Ahmadinejad: Sanctions "illogical"

Nuclear fuel swap deal 'still alive:' Ahmadinejad

AFP: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Iran's nuclear fuel swap deal brokered by Brazil and Turkey last month was "still alive," state television reported on its website on Tuesday. "The Tehran declaration is still alive and can play a role in international relations even if the arrogant (Western) powers are upset and angry," he said in a meeting with visiting Turkish parliament speaker Mehmet Ali Shahin >>>


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She is as fake as it can be

by IranMilitaryForum.net on

The change in Iran has been going from bad to worse. There was a pseudo
democracy; now a military dictatorship.  We are going the wrong way.
Reverse it? When your ship is sinking fast there is no time for "gradual
change". Mullas are murdering Iranian people day by day. Islam is
sucking out our blood. Time to move is *now*. When you are on a nice
ride you could do a gradual change. Not when Mullahs are sacrificing us
for Felestin and the Arabs. Immediate change is required.

No matter what we feel the rest of the world aka USA ain't gonna wait.
Deal with reality. AN is a gonner. The tsunami is heading your way. Will
you be the fool who stands in his suit of armor or the wiser man who
rushes clear?

It does not take much to see what she is really here for. Certainly not Iran nor Iranian people. She is a joke in totality! She is a Muslim convert to Christianity. She was a disgrace to Islam as a muslim and now a disgrace to Christians. Christianity does not promote bigotry and fascism as she does. 

Come to think of it, she is neither this nor that but she totally fits into being a Zionist agent how, well, she hates Arabs and specially palestinians, she hates Islam and then she appears here as a convert Iranian Christian. Trust your instincts and realize who this VPK really is and what is she meaning to do, not too difficult at all.

Not long ago she was claiming that she was against any sanctions that would bring hardship to Iranians in general and now she promotes it. She is not one person but several paid agents under one alias name from Tel Aviv. Hope they know where is the nearest bomb shelter in case Iranian missiles start raining on Tel Aviv!



Nooooo, Chief, I mean VPK,

by Rosie. on

Saying it's 'Ahab' instead of 'Ayhab' doesn't mean he's admitting he's Ayhab. Because Ayhab spelled Ayhab with a 'y'. But it doesn't mean he isn't admitting it either. Alas, we may never know. Those mozdoors can be veeery tricky, as you know.

But seriously, Chief. The other day Darveesh said something so terrible on Anvar, the Bahai's, Mona/Neda blog that I just couldn't imagine Ayhab ever saying. He popped up like always to spit out one of his obnoxious little snippets. And what he said was 'Mona was no Neda'... of course, it might just be Ayhab taking revenge on us all for having been booted by littering the site with the most appalling horse dung humanly possible, regardless of personal conviction.

Ayhab, pumpkin seed, if it's you, I NEVER wanted you to get kicked out. Just paper trained. And I protested--eloquently--directly to The Moderator when the dirty deed was done. Maybe if you just wrote him an e-mail and begged forgiveness (for being distruptive, in case you still don't know why you were kicked out), you could come back as Ayhab...I mean look, that evil sociopath Nur keeps coming back under different accounts and he doesn't even ask, and j. lets him stay a while before he boots him again. With you it could be for keeps if you just behaved a little better...well, a lot better, but you know what I mean.

--Agent 99



by Doctor X on

To relax more often. You use too many words to communicate in a span of one week. Your Brain's circuitry needs some cooling off.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Doctor X jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

It is Ahab not Ayhab. Now you got me talking like him. Gotto go and fatten up my galyon.

Remember Ahab.



by Doctor X on

Stop spinning around yourself. It is ok babajan. Just have yourself a nice weekend. Yeah . He is ayhab, enjoy now.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Doctor X

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Well Darveesh corrected me when I said he used to be Ayhab and said Ahab. Therefore I gather he is admitting to being Ahab. Is that good enough? Now maybe he is pretending to be Ahab. I have no way to verify it. I just figured he is being truthful to me. Why would he lie? No reason to assume otherwise.



by Doctor X on

What is no secret? Are you one hundred percent sure that it is him? Absolutely, posolutely:) sure? Because if your are not, Then you can make the claim you made.

Hauned by His "morphed" ghost?? Oh ok. In that case, can you ask him what the hell was the deal with what The Serbs pulled today to earn that penalty for the Germans and why the heck did Podowski mess up???!!!

I think the problem is that you are taking your own made up Mumbo jumbo way too seriously:) (But do ask him that question)

If you can't or do not want to discuss/argue/debate with anyone for any reason, Just say so instead of telling them that they are such a huge waste of time or that they used to be here under another nick.Don't be another No fear. 



Sitting on the edge of my seat.

by Rosie. on

Can't wait to see which mozdoor's cover will be blown next and find out who's really working for who. Gives me goosebumps all over. 



ps The pretty face they say you should beware of is mine so you all better watch your backs. Especially Darveesh. He is...expendable.

---Mata Houri


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Agha doctor X

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


If you mean me talking to Ahab this is no secret. Besides I am not blowing his/her identitiy. It just happens that Ahab got banned (something which I objected to). Now his ghost has morphed and come back to haunt me. At least his old persona used to be somewhat better. This incarnation has got significantly more silly. Maybe they could ressurect the old version so his ghost would go back into his body and stop haunting us.

Vagar na bayad rammal va jengir biyarim ke ma ra az sharre arvahe khabise raha konnd.

VPK ; haunted and unhappy.


VPK your cover is blown

by TheEnemyHateMe on

Stop acting Iranian.Leave Iranian problems for Iranian's to solve.Why aren't you worried about Palestine? Stop whitewashing Palestine's problem's for Iranian's problem's.


Ey agha

by Doctor X on

What is it with the obsession to blow someone's cover? IS there a big , grand prize set aside for doing this?

I mean, hey fine, I admit, I don't have anything valid to say. and I Keep whatever that i believe is right to myself so i won't be judged for it and don't do anything to offend the Professorial Bunch in here. But it is quite ironice that this I-know-who-you-are-no matter-what you say" shenanigan is used by those with supposedly valid points.

Bas konid dige baba.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


are you just trying to make noise or do you have anything to say? You seem bent on getting yourself banned once again. No I don't want you banned. But could you at least once a while say something worth reading? As Ahab you used to occasionally say something not totally worthless. Is that part of you completely gone.


4 profit of razavi

by Darveesh on

shoudn't you be trying to white wash israeli dodo's and justifying why they need to kill people that are unarmed and delivering food and medicine?



leave iran's problem fot iranians to solve, and you go clean up your own  mess how is that?



Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

No fear

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


If you think I followed Khomeini you do not know what you are talking about. I never follow anyone. But I do understand people's need for a leader. Don't worry when the time is right someone will rise to the occasion. Figureheads are dime a dozen.

Regarding IRI: it is a sinking ship; has few friends and plenty of enemies. The sanctions will wreck its economy; more unrest and so on. 

AN is a cheating dictator. Before his "reelection" he was neither. But his hunger for power pushed him over and turned him into a murderer. In addition Khamenei decided to go without the last shreds of democracy and turned IRI into a full military dictatorship. Don't believe me: fine.

I have nothing more to say over this topic; moving on.

Irani Irani

No Fear: IRI elections are a sham

by Irani Irani on

Why a sham? Because the Leader of the country is not popularly elected. Elections are meaningful in a democracy where people enjoy fundamental rights, and where the leaders are elected by the people--not chosen by a group of 86 Shia "experts" 21 years ago! Iranians are jailed, tortured, and killed for daring to question the legitimacy of the IRI dictatorship and its clerical leaders. Iranians enjoy little to no fundamental human rights. The Leader and Guardian Council have the ultimate say on who can run for office, what laws are passed, and control of the country's military. It is a theocracy not a democratic republic. The only people who can run in any of the IRI's sham elections are those who have demonstrated devotion to one of its 2 unelected Leaders-for-Life, Khomeini or Khamenei.


Naturally, all IRI actors, whether the thuggish murderers of the current "conservative" clique or the thuggish murderers of the previous "reformist" clique have to demonstrate slavish fealty to the most prolific killer of Iranian men, women, and children, i.e. the founder of this sham Republic, Khomeini. The "revolution" of 1979 was the greatest disaster in recent Iranian history. There is no possible way forward other than Regime Change--pure and simple. The IRI has no redeeming features and is utterly unreformable in any meaningful way. It is a zero sum game--it is either Regime Change or a continuous rot of the worst, most violent and repressive regime Iranians have known. No one should have any illusions about any of the factions of this Mafia clan, whether "reformists" or "conservatives".  

No Fear


by No Fear on

"sinking ship" , " Islam sucking blood " , " Tsunami heading your way", " sacrifice us for felestin" , " a fool in a suit of armor ", ...

You sure know how to create a sense of ergency. However, i doubt anyone in Iran will listen to your call to Jihad. Where are the little green men now?  Emotional reactions dies fast and sooner or later it will be replaced with pragmatic approaches.

In my opinion,  you and those who ruled over Iran prior to Ahmadinejad are the same bunch. Both hot headed revolutionaries who want to get rid of their opposition by force. Your solutions to fix Iran is no different than IR ver.1.0. and you are the same person who followed khomeini 30 years ago, only this time, you have no leader. And please, don't try to work your way out of this by saying the people are my leader! LOL

"AN is a gonner"

Ofcourse he is a goner. He will be gone in less than two years when his term is over. Unless you wanted him gone the way Bani Sadr was gone. It was wrong then and it will be wrong now to advocate such approaches. Bark on those who hold permanent positions in Iran. There is nothing wrong with a 4-8 years public service. ( And No, the election was not rigged, get over it).


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

No Fear

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The change in Iran has been going from bad to worse. There was a pseudo democracy; now a military dictatorship.  We are going the wrong way. Reverse it? When your ship is sinking fast there is no time for "gradual change". Mullas are murdering Iranian people day by day. Islam is sucking out our blood. Time to move is *now*. When you are on a nice ride you could do a gradual change. Not when Mullahs are sacrificing us for Felestin and the Arabs. Immediate change is required.

No matter what we feel the rest of the world aka USA ain't gonna wait. Deal with reality. AN is a gonner. The tsunami is heading your way. Will you be the fool who stands in his suit of armor or the wiser man who rushes clear?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


will do exactly what Maziar said. Make things cost more. Screw up the IRR economy. This will piss off the people. Once angry enough they will go on strikes. When angry enough they will realize that the only way to fix it is regime change. IRR must go away.

The IRR is wobbly enough as is. This will be another nail in it. With enough of these the regime will fail. When that happens it is our job to step in. There will be need for diaspora to get involved. We are able to organize while people in Iran are not. We must act now and be prepared to join our brethren when the time comes. With our connections we are going to be able to jump start a post IRR economy in a matter of months. Within a year of IRR gone Iran will be back up and running with never looking back except in disgust.

Regarding Islam: for many it will become a bad dream of yesteryears. Something to tell children about over camp fires and warn them never to go back to. Ahmadi and Khamenei will be rotting in jail if they are lucky and we are able to save them from the average person.


No Fear


by No Fear on

As a person who believes in gradual changes, every politician that i have voted for and supported , were tools to bring us closer to our ideals. ( as you might know, i am anti-revolutionary ).

Politicians ( even political factions ) can not be the goal of a struggle. They are all tools or a vehicle that will takes us to our goals or half way to our goals. No one will have all the answers for you. In my opinion, this is the correct relationship between the people and the politicians.



Welcom to the world of reality

by Majid on

"Keep in mind that for us, Ahmadinejad is merely a tool"


That was exactly the point my good friend, and that's ALL what he IS, just a TOOL, nothing more nothing less...............LOLOL





maziar 58


by maziar 58 on




One more thing "Dariush"

by pas-e-pardeh on

You have no idea what tsunami of anger is headed towards AhmadiNejad and Khamenei.  Do your duty as a propaganda employee. Just make sure you cover all your tracks and nobody finds out you were ever helping these murderers and rapists.  I'll tear the still beating heart out of AhmadiNejad and any of his supporters.  Enough is enough.


Get lost "Dariush"

by pas-e-pardeh on

As Khorasan said, you use the name Dariush, but are an anti-Iranian AhmadiNejad supporter.  

This man, Ahmadinejad, is the head of the Executive branch of a government. But he says he can not control what police do in the streets. He has no control over law enforcement, which is part of the interior ministry, which is part of his own cabinet.  Judiciary branch MAKES laws.  Executive branch ENFORCES laws.  

If this man doesn't even command his own interior ministry, why is he out in Sahr-e Kord, or Abarghoo, everyday threatening world superpowers?

Isn't he the biggest b.s.'er of his time? 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

To so called Dariush

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Why are you being so dishonest. You have no love for Iran or its history. You are trying to show ultimate disrespect by associating a great Persian king's name with you: an IRI supporter.

Regarding sanctions they work very well indeed. If not why are the IRR supporters so up in arms? They brought down the apartheid regimes in South Africa; they will bring down IRR. 

Regarding legality who cares? IRR has violated every norm or law and decency so it does not deserve anything. There is no such thing as international law. Thanks to goons like the IRR all bets are off. They like all Islamists rape and murder when in power. Then run to mom "UN" and whine about laws when on the receiving end. Tough luck to IRR. No law; court is going to bail them out this time. They will face law in the Hague for crimes against humanity . Then lets see then cry about rule of law.

No mercy to those who murder Iranians. VPK

Dariush The King

Sanctions are not only

by Dariush The King on

Sanctions are not only illogical, they are illegal.

Comrade, You wrote, Ahmadinejad is a member of Hojjatieh.  No fear gave you the reasons that he cannot be.  As I recall, they are not interested in science and technology and advancing the country either but Ahmadinejad is.  So what are your reasons?  His respect to some villager's belief, or his devotion to his beliefs?

However,  whatever Ahmadinejad or others want to believe is their business, as long as it doesn't undermine justice and serves the public.  We have had others who claimed  to be moderate but still didn't serve the public and lacked justice. 

Regardless of how hard it may be to tackle the problems,  The president believing that government is not responsible for and should not intervene with a faulty judiciary system is wrong and unconstitutional and that will only gives a green light to do as they wish.  That is his duty as a president and a citizen and stopping torture, executions and etc are the priorities that have been neglected for too long.  Nothing will be fixed, unless the justice system is fixed.



No Fear

کامراد عزیز

No Fear

نظر شما راجع به این گفته از مصباح یزدی چیست ؟  لطفآ قدری در خواندن این مطلب تامل کنید

«آیت‌اله مصباح یزدی» درتازه‌ترین اظهارنظرش درخصوص ولایت‌فقیه گفته است:
[این وظیفه‌ای بر دوش علماست تا نسبت به «سیری ظالم و گرسنگی مظلوم» بی‌تفاوت نباشند... اگر شرایطی پیش آید که «مردم» حاضر باشند «حاکمیتِ فقیه» را بپذیرند و اگر او این حاکمیت را بر عهده نگیرد؛ حاکمیت به «غیرفقیه» می‌رسد... آنچه برای فقیه واجب است، آن است که برای تصدی پست حاکمیت اعلام آمادگی کند. اما اگر مردم او را قبول نکردند؛ او نمی‌تواند حاکمیت را بر عهده بگیرد.  چراکه از یک نفر، اجرای تمام قوانین ساخته نیست... «مقابله با ظالم» یک واجب متعین عمومی‌ست... کسی می‌تواند به‌جای معصوم حکومت کند که شبیه‌تر به معصوم باشد... نمی‌توان گفت یک نفر همزمان هم «افقه» باشد، هم «اعلم» باشد و هم در تشخیص مسائل جامعه «برتر» باشد... می‌توان گفت امام راحل، صرفا به دلیل افقه بودن رهبر شد... امام راحل، در اوایل نهضت خود مرجعیت کلی نداشت. در آن زمان در کنار امام خمینی، مراجع دیگری هم بودند و علما از آن مراجع تقلید می‌کردند... اگر شخصی در جامعه حضور دارد که هیچ خطایی از او سر نمی‌زند و در واقع معصوم است، نباید از حکومت کنار گذاشته شود].


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

The sanctions

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


are 100% logical. Their goal is to bring IRR to its knees. It may take time but it will hurt them. Unfortunately it will also hurt regular people. But make no mistake: they are very logical. As for Turkey and Brazil: they were played for suckers. Never meant to be taken seriously once again it was proved who has the real power. 

IRR goons get to scream: Nazi and bigot  as they want. Pretty soon they will be looking for refuge under rocks. Their leaders will be getting tried for crimes against humanity.


Fear the masses!

by comrade on

Must've touched a nerve! eh? Stop it Sir/Madam. No one here (on this political/ideological side ) is as stupid as your MESBAH YAZDI, and his followers who think the lost Imam started to recite Quran, before birth.

I'm off to work, now. No governments pay me to sit on my keyboard. Pity.


No Fear


by No Fear on

How much do you know about hojatiyeh? What do you really know about hojatiyeh? If this is a highly secretive society, how do you know ahmadinejad is a member? Why are Hojatiyeh banned in Iran? If your claim is correct, why has Ahmadinejad denied being a part of it? What has Ahmadinejad done specifically, that you believe he is lying and a member of Hojatiyeh? If he is a member, don't you think the powerful Gaurdian council with deep ties to every single school and seminaries in Qom would have known about it and disqualified him for running for presidency? 

Judge Ahmadinejad for what he has done, not for what you heard from your ameh or khaleh.



Your real buddy is inside the well, buddy.

by comrade on

Now, we have to deal with  some official mercenaries who have been assigned to various environments such as this site, or some university campuses, to push for HOJJATIEH's clandestine agenda.

Now, I am supposed to be that stupid to believe that A.N. is a God-sent angel( tool !!!) who's gonna curb the V.F, the unqualified akhunds, and the ever corrupt Rafsanjani gang for his love in Iran, and not for his belief in the lost Imam who resides inside a well!!!

As a matter of undeniable fact, A.N (who has shown obvious clinical signs of mental disorder), is owned and supported by HOJJATIEH, which is a secret society, only comparable to, let's say freemasonry.

Do you really wanna talk about A.N? Tell us about his stupid beliefs. Never mind the right of political prisoners, TV debates, etc.