Netanyahu on Iran

Interviewed on CNN's Larry King


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i'm with you Arthemis

by pas-e-pardeh on

Ditto Manam-Babak comments. 

I say to No_fear what I say to all my ex-communist friends: Hasn't the stink of what you believe in nauseated the world enough already? Time has passed your failed ideology already. 

If you were a true spiritual shi'te, you would've been the first in line to oppose these bastards who smeared your religion.  But, you vacillated.  Hence, you go down with your failed ideology.  After a stink this big:\

تر و خشک با هم میسوزند

wait for worse days for your Shi'a religion.  It's a-coming. 

pastor bill rennick

Fatollah, are we friends now? GWB went to the following schools:

by pastor bill rennick on

  1. Phillips Academy Andover,
  2. Yale,
  3. Harvard Business School.

Let's say coherent communications was not his strongest suit but he meant what he said. The economy was certainly better during his tenure than what we have now!


pastor bill

by Fatollah on

GWB went also to Yale! with impressive records thereafter ...


"Larry King "a Jew" is interviewing Netanyahou"another Jew""

by fooladi on

Said a supporter of the islamist regime of Iran here.

I say: Stop thinking about and hating Jews so much, bad for your health. Take some prozac and and ship a big batch of it to ahmaghinezhad and khamenie, as they need it more than you do.

The Israel is a non issue. The rotten and divided Islamist regime rejected by Iranians and under pressure by the rest of the world, is trying to find a foreign enemy, Israel to blame it's utter failure on. Just like it did in 1980's with saddam's Iraq. 

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

what ever happened to Ariel sharon ?

why we 've to live in fears of being attacked any day ?

Iran has to put a free refrandum and multi party election (watched and judged) by few out siders what ever the out come.

the best solution for the region would be a unifide middle east with parlimant in Tehran and Tel aviv every thing will be solved IF we all persian,Arabs,jews,muslim  .... can get along and put our differences aside.             Maziar


mahmoud khan

by Fatollah on

an intelligent lier is more deceitful and dangerous than a nadan ... i.e. Blair vs. Ahmadinejad !

well, you seem to dig people of Blair caliber, I guess, the Brits are paying the price of that "hemaghat" in Afghanistan.


No Fear

by Demo on


"Atleast Shia is my religion and is uniquely Persian. And da da da da."

These are not words of a Muslim. Shia is not a religion. That is a man made "cult" in religion of Islam. Islam does not differentiate the nationalities.  Khomeini had also "No Fear" of GOD to drag the war with another Muslim nation for 8 years. He was a first so called "Muslim" leader in the history to commit suicide by drinking poisonous liquid to end the war even though such act is a grear sin in Islam. Besides he had never fought in any war himself to know what the war really meant. And guess who was the real winner of that war???

The "icon" Mr./Ms./Mrs. "No Fear"also uses is nothing more than a "Figure Head" & a toy to play with in the "Industrial Military Complex" games of Industrialized nations.  

pastor bill rennick

mahmoudg, Natayahou is a graduate of MIT, Obama went to Harvard!

by pastor bill rennick on

Khamenei, Ahmadinejad, et al received their tollabi degrees from Hozeyeh Elmiyeh Qom and spent a good number of years in Boshkeh Eshgh (Barrel of Love) before they were let go!  



Ghalam-doon: thank you for clarifying your statement

by Bavafa on

And my apology for not seeing the sarcasm in your statement.



if only ahmadinejad was as intelligent

by mahmoudg on

as natanyahou, we would be in a much better place.  Unfortuntaley the olgh khomeini and his flock, Antarinejad and khamenei are as dumb as any ass (Olagh) would be.  In the hopes that the rulers of the Islamic Rapist Republic would  be replaced by intelligent leaders, such as Natayahou and Obama.


as I've mentioned earlier

by Fatollah on

... I'll mention it again, so long as I read and hear of this yaboo character here on IC.  He is a "crooked mouth" and certifiable lier, in fact he is as dangerous as Ahmadinejad ...


No Fear

by Fatollah on

agree with you 100% despite our differences in opinions.


Mola Nasredeen

Presbyterians: End Israel aid over settlements. Oh my oh my

by Mola Nasredeen on

"Presbyterian leaders want the U.S. to end aid to Israel unless the country stops settlement expansions in disputed Palestinian territories.

Delegates of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) voted Friday to support the call during the church's general assembly in Minneapolis. The measure passed with 82 percent of the vote.

Jewish groups in the U.S. have long taken issue with various Presbyterian statements on Middle East peace. But at least one group offered qualified praise Friday, calling the church's overall report on Middle East issues an important signal by leaders of the 2 million-member church."



by ghalam-doon on

You say you understand how unrealistic your wishes are. And then you go on spewing the same venom about how you will go on eradicating all those who might stand in the way of you and those like you to create that great empire!

Well, the Fuhrer might be dead but unfortunately his ideas are still alive.

I should give you credit though. At least you understood I was making fun of you and your dreams. The other fellow took my words literally.



Ghalam-doon, Thanks for the

by Arthimis on

Ghalam-doon, Thanks for the funny clip... :D Yeah, Thanks for reminding me (us) how unrealistic my (our) wishes are ... But you know what? "Aarezoo bar javaanaan ayb nist..." LOL!

As for all the other Islamic Republic's supporters, I'm glad, I burnt your ... You know what? You are in denial and much worse than me... You don't know people of Iran, especially the majority inside Iran. We are 70 million people OK ! Only 5% (3.5 million is your kind...) The rest,  64.5 million) Iranians hate your guts passionately!!!  Not to mentionall those Iranian Mothers and family who you and your Islamic ilks masacared their innocent children... There is a KARMA in this world, I promise you that... Your turn will come, when you'll be crying like a dog for mercy.... Remember your crimes for 31 years + 1400 years against humanity and Iranians... Remember what you have done!!!! I couldn't harm an ant, but after all the crimes against my country and people committed by your ilks, I'll be personally honoured to pull the trigger on all the Islamic traitors of Iran Zamin. All of you... 

Wait until the next uprising!!!! You'll get it... All of you non- Iranians who invaded and occupied our Motherland Iran, one by one... And you can take your Islam and Shia B/S to hell with you...

Free Iran and True Iranians.


I hear you!

by benross on

I hear you!

No Fear

I feel pity on those who ....

by No Fear on

Wish another foreign country to solve their problems for them. How pathetic is that? Are you truely Iranian? Are you the son of Arash, Kaveh and Rostam? How low can you go?

Call me an islamist whatever who has adopted arab's ideology. But it still won't help your stinking smell any better. Atleast Shia is my religion and is uniquely Persian. Atleast we have fought for Iran. Atleast we have contributed to the art, history ,literature and architecture of Iran for 1500 years.

But you, call for others to do your stinking job. Good luck!


With the hopes for justice in the world and to see criminals

by Bavafa on

such as Netanyahu, AN, Khamenie, GWB and Cheney are brought up to Hague to face their crimes against humanity.

Meanwhile, this charade will go on to present themselves as the victims while they are massacring their neighbors whether by bombing them or starving them.


P.S. And can some one tell me how are we to distinguish all this forcing and bombing suggested by our great 'Iranian' friends such as "arthimis" from those thugs and criminals already in power that force Iranian people to do the opposite.


Let the "amputation" begin..

by ghalam-doon on

We start by bombing all the shrines and mosques in Iran and create concentration and re-education camps for those who frequent these establishments.

We then move on to get rid of all the Arabic letters in our alphabet and force people to make sentences using the remaining four letters.

The rest we make up as we go..



Mola Nasredeen

Go tell the Iranians inside Iran about being bombarded by Israel

by Mola Nasredeen on

They'll probably eat you alive!  


I swore to God of Universe

by Manam_Babak on

Arthimis , You took the words right out of my mind. I am proud to be an Iranian, and anti Islam as well, for the ver same reason you mentioned.

Mola Nasredeen

قافیه که تنگ آید شاعر به جفنگ آید

Mola Nasredeen

Do you want fries with your order of bombing Iran? This previous commentator, is praying for the bombardment of Iran by Israel, can you believe it? This is another reason why these so called opposition don't have any chance of winning the Iranian People's hearts and minds.

With friends like this commentator who needs an enemy?


I swore to God of Universe

by Arthimis on

I swore to God of Universe and Iran Zamin that I am no fan of Israel and Netanyahu, BUT I know for fact who and what has been truly the NO. 1 Enemy of Iran Zamin and True Iranians!!! And that is Islam and it's horrible Fanatic Shia fraction that has plagued my MOTHERLAND for 1400 years to present!!! True Iranians who truly believe in their own glorious and peaceful heritage, culture, literature and teachings of Persia can not be a True Muslim period. No matter how deeply we have been injected with this cancer (Islam) , we can not call ourselves True Iranians and Muslims at the same time!!! These two are the ABSOLUTE CONTRADICATIONS ON ALL LEVELS, hence our 1400 years history mixed with Islam of all kinds and this recent 31 years of constant misery and nightmare for Iran!!!

We must free ourselves by amputating this horrible and deadly cancer from our bodies and consequently from our beloved Iran. The new generation in Iran already knows this ONLY salvation, believe me...

I am against boming Iran and Iranians, but GOD is the witness of all Iranian Mothers and families who lost a loved one to criminal Islamic Republic, if Israel can hurt, damage and eradicate Islamic (Satanic) Republic once and for all and take our revenge from all those non-Iranian criminal bastards, Israel will be Iran and true Iranian's best friend forever...

Free Iran and True Iranians. 


larry is a joke

by verytass on

Larry king is a joke! BIBI can talk about extermination, without any objection from Larry that there were never any calls to exterminate jews by Iran. What a bogus and sham interview. CNN post Ted Turner is nothing but a zionist lobby machine. From that idiot wolfblitzer (sp) who worked for AIPAC (this is true go check it out) to rest of their team. The more I see how jews have controlled US and are destroying it the more I want to read about what really happened in WWI with Jewish bank owners and all the claims made against them. 

Poosteh Pesteh

zer zer zer

by Poosteh Pesteh on

Lets see


A "fake" interview!!!

by Benyamin on

Larry King "a Jew" is interviewing Netanyahou"another Jew". You might say "so?"

I actually watched and listened, it was all done so carfully so Netanyahou would look innocent and pretty much like a victim. He was not questioned about Irael`s use of Illegal weaponary!

I dont support "any country" to aquire atomic bomb and that includes all.

Netanyahou has proved that infact he will use atomic bomb or anything more powerful to stay float. I think he should be taken to DE hage for crimes against humanity. 


'Wouldn't trust NitwitYaboo with a bargepole

by Marjaneh on

His sole interests are to stay in power and protect the oligarchy of less than 20 families who own everything in the so-called democratic state of Israel.

Shame on him!

And shame on him for pretending to be speaking on behalf of millions of people of Jewish descent, who simply aren't warmongering lunatics like him.



"I still have my own teeth. 'Just can't remember where I've put them."


Question not answered

by ghalam-doon on

Who gives Israel the right to have nuclear weapons? As much as we might hate the regime in Tehran, those are the only ones in the entire world who keep asking the question.

The excuse is that Israel (among Pakistan, India and North Korea) is not in NPT. So if the regime in Tehran decides to leave NPT, does it mean that they can go ahead and make the bomb?

Larry was very forthcoming with his questions and he got the explicit agreement from Bibi that they have the bomb.

The sigh at the end of the interview showed how frustrate Larry is with all this B.S., especially now that he's retiring.


Bibi playing the victim card


always the victim card. always. and it works every time.

AKHHHMAdinejad and Netayaboo were made for each other.



by rtayebi1 on

he sure has matured up and changed. I actually don't mind him as much. Even though I still think he is very very raciest. GOD BLESS AMEICA FOR MAKEING ME A BETTER HUMAN