Zoroastrian pilgrimage in Iran

BBC report from Chek Chek shrine


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: Zartosht an Iranian Prophet

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

If an Iranian wants to believe in religion it is so natural to convert
to Zartoshtigari, as it is an indiginous religion of Iran.

I wholeheartedly agree with this. The Zartoshti religion is the best religion in general but particularly for Iranians. I have read many of the sacred text of Avesta. The original parts: the Gathas are the most enlightened writings I have ever read. They are what made Korosh the Great who he was. The degree of tolerance and open mindedness in the Gathas was thousands of years ahead of any other belief system on this planet.

The destruction of Avesta by Alexander was the single greatest hit to Iranian people.



Zartosht an Iranian Prophet

by zamyad on

Zarthost is to Iran like Ghormeh Sabzi to Iranians.

If an Iranian wants to believe in religion it is so natural to convert to Zartoshtigari, as it is an indiginous religion of Iran.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

After all has been said and done, Iranian should be able to chose whatever religion/belief system they want.

We finally agree! Yes people should pick whatever religion the want or none at all.


Zoroastrian and other minorities!

by choghok on

I think a good idea would be to when visiting Iran go and donate or buy stuff from these minorities, It would help them financially. It would also strengthen the link between Iranians outside Iran with Iran.


People should chose whatever they want....

by ahvazi on


After all has been said and done, Iranian should be able to chose whatever religion/belief system they want. Religion is between humanbeing and God and how he/she uses it to live and contribute to society. I think members of Muslims/Christians/Jews/Zoraster/Bahais and so on feel pissed off when members of their religion join other religions. Why did you convert to so and so faith, what is wrong with Islam?

A mature/free society will appreciate it various belief system operating within its boundaries and not judge anyone of them as superior or inferior over the other.

Omidvaram Iran ham be oon fahm Farhangi bereseh.



My Zartoshti friend's zartoshti wife converted to Massihi!!!!

by obama on

I recently spoke to a friend who came here 4 years ago just to find out that his wife had become massihi. When I foozooli kardam and asked why, he said:"hameh dinan! - massihi, eslam, zartoshti, hendu. mohem khodeh ensaaneh keh chekar mikoneh. man kheili mosalmoonahayeh khoob didam va bad ham didam, hamitoram zartoshti va massihi." And they both are pure zartoshti and wonderful people.

Well, when I told him that at one point i was contemplating to convert to preserve our old religion, he was surprised as to why that was necessary.  I just thought to share my story.

I think, a lot of times we are pissed off at IRI and we are going all the way the opposite side as anything but what arabs gave us. Is zartoshti the answer that we are looking for?


That reminds me of a Zoroastrian prophecy

by Atessa1 on

By the lapse of one thousand years, after the establishment of the
Arabic Religion, His followers will have already spoiled their Faith so
much by splitting up themselves into sects that, were it to be presented
to its Founder, He would not recognize the same. Thus shalt thou see
the Iranians that they shall not listen to any Wise Man. Were some one
to say the Truth, they shall come out with weapons to fight with Him.
The worst among the evil deeds of Iranians is that they have killed the
One Who, though from amongst themselves, was the Sovereign Lord of all
the Angelic Attributes."
- Dasàstìr-Asmànì' (The Book of Heavenly

But..."When a thousand two hundred and some years have passed from the
inception of the religion of the Arabian
[Most probably Islam and
the Coming of Muhammed] and the overthrow of the kingdom of Iran and
the degradation of the followers of My religion, a descendant of the
Iranian kings will be raised up as a Prophet."


Are we ready now?

by pedro on

Did we experience first hand what Islam did to us. Show me where in the book of Avesta there is any mention of (AGHTELOO, Bekoshid) (kill them), rape them, remove one eye, sever hands. Are we ready to go back and practice Zartoshti and worship Ahura Mazda?

Ahura Mazda, creator of all things beautiful

The truith is in the language. See what I mean.

Stop Execution of Iranians in Islamic Prisions.

Stop Execution of Iranians in Islamic Prisions

Darius Kadivar

Chek Chek becoming Check Mate by IRI ? ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Let's Hope Not !

With all the Zoroastrian's leaving Iran. Let's hope They will come back one day to their lands and roots again in a near future once this Un Iranian Regime is toppled.

Zoroastrian Scholar Farhang-Mehr Asks A question from Khatami:


Dr. Farhang Mehr former Minister of the Shah of Iran's government asks a constitutional question from Khatami (during the latter's visit to Boston University ) on when will the  Islamic Republic stop discriminating against religious minorities like Zoroastrians.



And again I wonder,

by پیام on

چه بودیم و چه شدیم.