Michael Kamrava

California medical board accuses octuplets doctor of negligence

Los Angeles Times: The Medical Board of California has accused a Beverly Hills fertility doctor of a pattern of gross negligence that led to the birth of Nadya Suleman's 14 children, including the world's longest-surviving octuplets, and created a "stockpile" of unused frozen embryos which serve "no clinical purpose."

The 13-page accusation filed in December against Dr. Michael Kamrava paints a picture of 11 years of medical care in which Suleman returned to Kamrava's office again and again to undergo fertility treatments. Often, she would return three or four months after giving birth.

Kamrava transferred an excessive number of embryos -- a number beyond what is considered acceptable by fertility standards -- on six occasions, according to the accusation. The number of embryos Kamrava transferred in July 2008 was so outside the norm that they "should not be transferred into any woman, regardless of age," the document said. That transfer, which resulted in the octuplets, went "beyond the reasonable judgment of any treating physician," the board wrote >>>


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Right On Marge

by Monda on

Plus most of these kids end up in the most traumatic Foster system that CA is (underfunded, corrupt, very sad selection process) which again goes against these fertility doctors' ethics and pride in their profession.

Like Marge I don't see what his ethnicity has anything to do with his horribly bad judgments, more than once. 

I swear there should come a time when people get psychologically assessed/tested for their competence in parenthood.  Men and Women.

Holly jan I'm sure his paper shredders have been working beyond capacity, but if investigations start, this doctors and others like him can be revoked based on "Do No Harm" principal - Absence of proper counseling following patient's psych evaluations.


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Power to give women pregnancy

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

It's an amazing feeling, I'll bet. I understand that people can become callous and greedy. But he stopped helping women a long time ago. If HollyUSA is right, it sounds like he is hobbling women with extra children without any good reason. This is not a good member of society. Brining hungry mouths into the world when there are millions already is beyond any reasoning.

It's time to revoke his license. He should visit an orphanage to really understand what fertility is about.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Disappointed in you mannya

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

This is the second time I've come across a ridiculous comment written by you.

I don't care if the doctors are from Saturn or Mars, what they are doing to these women and the children is wrong. I'm glad this man has found a way to help women conceive, but that doesn't mean he needs to compromise values. I don't even know how women can trust this guy anymore without walking into his office and first saying "I know you're good, but don't turn me into the Octomom."

He didn't even have the sense to listen to the pleas of her family who said "she cannot afford these children. they are already suffering at home."

He will now suffer the consequences, and hopefully potential disasters will be avoided.  


The Doctor's reaction: Valla Ahmadinejad is right!

by mannya2001 on

Whenever, iranians in diaspora start to feel the pressure from their local communities, they also have a political transformation too.

It's weird!!!

Stop hating the doctor.  He is not the problem.  California is the problem.  I bet if you go and investigate all Asian doctors from Korean and Vietnamese backgrounds you will be blown away from amount of abuse and fraud.  Oh, the Russians too at defrauding Medicare.



He won't stop unless they stop him!

by HollyUSA on

After the Octomom gave birth, this guy implanted 7 embryos into a 49 year old , uninsured woman and last I heard she was pregnant with quadruplets. I'm sure if he is fully investigated they will find many many similar cases. This second case made the news primarily because it had happened right after the first scandal and the woman had no insurance and was at the LA County Hospital. I'm sure the good Dr took cash upfront for his services.

I say his liscence should be revoked, and a full investigation should follow and he should be charged with negligence for each and every case. Problem is he owns the clinic and has probably done away with a ton of records by now. What will REALLY nail him is an IRS audit ;)


I always knewt his crazy

by Rahaii on

I always knewt his crazy case has an Iranina involvement but I was not certain how, now you made it clear for me. If I meet this Doctor, I just like to ask him WHY????

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Monda you are awesome

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

This is a weird case. I don't know whom to blame. On the one hand, I support a woman's right to bear children as she wishes. But this makes it seem that some cannot be trusted with such rights. This is a service and modern medicine empowers physicians with some of the most insane capabilities. I'm talking about cosmetic surgery, of course. On the other hand, this is far different, though. I would have liked this doctor to know the value of human life more than to let more hungry mouths come into the world for the sake of a couple of bucks. He deserves severe punishment for reckless behavior.


His Poor Ethics tainted his first 2

by Monda on

The basic tenet of a doctor's profession is "Do No Harm"! His poor knowledge of the consequence of his actions or his skills in the technology are secondary issues.  Yes Iranian doctors are some of the best in the world, but case specifically this doctor has to be questioned far beyond his previous successes, whatever his ulterior motives may have been.

Jahanshah Javid

Pride and Profit

by Jahanshah Javid on

Iranian doctors are among the best in the world, because of their knowledge, skill and patient care. Kamrava gets high marks for the first two, and an F for the third. He's supposed to be helping those who are having a hard time getting pregnant, not planting an army into a woman who already has six kids -- for pure profit.


Neither one's actions sit well with me

by Monda on

Dr.'s unethical move in not taking this woman's psychological assessments seriously matched with the woman's absurd justifications for More kids... "at 70 feeling guilty about wasting frozen embryos?" WTF?! then then her religious piece?! Yuk!  

Many women from her socioeconomic class make babiesonly for the sake of government assistance ($ per baby)!  That's Most Shameful!