Shah thanks People

Speech on liberating Azarbaijan from Russian occupation


Farah Rusta

Regurgitating a discredited history

by Farah Rusta on


tell us something less boring than repeating the leftists' left-over history constantly regurgitated by the defunct Jebeh Melli sympathizers. Had the Shah fled the country he would have taken enough dollars to cater for himself and his queen. He left the country penniless - no thanks to Mossadegh's coup d'etat which was thankfully thwarted by the very people who once supported him - mazhabis


btw - sorry to see the qajaris disappointed - again :))



Darius Kadivar

simitenbiri Jaan It's pronounced scheißen NOT scheizzzeeeeeen

by Darius Kadivar on

I Highly recommend You to Save Your Turkish Saliva and Namak Nashnas "Harfeh Moft" for Your Austrian counterparts ...

SATIRE: Turk and Iranian argue in Austria ;0)

Instead of Insulting His Majesty ...

Recommended Watching:

Video: Soviet Propaganda Film - Iran, Tabriz 1945-46

SEPARATIST TEMPTATIONS: Don't Let It Fool You ... Treason Exists ...



ترکهای ایران ضامن آزادی و سربلندی ایران هستند



این شاه  دیکتاتور  ننگ ملت ایران بود. او و پدرش با کمک قدرتهای امپریالیست سر کار آمدند و متکی به آنها بودند.  پهلوی ها  با  زور  فارسها را  تنها   ایرانیان اصیل قلمداد کردند و  اکثریت  غیر فارس ایران را  خود به خود به شهروندان درحه دوم تبدیل نمودند.  پادشاهان ترک هرچند  فرشته نبودند و  در زورگویی دست کمی نداشتند ولی به یکپارچه گی و  اتحاد ایران کمک کردند.  شاه اسماعیل صفوی  ختائی شاعر بزرگ آذربایجان توانست تمام ایران را بعد از هزار سال زیر یک پرچم بیاورد.  و اکنون این مردان و زنان آذربایجان و ترکهای ایران هستند که دوشاوش آزادی خواهان واقعی اتحاد د مکراتیک  ایران را تلاش می کنند و نه برای غلبه  بر اقوام دیگر.ـ.

دلقک هایی  که در آرزوی امپراطوری "پرشیا" هستند آرزوی خود را به گور خواهند برد.ـ



Too bad

by MRX1 on

He is not alive to see the same cockroaches have resurected themself under banner of ethnic federalism trying to succeed where they failed once.


Rewriting History

by ghalam-doon on

I don’t know how many times Iranian history should
be re-written. The mullahs are constantly rewriting the history to their own benefit. Here the Shah is trying to rewrite history and claims he did not flee the country. He claims He wanted to let people decide about his future. He “left” the country so people would rise up against the Mussadegh’s government and bring him down. He claims the coup was in fact a national movement by the Iranian people to bring him back! Unfortunately many youngsters in the crowd might even have believed him. He was the shadow of God after all, and had superhuman knowledge. We could not openly discuss the politics and decide for ourselves whether Mussadegh was a hero or a traitor.

Many of our young people are brainwashed today to believe the
same about the present leader of Iran. People are forbidden to criticize the supreme leader. He is after all the representative of Imam Zaman on earth so how could anyone even dare to criticize him. The regime takes lessons from Shahanshah Aryamehr.

Poosteh Pesteh

Too Honest For West

by Poosteh Pesteh on

He Was Too Honest For West What We Need To B Able To Handle West ( Gang Of Crooks )Is What We See They Konw How To Handle Them God Bless Shah

Worcester Mo

Khoda be Ghabresh Noor Betabanad

by Worcester Mo on

May God bless him.  What a mistake we made!  Hopefully someday he will be appropriately remembered in Iran.  Having said that, what he is saying about 1953 and Dr. Mossedgh are not correct. 


روانش شاد، یادش گرامی‌.


کی‌ این آخوند‌‌ها از مردم سپاس گذاری کردند؟ شاه خودش رو خدمت گذار مردم میدید. کاش که بودی هنوز و به این بیچارگی نیفتاده بودیم.