Tehran Zoo

Experimental documentary

Tehran Zoo
by Arash Khakpour, Arash Radkia

Tehran Zoo is an experimental documentary by Iranian film makers Arash Khakpour and Arash Radkia. The film portrays the wildlife zoo in Tehran, Iran. Website : www.tehran-zoo.com

Tehran Zoo from Arash Khakpour on Vimeo.




by Negarehgar on

Tehran zoo is the sadest place on earth (:


It is very heart breaking. I

by koorosh10 on

It is very heart breaking. I recently lost my beloved Golden Ritriver  named Polo due to cancer. I always hated to live in Iran because how bad animals in zoo or outside zoo were treated. There must be a universal animal right signed by all countries. This make you ashamed of being a human being. Let us  hope for a day that all animals get a good treatment all over the world. After all they are not as geady as human and alot more honest and sincer.


Hands up! Hands up, those of you who eat animals

by Marjaneh on


All very well saying how horrible it all is, but then loads of people don't bat an eyelid eating other animals.


I refer you to my own blog:


"I still have my own teeth. 'Just can't remember where I've put them."

Red Wine

Poor Iranian Cats

by Red Wine on

Nobody thinks about them :=( .


Of course they are bored! They have no sex! They are naked!!!!!!

by obama on

No chador! Isn't anything against these naked animals in islam? People can see the penise of the lion! Bah bah.. ajab esalmi!

No alchohol, no games, no trees, or bushes, no movie, no one harrassing them!  They separated the males and females! I wish they would treat the prisoners like this! No torture!



by Aryapars on

Kind of reminds me of the way islamic republic treats Iranians in Iran ...of course, Iranians are treated a lot worse in jails! 



by kfravon on

One more reason to be ashamed of being a 'human being'!~




by javaneh29 on

What an amazing incredibly well produced film. It can't fail to evoke enormous compassion for those poor creatures, all of which are clearly  thoroughly depressed. Also like others before me have commented, you can't help but make comparisons between the psychological state of the inhabitants and the zoo and the people of Iran. They all deserve their rights to freedom and peace from  oppression.


They Should put the Owners Behind Bars

by HHH on

If they were not such morons they would sell that price-of-gold land by pahlavi street for 50 billion toman and buy 100 acres outside Tehran in higher grounds then plant 2000 trees and build large cages with natural settings so these poor animals don't go crazy in these 1x2 meter cages.

I still remember 34-35 years ago when I visited that animal-torturing-grounds they call zoo. There was a wolf inside a 1.5x2 meter cage and he was walking fast in a 8-like motion as if he was crazy. I couldn't take it so I left.

The treatment of animals in Iran is just an example of how humans are treated by the government. With no value, no care, selfishly barbaric.

Kelly M


by Kelly M on

Captivating and powerful. I couldn't take my eyes off it. What tension! My heart went out to humans and creatures everywhere who have freedom withheld. Amazing job.


Depressed lion!

by statira on

It seems like the lion in the video is depressed just like our supreme leader. They need to get together in a physco session class.

Chocolate Puma

Sad but very witty

by Chocolate Puma on

Very sad for the animals but an intelligent and daunting metaphor for life in the realm of Mullahs.

I especially like the part with the monkey waving its hands in the air as if to protest against the status quo to no avail! And the hands that come out through the bars to grab at the elusive sense of freedom.......Sadly, the story of our lives!!!!!

This documentary is a lot more than just a portrayal of a zoo!

Loved it!



by hh904 on

For new Iran channel check out:



Are there lucky and unlucky animals?

by Cost-of-Progress on

You bet your prayer rug!
Lucky animals: Those NOT in Tehran zoo
Unlucky animals: those IN Tehran zoo.

This regime cares very little for the welfare of its people, let alone for the animals they cage.
Why would an islamic "system" even have a zoo?
Aren't animals najess? Do animals serve a divine purpose in the grand islamic eutopic scheme??






by amirkabear4u on

They do not treat human beings WELL what do you expect of wild treatment????!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I do not believe animals should be caged, they should be in a very large safari park.


Fairness and Equality in Justice

Jahanshah Javid

Capturing effcts of captivity

by Jahanshah Javid on

It's tough enough to be caged in any zoo. Being in Tehran Zoo is extra special! This documentary by Khakpour and Radkia is the best I've seen showing the tragic condition of caged animals anywhere. You can feel their boredom and sadness ...