Internet blockade

Iran obstructing links to outside world blockade

BBC: Google says its e-mail traffic in Iran has dropped sharply, amid reports access is being restricted for the Islamic Revolution's anniversary. The web giant said that the decline had happened even though its networks were working properly. Opposition websites have urged major demonstrations on the most important day of the nation's political calendar. Google said users of its Gmail had experienced difficulties following a newspaper report about official restrictions. "Whenever we encounter blocks in our services we try to resolve them as quickly as possible," the California-based company said in a statement. >>>


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by ThePope on

Khaleh Mosheh, thx for the clip...

Lahjeh kojaa'i-e??   Lori-e?


Mola Nassredin

by cyclicforward on

Your comments and Avatar is so boring and meaningless.I wish you could say something useful.

Mola Nasredeen

Google you say?

by Mola Nasredeen on

The same people who continue to call The Persian Gulf The Arabian Gulf. Now posing as the real friend of Iranian people and their heritage, with friends like this who needs an enemy?


Video Sen. McCain (R-AZ) and Sen. Lieberman (I-CT) Press Confere

by Jasbe9 on

Senators John
McCain (R-AZ) and Joe Lieberman (I-CT) held a press conference to
introduce Iran human rights sanctions legislation aimed at punishing
the country for human rights violations. Recently, the Treasury
Department announced new sanctions targeting Iran's Revolutionary



70 clips of 22 Bahman demonstrations

by Amir19 on

Goto this link:


Pass it on to news agencies and anyone you can


رفراندوم - این است شعار مردم


دولت کودتا بخوبی میداند که اکثریت مردم مخالف آن هستند و فقط بخش کوچکی از مردم طرفدار وضعیت فعلی هستند.  در غیر اینصورت این همه از حضور مسالمت آمیز مردم ایران  وحشت نداشت و این همه خفقان و سانسور را به مردم سبز ایران تحمیل نمیکرد.  آقای خامنه ای و احمدی نژاد اگر یک جو شرف داشتید و راست می گفتید اجازه
میدادید یک رفراندوم آزاد در کشور برپا شود تا متوجه می شدید که بیش از نود درصد از مردم از شما و حکومت خودکامه شما متنفرند.  جنبش سبز مردم ایران تا پیروزی نهایی
و استقرار دمکراسی و آزادی و جدایی دین از دولت ادامه خواهد داشت


kheylee khandeedam

by curly on

khaleh mosheh dastet dard nakoneh moshteh mohkamee be een jaleo zadee.


khaleh mosheh

This one is for Jaleho and its leader

by khaleh mosheh on

خامنه‌ای دمتو بذار رو كولت


Iran zamin

22 bahman

by Iran zamin on

I just got off the phone with Tehran and was told that there are millions of anti government demonstrators all over Tehran. The Government has virtually shut down the internet to ordinary people , thus there might be a little while before we can get all the videos out. There are already some videos out , but as said there internet in Iran is down. HOKOOMAT ... TOOSHALVARESH!!!


So it WAS the damn google doing it!

by Jaleho on

Now I understand. The reason we didn't have an "enghelaab" today like Iranian.comers have been promising us the damn google! They blocked the Iranian patriots from getting the wise revolutionary directives of Mohsen Sazegara, the leader in exile,  reagrding "  whistle and cotton balls" tactic!

As y'all know, the pissant revolutions of the past like The French Revolution, The Russian Revolution, The Islamic Revolution....and all the other pre-google revolutions of history were not really revolutions. Rather, those "events" were a "process". Only Google, Facebook and Twitter make a revolution a REAL revolution.


Google spies

by alirezag12 on

one thing I don't like about google is the information they collect on you. Google chrome is the ONLY web browser that collects & transmits info on every site you visit. I understand google's financial motivations for doing this, eventually this info will be worth a lot of money. But I also think they cross the line.


Google fight with censor behind this?

by choghok on

Since Google started fighting with Chinese censor and made gmail run on secure line as standard I would think it stopped Ahmaghinejad from evesdropping too.

 Google wave and now google buzz are also great for spreading news to outside world as well.