Women Without Men at Sundance

Shirin Neshat's film at prestigious film festival

Sundance Film Festival: In her feature-film debut, renowned visual artist Shirin Neshat offers an exquisitely crafted view of Iran in 1953, when a British- and American-backed coup removed the democratically elected government. Adapted from the novel by Iranian author Shahrnush Parsipur, the film weaves together the stories of five individual women during those traumatic days, whose experiences are shaped by their faith and the social structures in place >>> Screening dates/times


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The Phantom Of The Opera


by The Phantom Of The Opera on


The Pahlavis, all mullahs, and all public figures associated with the Green Movement  must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth/income.


Wow! At Sundance!

by Monda on

Can't wait to see the entire film!  This is quite an accomplishment for all involved.


Wow, how brave!!!!! How

by Rahaii on

Wow, how brave!!!!!

How can we find this movie?