Haas and Stephens on Iran

Interview by CNN's Fareed Zakaria

Richard Haass is president of the Council on Foreign Relations and Bret Stephens is the foreign-affairs columnist of the Wall Street Journal:


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Just bomb beyte rahbari ( next to the big pile of shit).

by پیام on

All of us will thank USA for the centuries to come.


Don't bomb Iranians,

by Arthimis on

Just where Khamenei lives, the I.R. Hezbolah, Pasdaran and basij head quarters with precision ones!!!

Once these Non-Iranians (Iran and Iranian haters) get hit hard, shortly after, True Iranian people in millions will come to the streets and will take over Seda/Sima and entire Tehran and other major cities in Iran in few hours... They will overthrow this evil regime faster than the time they invaded and occupied Iran in 1979...

Yes, It is a wishful thinking.... I KNOW! But, this is the fastest way to destroy I.R. !!!

But unfortunately, we don't have the right help on our side... Foreigners don't care about Iran and Iranians either... At this moment, No one out there is to really help us destroy Satanic/Islamic Republic for good... We are on our own!!!

payam s

What attack? It's a joke!

by payam s on

All fascists advocating for an attack on Iran, need to pop their
heads out of their asses and realize that the US is NOT CAPABLE to
attack Iran. They are not even able to wage a successful war against
the Taliban, nevertheless against the IRI, Revolutionary Guards, the Qods force,
Hezbollah, the Mahdi Army, and 20-30% support the IRI still has in Iran (which will expand unimaginably once the country is under attack). They can't defeat the kind of insurgency that will result from this stupid decision, unless
they nuke the entire region. And that is not an option. Also, do these
idiots think China and Russia are just going to stand by while their
strong regional partner is simply eliminated?

And mahmoudg, you sound like a drunk racist pig. Go suck on a bottle or something (assuming you're not already).


Sargord and all the other I.R. Apologists...

by Arthimis on

آدم دروغگو! آخه تا کی‌
انقدر دروغ، انکار، خود (و مردم) فریبی و خود (و مردم) فروشی؟؟؟؟ خجالت
بکشید!!! اون خدا بزنه تو کمر هرچه دروغگو....

برادر، خواهر، هر کسی‌ که هستی‌، به مردم راستین ایران زمین ملحق شوید!
هنوز هم دیر نیست! تا وقت هست، دست از مزدودری بر دارید! نگذارید جانتان
به بطالت، سلامتی شما و خانوادتان در آینده به خطر و عمرتان با حماقت محض
تلف شود!!! هنوز هم وقت هست که به انسانیت و وجدان خود برگردید و دست در
دست ایرانیان، ایران زمین را آزاد کنید! "گر بخود آئی، به خدا ایی‌ رسی‌،
به خود ا !!!!! هنوز هم وقت هست...

Note: Spelling error on Talaf in Farsi writing (T daste daar baashe talabetoon...) :-) . Also, used as much Farsi words with Arabic roots for you apologists to relate to and hopefully comprehend and wake up at some point! Hopefully soon! 


It is all BS "idea" game.

by abgosht on

The problem these guys have is not reality.  It is the "idea" that "if xxxx, then xxxx".   Not any real threat to US or anyone else in the middle east.    They are affraid of ideas.   Their worst nightmare is a free and democratic middle east that its people make decision not kings, ayatollhas, presidents for life. 

If they want to end Iranian nuclear program, it is easy, Iran has offered to trade all its enriched Uranium for 20% enriched  uraninum for use in its medical facilities.  West is not interested.   They prefer a game of "you give me all yours stock pile now and I see what I can do for you in  future".  If  west is really interested in solving the problem it can, if it wants to play game, Iranians have shown that they can play game too.

If Iran with all sanctions AND under supervision of the IAEA can produce nuclear weapons, then ANY country can.  So if Idea of nuclea weapons are so bad, then why  not start the idea of non nuclear middle east.  Where all states are non nuclear, including Israel.

For humanity to stay in peacefull path these guys should  be chaged with


  1. Participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of a crime against peace
  2. Planning, initiating and waging wars of aggression and other crimes against peace



Darius Kadivar

Your Welcome Abarmard jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

Yes Me Too.



by Benyamin on

I would like to know why we are here again and everyone is pointing at war as the only option?

I believe ever since George W. Bush said "all options are on the table including millitary operation but it is the last resort" it automatically became the only serious and vaible option out there! The USA has started the drumms of war again something that they are very good at and that means they didn`t take other options very seriously or other options didn`t give much room for Iranians and it was more like dictating Iranians what to do about their "atomic program". I believe the USA has failed in its attempt to negotiate with Iran.

If USA attacks Iran it wont be the first time failing Iranian people! I believe this time Iran will intercept "any" tanker or shipment that is trying to cross the Hurmoz straight and that alone could lead to an all out war in case any sanctions imposed! Perhaps that is what Americans are after.

One more question; What will happen if Iran already has atomic bomb? I mean are they working on long range missiles to destroy a bulding in Tel Aviv? I have a feeling Iranians are already gone atomic and they just haven`t pulled a fast one yet. It would be catesrophic for any country in the "persian gulf" region to help or assist or get involved in any way, shape or from in attacking Iran! Iran will leave nothing left of debris from that country. I have done my millitary servoice in Iran and I can tell "no one" can help these countruies if helping USA. And I am not being emotional it is just true!

I dislike the IRI with passion but this is not the way.


What % of Iranians know that"attack " BS is nonsense ?

by bushtheliberator on

      As a visiting American Jingo, I feel responsible to remind other visitors that the math has NEVER been favorable for any direct attack on Iran.If you can even imagine that our Magic Negro could order air strikes on Iran, the best antidote is common sense.



by Abarmard on

Thanks for the link. I tend to agree with the points made by Meir JAVEDANFAR. I think he's got it right.


I agree with you Sargord

by Abarmard on

We know that Israeli based American policy towards Iran is to weaken the Iranian position in the Middle East regardless of the ruling regime. I still do not see how can any military strike accomplish that objective. This guy Zak is not a reporter but a promotor. 

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Views from France (France 24 English in Two Parts)

by Darius Kadivar on

A debate with Mark Owen and guests:

Part I:

France 24 debate with Ramin PARHAM, Meir JAVEDANFAR,Borzou DARAGAHI and Raymond TANTER

Part II ( Flynt Leverette joins the debate)


Ramin PARHAM, Iranian intellectual and co-author of “L’Histoire secrete de la Révolution Iranienne”

Raymond TANTER, Founder of Iran Policy Committee

Meir JAVEDANFAR, Analyst at Meepas (via satellite from London)

Borzou DARAGAHI, Los Angeles Times Middle East correspondent (by phone from Beirut)

Sargord Pirouz

Fareed is a pro-Zionist

by Sargord Pirouz on

Fareed is a pro-Zionist patsy with an anti-Iran kick. Don't take him seriously.


This is what you get when kh.r. and AN don't want to budge.

by پیام on

Attacks will not benefit Iran interests in the lung run, but neither do molla's. Both molla's and a military strike will end up killing innocent Iranians, although with surgical attacks we may get rid of molla's sooner that civil disobedience way we have been trying for the past 8 months. But in turn any military strike on Iran will have far going consequences for the whole power dynamic in the region which will not be favorable to Iran's interest. I really hope it doesn't come that far. Choices, choices....


Talking about war is part

by Schahram on

Talking about war is part of the game on both sides to confuse the other side to hide the real agenda (if there is one). In the last two interviews a  few days ago Richard Haas opted for Regime change by supporting the people.

E.G. see here:

Only One Force Can Stop Iran Now: Its People

Author: Richard N. Haass, President, Council on Foreign Relations

February 12, 2010
The Times (London)




We need NIAC now...

by Mahasti23 on

I can't believe that we are once again talking about war. I just can't believe it. If anyone attacks Iran, the first victims will be the Greens. It's the fastest way of ensuring the end of the Greens.

In 2008, we had NIAC which helped defeat the war resolution in Congress.

We need NIAC again to stop this madness. Question is if the neo-con/MKO attacks on NIAC were a prelude for the debate on Zakaria - get rid of the anti-wargroup first, then start the war.

God help us. 


yap, surgical attacks, the only way....

by mahmoudg on

Bomb the assets of the regime and you will see the Mullahs fall faster than the worthless A-rab Sadam Hossein.


I think US should completely

by benross on

I think US should completely change the subject. Nuclear activities, if well contained from outside to the best it can be done, will not lead to nuclear capability in short term... in mid term, and long term, deal with it, when IRI is no longer.

Iranian people need time. And the time they need is less than what IRI needs to develop nuclear capability.

Nuclear weapon is just a device. Peace is carried out by people not devices. If you bomb Iran, you have not seen the end of it. Haas might sugercoat his nonesense, but hopefully Obama is not that stupid.

marhoum Kharmagas

hope there will be no war

by marhoum Kharmagas on

more than half of my family (wife and kids...) are pure Americans, so I hope there will be no war, BUT if U.S attacks Iran, I hope Iran can inflict maximum damage to the U.S. with taking minimal damage.


HAASS another zionist pushing for bombing Iran! Bomb Israel!

by obama on

These zionists really controlling the whole US foreign policy! Bomb  bomb bomb...! he even says let US do it for israel!

These Israelis are such snakes! They are hiding behind a huge tiger, elephant,, and guiding them to get their perceived enemies without paying any price for it! How evil!

They were looking for an alibi, and ahmadi gave them a few! They even want American get killed not Israelis! WOW! How stupid american can get not to see that!


for your info folks

by zanboor_ghavi_mannyslawyer on

The US Army is outstreched.  Due to the past two wars, a huge number of active duty military personnel have chosen not to reenlist even with enticing offers.  This has left the US military to rely on what are known as the reserves to conduct its wars.  The reserves are poorly trained in combat.  I

2.  If Obama within next 3 years attacks Iran, he can kiss he re-election bid goooooodbye.  both the liberal left and the republicans would find something to criticize about the attack and that would leave Obama with an extremely difficult re-election bid



Preemptive strike is a bad move with historic implications!

by Khar on

THE STRIKE WILL HURT THE PEOPLE OF IRAN RATHER THAN THE IRI! The strike will be used by the IRI to consolidate power and to unleash war on Iranian people democracy and freedom movement and it will set it back another 30 years if not more!



I wonder who is more

by Bavafa on

I wonder who is more radical, US/Israel or Iran as they constantly treat other countries with all option on the table which means nuclear.

They talk about attacking another country as if they want to go and buy a gallon of milk, that how easy it is for them.

Maybe if US had really felt what bombing your homes feels like, they would not be so trigger happy about bombing others home.