Black Pelicans

Black Pelicans
by Sasan Seifikar

There is a new species on the scene

Another miracle of evolution

Like you and like me


Black pelicans in a black see

Covered in oil and tar


They are unable to clean it off

And trying to remove it

They swallow it


Their matted feathers

Make it impossible to fly


They have no food

Cut off from air and sunlight

The vegetation and fish are dead


The pelicans are also dying a slow and painful death


They will soon be extinct

And the impact will only get worse


It is awful and heartbreaking

It puts a big knot in my stomach


This time,

There is no drunken captain to blame

No one deliberately did this

But it was an accident waiting to happen


Make no mistake, friends!

This is the fault of you and me

It is a by-product of greed

The insatiable appetitive for oil

For not knowing our limits

For bigger and better things

And for more and more

Alas, our lifestyle burns a lot of oil


-Rotterdam, Netherlands



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