30 yrs the mollahs trying to ride on our backs.


we got to find a way to change that paloon.           

Mola Nasredeen

Islamic Republic of Iran is the product of its times

by Mola Nasredeen on

and in this respect Iranian body politic is many years ahead of other countries in the Middle East. All the leaders of the Green movement, Mousavi, Karoubi, Khatami.. are against the overthrow of the IRI because they're wise and they know better. 



Who "overthrew" Soviet Union? Eastern Europe? Latin America?

by Anonymouse on

Several Asian countries who some even changed the names of their countries?  Shah of Iran? Who was Khomeini at the time?

All dictatorships come to an end one way or another.  Sometimes they keep shooting themselves in the foot like Islamic Republic.

Who imagined the Green movement?  We're not there yet but we're on our way and from the looks of things and compared to what has happened so far in the past 31 years and the contemporary Iran in general, things are moving quite rapidly. 

Everything is sacred

Irani Irani

Perhaps because you're deaf...and illiterate

by Irani Irani on

Literacy is not a strong suit of IRI Groupies (reference: Nasrallah Military Forum). I didn't say anyone was going to "overthrow" the IRI anytime soon. The regime has a monopoly of weapons and money--the two things it takes to stay in power, though I have no doubt its pathetic "military" would fare very poorly against the U.S. if there were ever a conflict (Muslim nation's militaries are only good for killing their own people and stealing). I said the IRI will last 1000 years (a rough estimate). I don't know how long the Worst Regime in Iranian history will last. Who can predict the future? Can you?


You said the IRI will last 50 years. I don't know that, nor do you. Maybe it will, and maybe it won't. Who knows? But at least show a tiny little bit of intellectual honesty and stop mimicking IRI's lousy propaganda, as you always do so predictably. I also know that it is laughable (as in it makes me chuckle) for someone who is convinced of the IRI's eternal existence or the strength of its defenses to constantly spout silly propaganda about the imminent collapse of the U.S. It's similar to the Islamist obsession with Israel's never-arriving collapse (another favorite prediction of IRI Groupies). Now, do you know how long I've gone without an update from GNN (Gaza News Network)? I need one, please  :-)

Mola Nasredeen

Repeat: Who's going to overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran?

by Mola Nasredeen on

I can't hear you?

Irani Irani

Relax Mola, I said it will last 1000 years (probably more)

by Irani Irani on

I seem to have hit a nerve with you. Isn't 1000 years long enough for you? (You said only 50 years--that's nothing. Think of all the things IRI can accomplish in 1000 years). I do think it's a little funny though that you are predicting the imminent collapse of the U.S.--"bankrupt", blah, blah  :-)   I'm also wondering who will overthrow Israel for you? The Arabs? IRI? IRI couldn't overthrow Saddam with 8 years and 500,000 dead Iranian teenagers--Khomeini just drank the "poisoned chalice". It took the U.S. a few weeks to deal with that Arab nonsense. Take a deep breath and read what I wrote:

"The important thing is to strengthen the job of strangulating and killing Islamism (just as Germany had de-Nazification, the world and Iran need de-Islamist-ization). It may take many years, but it is a worthwhile goal to eradicate Islamisim (just like Naziism, Bolshevism, etc)."

This cancer called IRI is trying to spread. The least any decent human being can do is to tell the truth about it. That's all: tell the truth. Just as decent people opposed Communism for many years before the USSR fell, Iranians who have the freedom of the West need to tell the truth about the IRI and call the Cyber Groupies out on their propaganda. Okay, enough talk about Iran. Let's talk about Beautiful Gaza  :-)    



Listen to Mola Farid

by benross on

This is what they wanted you to hear for past 30 years! And the stupid stupid STUPID intellectuals kept silent.

Mola Nasredeen

Who is going to overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran?

by Mola Nasredeen on

Not Mousavi or Karroubi or Rafsanjani.  Monarchists don't count because they live in a fantasy land and hope USA to change the Iranian regime. Reza Pahlavi does not have the guts to even imagine himself to be back in Iran, they'll eat him alive! USA aint got the manpower, money or the will power either. USA will be lucky to get herself out of the Afghanistan mess. So what's all these shouting and screaming? Get a grip.

Irani Irani

When facts aren't facts

by Irani Irani on

1. Majority of Iranians inside and outside Iran don't want Iran to be another Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakestan. They much prefer the status quo to being invaded. 

Those aren't the only options. Islamist killers made a mess of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan with their suicide bombings and cutting off of throats. Get rid of Islamists and those countries might have an opportunity to become decent places (e.g. S. Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Costa Rica, etc). 

2. Majority of Americans do not want another war to be started while the country is bankrupt.

"Bankrupt" America has infintely more wealth, technological and scientific prowess than the advancing and progressive IRI. I think the San Fernando Valley's GDP exceeds that of the IRI (that's a joke, but it might be close  :-) 

3. Majority of the world population hate wars period.

Majority of the world population hate wars and religious fanatics--especially the Islamist type (they are unpopular in N, and S. America, Europe, Mideast, and Asia).

4. The Islamic Republic of Iran will survive for another 50 years.

The IRI will survive another 1,000 years. It is the true Thousand Year Reich. How long will Israel last--it has already been around for twice as long as IRI, but do the Arabs and Islamists ever accept that fact? Nope. But really, who knows how long it will last? No one thought the Shah would fall when he was in power for 31 years. The important thing is to strengthen the job of strangulating and killing Islamism (just as Germany had de-Nazification, the world and Iran need de-Islamistization). It may take many years, but it is a worthwhile goal to eradicate Islamisim (just like Naziism, Bolshevism, etc). Anyway, Arabs and Islamists are always predicting great victories--we see how their militaries and economies perform in real life: very, very pathetic.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: Facts

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Right I don't want Iran to be another Iraq. I want Iraq and Afghanistan to be provinces of Iran.    The majority of people hate Islamists period. Did you get these or what!

Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

1. Majority of Iranians inside and outside Iran don't want Iran to be another Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakestan. They much prefer the status quo to being invaded. 

2. Majority of Americans do not want another war to be started while the country is bankrupt.

3. Majority of the world population hate wars period.

4. The Islamic Republic of Iran will survive for another 50 years. 


Btw, I find one thing funny

by Iraniandudee3 on

We have hundreds amonsgt hundreds of videos proving that the vast majority of Iranian absolutely hate this regime and even ex-Revolutioinary guards and other ex-islamist officials admiting the hate that the Iranian people have for this regime and them collapsing on their ars, but non of the islamists wanna talk about that, now do they? They wanna talk about one poorly done video of a Mexican/Paki talking about a country where he hasn't even stepped into once nor lived amongst it's populace.


Get real, you're not fooling anyone.


This guy hasn't even lived in Iran

by on

welcome to 99.99% of Iran experts outside of Iran. A good majority are not even Iranian by heritage!

So, what is your point?



On Iran, Fareed Zakaria Missed the Mark

by Kaveh Parsa on


The choice for this administration is not between "do-nothing" and "bomb Iran." The decision is much more nuanced, and to reduce the complexity of the situation down to two black and white options is irresponsible. While Senator McCain's foreign policy is extreme, and he has in the past indicated he'd support military action against Iran, what he said in that particular speech and what the Iranian people want is moral support from the international community. That's not just the US, but from every country.

When the P5+1 holds summits to discuss the nuclear issue, Iran's opposition wants human rights to be on the table. When our President gives speeches at the UN, the Greens want to matter. Their struggle is one that President Obama has not championed in any meaningful way. THAT is what is missing. What's more, the ask for international support is not intended to produce an overnight overthrow, but rather, to help the Iranian opposition endure the lengthy battle they must wage in order to bring change. Having international moral support means a lot to an opposition. Think of the social movements taking place on American college campuses during Apartheid. The US helped lead a worldwide campaign for human rights and equality in South Africa and stood on the right side of history. So yes, unlike Zakaria, I strongly believe that a "few speeches" from our President would and could do a lot by way of expressing solidarity for the brave Iranian people.

The majority of Iranian-Americans staunchly disagree with Mr. Zakaria's mischaracterization on his program. I have received phone calls and texts from well-informed Iranian-Americans that have criticized his commentary, as well as last week's featuring of Hooman Majd as an "expert." Majd is not viewed by the diaspora as an academic or an expert. Rather, he is widely perceived as a regime apologist. I also disagree with Zakaria's reliance on a telephone poll of Iranians conducted by an American firm. Iranians quiver to speak freely during telephone conversations for fear they are being wiretapped. Hasn't the regime's repressive censorship taught us that much?

To really know what the Iranian people want, you need to ask them. I understand that the exercise of foreign journalism in Iran is exceedingly difficult, but I applaud the work of ABC News for working to get their stories heard. This week, the network goes undercover in Iran to document the state of opposition activists.

Everywhere we went, we were followed. But the risks are greatest for the opposition. In ten trips to Iran, this was the most nervous I've seen them.

A husband-and-wife pair of activists -- we'll call them Mehdi and Maryam -- arranged to be interviewed in a moving car.

"If they want they can come to our house and take us," Maryam said. "They are coming for activists one by one... next I think it will be our turn," her husband Mehdi said.

Both had been beaten and injured by police loyal to the government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but they insisted they were not afraid to keep up their fight.

When those among us ask for more by way of words and support from this President and from the international community, it's for Mehdi and Maryam and the thousands more like them. It's so that they can endure the long road ahead



Obama mishandled Iran crisis!

by statira on

I wish I voted for McCain! He had better foreign policy than Obama especially when it comes to Iran. I believe if McCain was President instead of Obama, the Rapist Regime of Iran was gone by now.

Obama seems to be too soft on Iranian regime and ignoring their human right violations in Iran. Despite all his rethorics and promises, he seems very careless and ampathetic toward the suffering of Iranians. I doubt if he( Obama) even cares about his own country. He is just a smart enemy who cut the head off with cotton.

Fareed is always right in his analysis but not this time. I think Maziar Bahari is to blame for his misinterpretation.



by AryamehrNYC on

The true does of reality is that this revolution has gone beyond a color.  It has morphed into Iranians againt Non Iranians. 

Now, the question that remains to be asked is: when will you jump this sinking ship and "claim" to be an Iranian? 

I see a Bekaa Valley zip code in your near future...


guys, don't waste your time

by shushtari on

trying to educate the resident bache akhoonds here.....


anyone who thinks khayenei is 'emam zamam's ' rep on earth needs to have a brain transplant.....


these guys go to wells fargo to cash their checks from the bosses in tehran.....from iran's oil money


they live the lap of 'the great satan' and try to spew nonsense in defense of this dying regime


pack your bags, southern lebanon is calling LOL 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The anti Iranian Zionist Islamist Leverett / Mann are well known. They have been long discredited. You just found it. Why do IRI supports believe Zionists?

They do get one thing right. The Green movement is not where it is at. The Green leadership is nothing but another IRI face. Karroubi and Mousavi are not Iran's future.  We need real Iranians not Islamists garbage. Personally I think the leadership will come out of the recently exiled youth. From people whose allegiance is to Persia not Islam.

Sargord Pirouz

VPK, you're out of touch.

by Sargord Pirouz on

VPK, you're out of touch. Here's a dose of reality:


Sargord Pirouz

Quite a few loyalists felt

by Sargord Pirouz on

Quite a few loyalists felt the same way, 30 years on after the American Revolution, also. Today, they're referred to as "Benedict Arnolds".

DK, how do you reconcile liberalism? Out of convenience or convention? 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

IRI voice

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I noticed the band of IRI cyber groupies are out in force. Abarmard; No Fear; and so on. That with the voices of "na ommidi" out of more reasonable people.

You people are assuming a static landscape It is not.

The future is not in the hands of the "rural" Iranians only. In addition not all these "rural" Iranians are IRI supporters. You have conveniently left out Kurds and Balouch. You also from your computers in the West assume that rural means stupid. I know there are many very religious Iranians who hate the IRI. Religious does not mean pro IRI. 

In addition minds may be changes. Those who do support IRI may change their mind. No all of them are like Abarmard and No Fear who are ideologically committed. 

Meanwhile there is external pressure being put on IRI. The sanctions will cause inflation and scarcity. That will make people angry at the IRI. The US is busy with Afghanistan. Once that is done additional pressure will be put on IRI.

This is not nor ever was just an internal matter. The IRI was created by Carter and Britain and will be taken out with influence from outside. One other good news: BP is about to go bankrupt. Once of the biggest sources of trouble in Iran will be gone. In the meanwhile BP is too busy with its own misery to cause more trouble in Iran. Sorry IRI.



Sargord Pirouz

"Jujeh" Revolutionaries-

by Sargord Pirouz on

"Jujeh" Revolutionaries- that's hilarious.

I guess being on the wrong side of history produces such shrill.

Darius Kadivar

We Ain't "Jujeh revolutionaries" But "Satin Restorationists" ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Ne melangeons pas les Torchons et les Serviettes


Don't Mix Satin Hankerchiefs with Kleenex



Care For a Moosh Kosh Mahmoud Jaan ?

SATIRE: The Extraordinary Tale of The Persistent Fly ;0)

No Fear

Call them PEOPLE , not just the "Poor"

by No Fear on

May i refresh your Jujeh revolutionary minds that the backbone of this regime is not simply the poor people. (How dare you divide people based on their finances?)  The backbone of this system is the " Majority " of the eligible voters who participate in every elections. Like it or not, this is the truth.

Does the word " Majority " means anyting to you?  Even if the entire 10 million ( ? ) Iranian diasporans who live abroad, somehow get united and vote as a political bloc ( In a dream world ), you still won't be able to come anywhere close to defeating a candidate like Ahmadinejad with a huge popular support of 25 millions.

Yet Jujeh revolutionaries are clucking about regime change.... Is it because you want to accomplishment so many things in such a short time?   Instead of having big ideas with no actions, why not just start by focusing on one small step ( Towrds progress, not revolution ) and become proactive?



gitdoun ver.2.0

Excellent Analysis

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

I 100% agree with Fareed. Any ideas of a regime change or collapse any time soon is just a pipe dream. I'm sure in big cities the regime is hated alot but in the vast rural areas of iran the regime has it's supporters among uneducated peasants. And of course let's not forget the religious manipulation/brainwashing the regime employs to rally support


Be careful about media news

by Abarmard on

They are not there to provide information but to give a path for policies.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You used the "Polls" done recently as "proof" that Iranians support IRI. Those polls many pointed are not valid. Because in a dictatorship people don't dare speak their minds. To use those polls as fact indicates a bias. 

You are also biased because you speak in terms of the "reform" movement. Reform in IRI is impossible. Khatami; Mousavi; Karroubi; Ahmadinejad are all parts of IRI. There will never be any change in IRI with these people. 

In addition social change does is not led by lower classes. They follow. The less informed feel the pain but don't know why. They will follow the ideas put out by others. Unfortunately most the time those ideas don't help.

As for my "hubris" I can tell you what to do with your insults. So don't bother with more insults since you already tipped your hand. As for what you have done, I have no way to tell othan the insult you spewed at me. 


Agree with Benross

by Iraniandudee3 on

It was never about mousavi, but about people getting tired of these un-Iranian retards in office, almost like the last straw with this regime. 


Out of this movement and protests, we've gained alot, and out of this movement these islamist sons of hookers have rissen a nationalistic movement that will only get stronger, just imagine how the next riot is gonna turn out. All hell is gonna brake loose on top of these islamists heads.


There is a reason why everything the Iranian nationalists have predicted has come true these past years, anyone who can't see it is in denial, just go to Iran for fuck sake and talk to the average Iranian. Sure, you shameless delusional islamists can live in your fantasy, you can do this til the day you're lined up and shot to hell and beyond for all we care.


This guy hasn't even lived in Iran

by Iraniandudee3 on

Yet he's only talking about the social gap of Iran like he knows anything at all when infact he's just taking his source from what the IrI tries to portray, which is utter bullsh!t.

He speaks the truth at some point, but exaggerates it into oblivion, cause the situation in Iran isn't so simple. I come from a poor background in Iran and I can tell u that most of the poor don't support this regime. We lacked money and materials, not brains. The Iranians in poverty know that this regime is only ruining the economy. It is true that most of the supporters of this regime consist of the uneducated (Islamist dahatis) and the poor, but that doesn't mean all of us nor majority of us support this leach regime, nor does it mean that the regime gets it's support from the poor alone, many bazaris and business owners support this regime cause they themself feed on the corruption of this shameless dirty government.