4,000 arrested during protests

According to prosecutor general

ABC News: Iranian security forces arrested 4,000 people during the recent wave of anti-regime protests, and half of that number are still being held, the prosecutor general says. The student news agency ISNA and the semi-official ILNA agency report Ayatollah Abdolnabi Namazi says some of those arrested were freed immediately. "In total, 4,000 people were arrested across the country, and 40 per cent of those arrested were immediately freed," he said. "Currently there are 2,000 people who are still in prison, among whom there are not many students." These are the first official figures for the number of arrests across the country. In Tehran, epicenter of the June 10-20 demonstrations, the Ayatollah says 800 people were arrested >>>


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Why is that anti regime look more sophisticated than pro IRI?

by obama on

Just looking at the photos you would know that they are intellectuals.

Ahmed from Bahrain

This is a sure sign of desperation.

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

Ahmed from Bahrain


The real # is MUCH higher

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Dear JJ,

The number of arrested but freed after 48-96 hours is significantly higher.

The way the arrested get freed is as follows:

1) They identify all of their immediate family members; addresses, telephone #s etc  We all know what this is for.

2)  They pledge in writing that they will never again participate in protests against the government and the leader or else they will be jailed for long periods

3)  They are placed under surveillance and followed by Basijis.

4) Their entire family enjoys getting harassed weekly so the young man or woman arrested is frequently reminded they are being watched and their family members are in jeopardy. 




Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

I wonder if many of us are shocked. We would be if it happened in the U.S. Or India. Or Korea. Or Turkey. Or Russia. Or any other country. But not in the Islamic Republic of Iran. This is how the frequency and scale of brutality has made us numb >>> more


With hope for freedom of all prisoners

by divaneh on

All political prisoners and prisoners of conscious must be freed.


All political prisoners must be freed at once

by bachenavvab on

Whenever you feel Khamenei's lies are starting to make sence, visit this site for a quick reality check: