People of the Flame

Journeys to the Ends of the Earth: Iran and Zoroastrianism

Over the last 17 years, David Adams has developed his reputation both through his reporting and the numerous documentary films that he has written, directed and produced. He is best known for his investigative work, particularly "Journeys to the Ends of the Earth", a 13 part documentary series made for the Discovery Network. His passion for anthropology, archeology, history and diverse cultures continues to take him to some of the world's most remote locations >>>

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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


statira is right. Zoroastrianism is not Abrahamic. It Iranian and we do well to learn about it. Once you read about it you realize how much of Iranian soul is Zoroastiran. Our greatest festival NowRuz is 100% Zoroastrian. Our months are named after Yazdan. Charshanbeh Sori has Zoroastrian root. In fact that is why makes us Iranian. 

There is a lot of good stuff to read if you want to learn about it. There are books in both Persian and English. There are also some writings in Middle Persian. I strongly recommend reading the Gathas which are sacred hymns written by Zartosht himself. There are also other books both ancient and modern. 

I prefer the Persian writings. I want to learn about the living faith not some Western anthropological research. The real stuff is in Persian and here is a link to lots of good reading: 


We should all learn about this most wonderful of all faiths. It was this that made Persia great and its loss has been the single greatest blow to Iran. If we want a religion then this is it for us not Islam or any other faith.





by statira on

Zoroastrian religion was not Ibrahamic.


wonderful documentary

by Fatollah on

this is my fouth time that I watch these clips :)


Thanks for the post - watched and enjoyed all videos

by MM on



Just WOW!!!

by Mahvash Shahegh on

 It was awesome. A great representative of the Westerner's spirit: adventurism, courage, curiosity, optimism. No wonder they are so much ahead of us!


عجب، چه بودیم و چه شدیم.


عجب، چه بودیم و چه شدیم.


mehrdad Jaan

by R2-D2 on

This video was featured over 1 1/2 years ago, in its entirety, not segmented:

The People Of The Flame: IRAN




From Imamzadeh to Atashkadeh: Zamyad, count me in!

by Milan on

Enough of these Ibrahamic religions.Wishing for a free Iran, where we can all embrace our original, ancient Persian beliefs.


What a beautiful religion

by zamyad on

We Iranians should revert back to this beautiful religion.