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Monarchist satellite TV personality in southern California


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commie mullah

hamsade ghadimi: laughingstock

by commie mullah on

Please see responses to your questions comments below.

<commie, do you really think the whole world is watching this guy?  <do
you think he's doing anything constructive?  do you think that <his life
is in danger? 

No! I said his program is broadcast to the whole world. That doesn't mean the whole world is watching the guy!

I don't know neither do you and I never claimed he is doing anything constructive.

I leave that to all those who have been murdered  by the IRR assassins over the years!



<i bet iri is anonymously sending money to sakuee's program to <make a
mockery out of monarchy.  and the monarchists are just <shaking their
head.  ironically, many of us who're laughing at this <bozo may not
disagree with what he says.  we're all outraged <(barring the iri

That's possible. In the Iranian culture of conspiracy theory anybody can be getting paid by everybody!

I agree with what he says too.


<by the way, the statements at the bottom of your comment is at odds with your username.

I know. You are the only one who has noticed that. You are an observant person. No hard feelings! Right?



A good commie is a dead commie!

A good mullah is a dead mullah!


Koss kholl

by jasonrobardas on

What a KossKholl


DK: I Hear you

by ghalam-doon on

And I'll try to be more careful from now on with my comments on this blog. But it seems to me you are of the opinion that you should not adhere to any rules since apparently you use your real name. I'm sorry but IMHO that is not acceptable whether one uses his own name or some fake name such as ghalam-doon.

IMHO when I leave a general comment, lets say about this clown Sakuee who is a public figure, or even Reza Pahlavi, I can use whatever language that I choose. But if I address someone directly, be it a "real" person or an anonymous one, I think I should adhere to some degrees of civility. 

I know you've been doing this for many years and I don't expect you to change your style just for little me, but I'm just voicing my opinion.

And you have not in any way hurt my feelings. We are here to voice our opinions as people who are not involved in the real decision making process. There are others who make decisions on our behalf and whether we are Shahi or otherwise does not mean a hoot for them. That would include the mullahs in Iran and yes, a person by the name of Reza Pahlavi.



Darius Kadivar

ghalam-doon It is not my intention to convert you ...

by Darius Kadivar on

But Now you know how it feels to be typecast unfairly ( i.e: as Psychopats, clowns or anyother denomination of your choice)  and be put in the same basket as people who do not share the slightest values as yourself .

It's More than 10 years that I have been writing here as a monarchist for all to see and have had to fight my way through all the prejudices and insultes I and my likeminds have been facing for the past 30 years, some of whom back home are also paying the ultimate price for the ideas I believe in and am defending here. Accused of being Mohareb:


Be it in there memory I will defend the ideas at the best of my ability and using every single tool of expression in my disposal to do this . You may not share their ideal but then don't expect that I will shut up merely only to satisfy your Anonymous Sentiments or because you feel your anonymous Ego was hurt.

We are ALL in our own ways and for our own Ideas Fighting a War: one of confrontational Ideas forged by personal or collective experiences.

We do it with our own personalities, creativity, talent, and sometimes we may fall short on some behavior deemed unjust by some and Fair by others. At others it's vice versa. 

You preach for Your Parish and I preach for Mine.

You try to be coherent with your convictions, I am trying to be coherent with mine.

If I did otherwise I wouldn't sleep as comfortably at nights.  

I have never considered you or other Republican's as Devils per se but as Unfair and biaised in your judgments towards us or our ideas and ideals in the same way as I can be rightly accused of being unfair and biaised when I hit back firmly or ironically when my views or that of the constituency I belong too are ridiculed or attacked.

In a public forum we are not merely speaking to one another but a crowd.

If You were to contact me Offline or on my facebook page with people who have a FULL IDENTITY and are therefore ACCOUNTABLE for their Opinions I am totally polite and respectful because it is a question of civility and respect for a person who is Fully exposed to public eye. Same thing for most people on this site who are Fully identifiable.

But here You sign up with a nickname, express opinions which can influence others and expect to get away with it without ever being contradicted ?

What difference is there then between YOU and Those Cyber Jihadists Then ?

Iran's Hidden Cyberjihad by Abbas Milani

And I am quoting this from a Jomhurykhah Abbas Milani whom I respect (even if I may disagree with some of his historical or political assessements) and who is anything but a Monarchist.  

Sorry But Opinions DO MATTER whether you are living outside or Inside your country.

They are all the more respectable when they are expressed with Full Accountability by the person who expresses them be it by name.

This has nothing to do with one's privacy. You should have the Courage of your opinion. I couldn't care less if you were real or fake, Monarchist or Republican,  if you were a man or a woman, rich or poor. With my own share of shortcomings I don't think you can accuse me of ever having had harsh exchanges with fully accountable individuals on this website ( many of whom are feature writers and bloggers from day one). As With anonymous One's that is a different debate indeed ... I plead Guilty on Some Charges ...

Now If one intends to go back to Iran which may be your case or if you have family back home who you don't want to be troubled I can understand to some degree why you wish to remain anonymous but then you are protected by that anonymity which is not my case particularly when you hit back at me with an accusation of being unfair or whatever argument which comes to your mind and forces me in return to answer back to justify or explain myself so that my public image won't be hurt by such accusations.  

You on the otherhand make Bold Comments under anonimity on people like me and then expect to get away with it. Sorry but that argument that I want to preserve my privacy etc is also becoming a Convenient and Obsolete Pretext for not taking responsability for our own opinions.

Otherwise outside such a personal context I believe It's a Fair Fight when we try and defend our views and preach for our Parish using ANY Tool be it creative or funny or ironic to defend them.

Apart from That if you feel insulted by my rhetoric or style I offer you my apologies but I am not willing to do that eachtime some anonymous bloke comes over and pretends they have a track record behind a perfectly anonymous profile which protects them but feel they can take cheap shots at others who are fully accountable in the public eye.







DK: with all due respect

by ghalam-doon on

I don't think your responses to my civil questions will make a monarchist out of me or even those who might have some inclinations toward monarchy.


I'm trying to be polite here since I respect you as a scholar, journalist etc and a true monarchist. I have posed questions to you in the past  but every time you deal with me as I'm the devil himself.  This attitude is beyond me!

Anyhow, I accept your explanation as a real monarchist as opposed to Dr.Sakuee which in your opinion is a fake one.

at the end of the day our opinions don't matter since there are others who will decide our fate.

God bless



Darius Kadivar

ghalam-doon No More Than Your Mahmoud is a Republican in Your

by Darius Kadivar on

Book !

But If it makes you feel better I am willing to accept accountability for my excrement ( i.e: Sakuee and his likes) the minute you accept accountability for Yours:


Which apparently You Can't since YOU claim YOUR Revolution Was Highjacked ...

Well in that case I consider this fellow is Highjacking my definition of the Monarchy ...

Don't expect Accountability from a Monarchist when a Republican Can't Even Accept His Own Responsability ...


But Feel Free to Flush the Excrement in Your Republican Toilet :




once you turned off the Trashy LA TV of Your Choice ...

Comme On Dit En France:

A Chacun Sa Merde ...  






by MM on



Abraham Sakuee Playing Burny Burny Cut Cut w/ his 4 kids

by MM on

This blabbering idiot swears that he will sacrifice all 4 of his children to see RP2 come to power.  The new Saeed "Abraham" Sakuee, no doubt!

From the movie "Year One": Abraham Playing Burny Burny Cut Cut With Issac: //

Definitely a nut-case.


Sakuee not a monarchist?

by ghalam-doon on

I've seen videos of Dr. Sakuee in the past and he seems to be very much in support of the deceased Shah as it's shown in the following video:


and many other videos on YouTube where pictures of both Reza Shah and Mohammad Reza Shah are shown next to him.



Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

Reminds of some commentators here, specially the monarchists ones.

Darius Kadivar

He Won't Beat This ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

La Monarchie C'est Ferme ta gueule Mais La Republique c'est Cause Toujours ...

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad attacks Octopus Paul (Daily Telegraph)


Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian leader, says Paul the Octopus, the sea creature that correctly predicted the outcome of World Cup games, is a symbol of all that is wrong with the western world.  

Darius Kadivar

Sakuee is Not a Monarchist ... he is a Pathology ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Like Most CALIFORNICATORS it seems :


Dunno maybe it's the Air you breath over there, the polluted water you drink or the Junk Food you eat that explains the symptoms ...

No Wonder Farrokhzad Left Tehrangeles :



Too Bad for what was to be his very his last Destination ...


Recommended Blogs:

PROUD TO BE IRANIAN AND A MONARCHIST: Fereydoun Farrokhzad Up Close and Personal (Mid 1980's)

On Decent Tehrangeleses which have nothing in common with Mr. Sakuee and Co. :

NEO CON WARMONGERS ? Tehrangeles Demo in Support of Iran's Greens

NAMAK-NASHNAS NOT: Jamshid (Jimmy) Delshad Greets Shahbanou Farah



It's Called "Extreme Ass-Kissing"

by HHH on

He's kissing Reza's ass trying to get a position in his imaginery future monarchy.

Same pathetic, extremist mindset that brought khomeini to the top. 

He's lucky IRI doesn't take him seriously.


anonymous8: yea, he is only good for "laghing"

by fooladi on

But he's not quite as "laghable" as Ahmaghinezhad and his boss mulla khamenei. Dont you think? :)



by Doctor X on

Whether he is doing anything constructive or not, is besides the point. he IS without a doubt endangering his life, and your conspiracy theories don't even make any sense.

What would any regime financially sponsor anyone who would burn the images of its own leader and calls them all kinds of vile names?



he is a piece of art

by mehrdadm on

he need help.

hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

commie, do you really think the whole world is watching this guy?  do you think he's doing anything constructive?  do you think that his life is in danger? 

i bet iri is anonymously sending money to sakuee's program to make a mockery out of monarchy.  and the monarchists are just shaking their head.  ironically, many of us who're laughing at this bozo may not disagree with what he says.  we're all outraged (barring the iri stooges).

by the way, the statements at the bottom of your comment is at odds with your username.


to commie: he is the most irrelevant!

by Anonymous8 on

only good for laghing!


commie mullah

This guy has the guts to reveal his identity and views via a

by commie mullah on

broadcast medium to the whole world where potential danger on his life can not be underestimated. 

And then, a bunch of needless-to-say irrelevants who don't even have the testicular fortitude to identify themselves using their real names here have the audacity to criticize him for expressing his outrage at the IRR criminals!

If you are searching for the cause of the plight of Iran, just look in the mirror!


A good commie is a dead commie!

A good mullah is a dead mullah!


There blows the head gasket

by Milan on

"Oon coffee beesahaab chi shod??!!"


از خنده و حماقت بیحد گذشته .....


تا زمانی که نظیراین ابله
ها اینور و اون جانی ها اونورهستن چه امیدی برای نجات اون مملکت بیچاره
باقی میمونه  ؟؟؟ واقعا که جای تاسفه



by Rastgoo on

This guy need many many hours of therapy.


واسهٔ آقا سگ کوهی جراحی رو شاخشه


با این همه فشار که بخودش میاره حتماً سه تا عمل همزمان لازم داره، حنجره، بواسیر، و باد فتخ. حیونکی هر چی‌ راجع به آخوندا میگه درسته.


I want to see him and khamenei in a boxing ring.

by fooladi on

with no gloves or referee



by Majid on


"I think he doesn't like IRI."

Ya think??  LOOL


He is really good at what he

by benross on

He is really good at what he is doing. I'm not sure what he is doing though. I think he doesn't like IRI.

pastor bill rennick

I looooovvvvvvvvvveeee this brother! Khamenei'e Mafool!

by pastor bill rennick on

Even after 50 years of preaching at the Harlem Church of Moses, I can't give sermons with such passion and intensity!

May god bless brother Sakuee!


This guy has totally lost

by Arthimis on

This guy has totally lost it... LMAO ...:D))) Although, I wish they could make even more TVs like this broadcasting directly inside IRAN in which they swear all the Mullahs, Satanic Republic officials and their supporters even harsher than he does... (Ba Foohshe Khahar va Madar all day and all night long) .... :D)))



by Doctor X on

Ke foozolieh Homayoun va Shajare va baghiero Nakonan??!

What difference does it make what others say or do? Why can't you Idiots focus your own thing, establish your own agenda, promote it and then maybe others will follow and then there is a chance that something would happen.

When are they gonna stop khale zanak bazi?



ghalam-doon, it's to do with too much heat to the brain

by Marjaneh on

all that blowdrying i.e. in Persian pronounced as boro-shrink, seeps into the skull; I'm certain of it.

"...society celebrates its live conformists and its dead troublemakers..." - Mignon McLaughlin