Ali Khamenei

Urges firm action over protesters

Reuters: Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told the security forces on Saturday to take firm action against anti-government protesters. "The officials of the three forces saw for themselves what the nation is asking for, therefore, they must perform their duties well toward the corrupt and the rioters," Khamenei told visitors from the Shi'ite Muslim holy city of Qom south of Tehran. "The U.S. and Britain and other arrogant powers, as well as their domestic misguided (allies), acted under the banner of struggle against the Imam (Ayatollah Khomeini) and the revolution since the very beginning of the victory of the Islamic revolution. The situation is the same now," Khamenei said in the speech aired live on state television >>>


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

I see the IRR apologists are out in full force!

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Their desperate posts show how threatened the IRR really feels. The writing is on the wall. Blame it on the US; MKO; or anyone else you want. The truth is that IRR is in trouble. From posts on IC to lies about Neda to the "ten demands" or recruiting Hamid Dabashi it all points to one thing: A politically bankrupt regime in its final days. 

Good bye and good riddance to all Mullahs and their left wing defenders.


Ive been to Iran & know people hate d regime more than "rioters"

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


be khiyaal- Noskh-e peach !

by Fatollah on

Dr. NoFear, thanks for your analysis of Iranian psyche abroad. Dr. Jaan what's your next Noskh-e?


Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

because you were educated abroad too

No Fear

Great contribution !

by No Fear on

Because? (Aziyatam nakon ! khodeti be khoda! )

Niloufar Parsi

no fear

by Niloufar Parsi on

you sound exactly like someone who suffers from 'a clash between their cultural baggage from Iran and the one they acquired in their host countries'.

No Fear

Aab doug khiar analysis by most IC posters

by No Fear on

Most of the IC posters are out of touch with the realities of Iran. To them, politic is simply the battle between good and evil. There is NO shades of grey and everything is compromised of black and white. They are simply the "good guys" and the rest are the " bad guys". Yesterday the enemy was Rafsanjani and Mousavi , but today they are friends and the enemy is the one who looks like a monkey. They defend their 60000 years of history while calling themselves , Fred and George. If there is protests on the streets, then this must be the revolution that they are wishing to repeat itself after 30 years to topple IR. They dread the days of past glories so they can proudly wave that Persian passport and be treated like royalties at the airports. Image is everything for this bunch, whether internally among friends or internationally among strangers.I can go on and on...

Many of the above attributes in the Iranians living aboard has been the result of a clash between their cultural baggage from Iran and the one they acquired in their host countries. There are studies in sociology of first and second generations of italian migrants in US which greatly resembles what we witness in the Iranians living aboard. Generally, migrants never return to their homeland. Those who experienced it, found out how different their perception has been from their homeland.

Its called being out of touch.

Omid Talebi


by Omid Talebi on

Having seen the destruction these so called 'peaceful activist' have done first hand, one can understand the frustration of the police and the need for firm action to stop them. Had you people actually been to Iran, you would know people are very tired of these rioters and they want it to stop so they can get back to their lives.

The people i have talked to agree that everything seems to be or-castrated by foreign forces.

Ahmed from Bahrain

The menatality that keeps

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

repeating 'dushman' a hundred times has to stop. If one persists that there is an enemy, then there will be an enemy. Why not have an ideology that we have no enemies and that we are all brothers and sisters unto each other.

If they believe in Onenes of God (Allah) then surely it is He who created ALL creation. So, are these dushmans created by some other god?

No more doshman. No more marg bar een va oon.

Alqaziya hal shud. Vasalaam.

Ayatullah Ahmed Bahraini. lutf kuneed, ye salavat boland.



by pedro on

So far no elactricity has been cut and no oil workes stoped working and no children has died from the strikes in bazar, why are you so hot about actions that may never take place, I whished you would show some concen for the raped victims, for the inocent people in prison recieving torture and for the man women and children beaten to death in the streets. I will refresh your memory to the many seens that peaceful rallys were surprised with the rush of hundreds of motorbike drivers whom choped down innocent men and women and children and beat them with baton and run then over.

Mehdi, are you talking about the same children? the same women and men? or the children you are refering to are diffrent?

Please help me undrestand if in Iran two types are chidren live. type one should not be exposed to cold if the power is cut off, but type two can be exposed to harsh treatments, they can be beaten in streets. It is ok. to arrest and put in prison then rape and kill the type two children. What about aresting and killing the mothers and fathers of the type two children, that way for sure the the type two children will strave to death.


Yes, let's have even more violence

by Mehdi on

Look how these "Greenies" are showing their true color - RED, VERY RED. These people are destructive people and their intentions are to cause damage to all. Their slogans of "freedome, democracy, etc" are just excuses for their desire to see everything burn. They claim they are peaceful and then they break the law and then they expect the government to do nothing. So if the police gets in the way and inevitable violence follows, it is ALL the government's fault and these people are just innocent victims. I hope more Iranians will realize that these people are simply interested in the destruction of the country. Destroying power stations? You should be ashamed of yourself! That's dispicable! Nothing "the regime" has done ever justifies destruction of the country. So you are going to cause the death of many Iranian children by cutting power to their home? For what? To bring democracy to them? My God! You people are INSANE!You should joing Rajavi's cult - he is fully aligned with your evil purposes.


Thats the way to go

by pedro on

You said it Mort Gilani. The real power is in the hands of the working man. If the oil flow stoped, if the Bazar goes on strike, and if the gas pipes no longer flow, the monster khomeni and his tugs will not talk of killing Iranians to stay in power.


من طالب ملتی خموشم




من طالب ملتی خموشم
از دست نفس کشان بجوشم

در کسوت عالمان دینم
بهتر زخودم کسی نبینم

اله و علی، حدیث و قران
ابزار منند و جمع یاران

با دوز و کلک، ریا و تزویر
من خلق خدا کشم بزنجیر

گیرم به شکنجه اعترافی
تا جلوه کنم صادق و صافی

فرمانبر من وزیر و سردار
هر حق طلبی کشم سر  دار

من روی زمین جای خدایم
محمود می زنه بوسه به پایم

هر کس نکنه به حرف من گوش
من می کُشم و خاک می کنم روش

گر ظالم و جابرم بدانند
فتواست که حکم من بخوانند

گر حرمت دین بدادم از دست
باکم نبود، که قدرتم هست

وقتی تو  میای به بارگاهم
یک بوسه بزن به جای پایم

مشعوف می شم ز چاپلوسی
ملت تو عزاس من تو عروسی

حالا تو بگو که من کی هستم
من دوزخی یا بهشتی هستم؟

Mort Gilani

Show us your firm punishment

by Mort Gilani on

In retaliation, we will let people know how to sabotage all high voltage power stations, electrical transformers, oil production facilities, and gas pipe lines.


Too late!

by shahabshahab on

You should have thought of this before you guys planned the cheating on election. You should have thought of it when people took to the streets on June 12 and demanded their vote. Instead, you and your selected President called the people Khas o Khashak and beat and killed them. You never once even attempted to console the people. Never tried to talk to them with respect, with dignity. You kept saying "we will kill you, we will destroy you," thining this was the Old Iran, like your current followers, who simply obey you and are too dumb to question your motives. You did not think that this was a great country that was rising to lead the Middle Esat. You only thought of the power and the money.

Now, they no longer respct you. Now, they don't thnk of you as the Supreme Leader. In fact, they don't think of a leader. A leader knows how to bring people together under his or her leadership. You, you idiot, onlly know to talk about Fetneh and the Enemies. You are hopelessly incomepetent, and that is why you are on your way out.  


Wake up and smell the Golab!

by bachenavvab on

Thr writing is on the wall.  The IRI dollars will be stopped soon.  Time to get a real job.


I agree with him - this rioting has gone way too far

by Mehdi on

The Greenies have never had a clear claim or demand or suggestion or anything other than rioting. It is time they were stopped. Otherwise there will be more damage and more people harmed. Time for some decisive action.


منطق چماق


بزگترین ضرری که این حکومت نمایندگان خدا به ایران زده را می‌توان در چشم و ذهن این هموطنان مومن و پا منبری دید. تعلیم و تربیت اجباری مملو از خرافات و جهالت این دکاندارن دین به دو نسل جوان ایرانی‌.

از وعظ رهبر اشکارست که نظام را در خطر دیده و از تحریم اقتصادی و حمله نظامی میترسد. باید خلق الله را برای شهادت دیگری آماده کند و کلید پلاستیکی‌ در بهشت سفارش دهد.  ولی‌ این بار با مردم ایران در گیرست و شکستش حتمیست. این پا منبریها و بسیجیها دیر یا زود به مردمیپیوندند.

 باید چماق را روی میز مذاکره در چشم انداز رهبر نگهداشت که به منطق آن کاملا آشناست. امید بر اینست که با تقویت و گسترش جنبش داخل کشور احتیاجی به استفاده از چماق نباشد.  


Be Ommide Rahaii

by Rahaii on

Ein dayouse bepedar bedanad ke rouze 7 DAY mah na tanha javedaneh khahad maand, balke taa 7 DAY mahe sale digar, sare kasife ein akhoond sare daar khahad bood.

Be Ommid Ann Rouz



by pedro on

very nice, thank you.


صد جان قابل گیرد


صد جان قابل گیرد

اما خودش نمیرد

تا کی به صبر مانم

که این رهبری بمیرد


بنداز توی توالت  

این جان نه قابلت

شاید مفید گردد

کودی ‌ز خاک و گلت



Baby Satan is talking again...

by Arthimis on

آخوند الاغ، تو یه روزی تو مسجد هم آدمت حسابت نمیکردن!
حالا امدی مردم ایران رو تهدید میکنی؟ آشغال... بزودی خودتو جدو آبادتو از
ایران بیرون میکنیم. مرگ بر حکومت شیطانی اسلامی.

Shifteh Ansari

متن كامل سخنان رهبری:جوانها از صبرمن گلایه می كنند

Shifteh Ansari


Death to dictator! Death to dictator! Death to dictator!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.