Ahmadinejad on press freedom

"Freedom of the press in Iran is at a very high level"

(AP) — An international press freedom watchdog accused Iran of one of the world's most severe crackdowns on journalists with more than 90 reporters arrested last year. The New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists said in its annual report on press freedoms released Tuesday that Iran is still holding at least 23 writers and editors, second only to China in the number of journalists detained. Iran "saw one of the most vicious and widespread crackdowns on the press in recent memory," said the report. It added that the crackdown intensified following the disputed June presidential election. The report said China holds 24 journalists in its jails >>>

Ahmadinejad's answer question of press freedom today:


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by AlexInFlorida on

Have you ever looked at pictures of the Iranian leadership today?

With just one glance you should be able to identify the root of Irans problems.

There is something wrong with our sperm, because we are producing retarded looking leaders.

Please have your sperm checked as soon as possible.

Please Our Country can't absorb one more retard.


IRI has fallen!!! seriously...

by Khar on


No Fear

by Arthimis on

تو که راست میگی! آخه تا کی‌ انقدر دروغ، انکار، خود (و مردم) فریبی و خود (و مردم) فروشی؟؟؟؟ خجالت بکشید!!! اون خدا بزنه تو کمر هرچه دروغگو....

برادر، خواهر، هر کسی‌ که هستی‌، به مردم راستین ایران زمین ملحق شوید!
هنوز هم دیر نیست! تا وقت هست، دست از مزدودری بر دارید! نگذارید جانتان
به بطالت، سلامتی شما و خانوادتان در آینده به خطر و عمرتان با حماقت
طلف شود!

!!! هنوز هم وقت هست که به انسانیت و وجدان خود برگردید و دست در
دست ایرانیان، ایران زمین را آزاد کنید! "گر بخود آئی، به خدا ایی‌ رسی‌،
به خود ا !!!!! هنوز هم وقت هست


How Lawful

by divaneh on

Ha ha ha ha, Heiat Monsefeh, ha ha. In the country that judge Salavati hands down lottery death sentences, there are juries to decide the closure of newspapers. It must be the same juries who order the imprisonment of the journalists.

Very brave and sharp woman. Respect.


Ahmadi is in charge of anything that is "good". Nothing bad!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


No Fear

by Abarmard on

"permanent changes requires gradual process."

I agree with that.

No Fear

Its easy to blame it on the big bad wolf....

by No Fear on

You guys are retards. Blaming everything on Ahmadinejad is severely oversimplifying the situation. But i guess it makes it easier for your minds to cope if you find ONE person to point the fingers at. The same mentality is evident when you are seeking that ONE person to lead Iran to the glory of the past. Oh ... please.

Here is a link that will explain everything you need to know about press laws in Iran. Pay close attention to chaptor 5 , article 10.


As you can see, Ahmadinejad does not control the Press Supervisory Board. I asked earlier from a poster to dig deeper and findout who are the jury and their affiliations. But no one seems to care about who is pulling the strings here. Instead ,its much easier to find a president who looks ugly and jump on the bandwagon to demonize him. ... Oh, i see, your problem is with the "whole IR". Well , wake up sunshine, There ain't gonna be another revolution and as i said before, permanent changes requires gradual process. If you are going to make a comment, atleast have a mind of your own and draw your own conclusions. Understand the complex power structures of Iran since oversimplifying the situation doesn't make you an expert, it makes you a fool.




by vildemose on

thank you . It worked.


Later on in the program

by Abarmard on

A reporter asks a better question. Regardless, his answers were baseless, wrong, and full of lies. I am not sure how Iranians can take him for four years.


vildemose, hope it will work this time

by Rea on

iran.blog.lemonde.fr/.../lettre-ouverte-aux-journalistes-en-partance-pour-teheran/ - En cache


She winks in 2.08 sec... ?

by Morveln on


Cheshmak mizane?


Rea jan: Your link does not

by vildemose on

Rea jan: Your link does not work. Would you be please kind enough to repost your link. Thank you so much.


A list of imprisoned journalists can be found here

by Rea on


40 names are listed under the heading: Liste des journalistes iraniens actuellement en prison


accourding to AN, in Iran Press freedom = Free to press

by Bavafa on

that is of course People that his goverment presses.


David ET

Where are the Seculars?

by David ET on

Speak Up. Stand for your democratic beliefs. Unite. Organize. Lead. 

We have had enough of these Criminals! 



                         Visit: www.iransecular.org



He is the world renowned Qazvin's pumice stone for foot!

by Anonymouse on

He has no shame in denying the facts and say it is a day when it is a night.  He doesn't care, nor does his supporters who have no worries about their conscious. 

Press is the most free anywhere in the world. Iran has the best democracy in the world and women are treated better than any place else not only in the world but in all of history. Inflation is about 12% - 15% and production and economy is the best it's been in the past 30 years.

Iran wants to buy enriched uranium but never said it before and now that they've enriched 20% it is now expensive and if the world doesn't sell them the uranium or passes more sanctions on them, Iran will make the world sorry. 

JJJ as for twitching yes it's as if he feels these questions and treats these questions as a smack in his face! 

Everything is sacred.


No Fear or should I say Shah Gholam.

by پیام on

Your comments smell like piaz and I bet your head smells like ghormeh sabzi. When are going to give up defending rapists and liars and open your eyes to the obvious truth? Baba, be pir, be peyghambar, these guys have proven time after time what kind of brutal oppressors they are and you have the courage to come and defend them here? At least have the decency to acknowledge the facts and try not to dance around them like AN and co.


No Fear

by MM on

I am not going to get into an argument whether 67 or 47 journalists are in jail.  Let's call it 47.  In a so called free society AN is claiming to have, don't you think one journalist in jail is way too many?   

On October 7th, 3 newspapers were closed alone.  Whether these closures were ordered by press supervisory body or the government, it is irrelevent, since they all report to the same VF.

"Iran's government-run press supervisory body closed three newspapers yesterday without giving reasons. The ILNA news agency said Farhang Ashdi (Culture of Reconciliation) and Arman (Ideals) were closed, while the official IRNA news agency reported that Tahlil Rooz (Day's Analysis) was also ordered to be shut." //www.guardian.co.uk/media/greenslade/2009/oct/07/press-freedom-iran 

No Fear

MM ..

by No Fear on

You said, and i repeat again:

Iran holds the largest numbers of journalists in jail & the largest number of news organizations that are closed because of their views

I went through all your links and i even went through the links within the links and all i found were contradictory statements with no solid evidence or even a name list to back your claim up.

One link says they are 67 missing journalist, another claims 60 and the last one ( by Ish Theilheimer, a known Zionist ) claims to be 47. All of them fail to provide a name list.

Do you have a name list to prove your claim? How many of those are still in jail? Are you affiliated with the Pen american centre? Weren't they the first who claimed to have this namelist?

Please provide better links. Thank you.


While popular!!, Khatami did not have real power, like VF

by MM on

As far as statistics, here are some:

Iran denies western reporters visas to cover revolution anniversary……… Sixty-five Iranian journalists are in detention, according to the Paris-based Reporters Without Borders. Iran has become the leading jailer of journalists in the world, the International Press Institute (IPI) said today in its annual review of global press freedoms………

The dangerous world of Iranian journalists…… Those foreign reporters who get visas are forbidden to cover opposition demonstrations……..

Iran widens journalist crackdown before demonstrations…..Iran has stepped up arrests and told Iranian journalists that they'll be dealt with as 'spies' if they work for foreign news outlets, in an apparent attempt to tighten information flows ahead of Green Movement protests scheduled for Thursday….

About those jailed Iranian journalists……The 47 journalists now in prison in Iran are more than any other country on earth has imprisoned at any one time since 1996…….


No Fear

MM ..

by No Fear on

Iran holds the largest numbers of journalists in jail & the largest number of news organizations that are closed because of their views.  The numbers do not add up to what you say.  sorry.

Changes don't happen over night. Long lasting changes which lead to permanent conditions are usually the outcome of a gradual process. During Khatami administration, a lot more than 5 newspapers were shut down and many reporters were jailed. One canadian/ iranian reporter was murdered ( Zahra Kazemi ) while in custody. Yet, Khatami enjoyed wide spread support among many of us and was hailed in foreign media.  WHY?

Which numbers are you refering to? I remember at one point we had 13 newspapers which were banned during Khatami era, now, as shown in the video, this number is 5.

Also, Ahmadinejad tried to explain that his administration is against closures but it is not entirely up to his two representatives ( 2 out of 7 ) to decide who gets banned. There are other issues at hand here and the Judiciary has a lot to do with it too. Do you know who heads the Judiciary in Iran? Do you know his affiliation with the head of Majlis ( Larijani )? Do you know to which political spectrum they belong? Please find out the answer to these questions and you will see how far the rabbit hole goes.

"They" have the majority votes on who gets banned or not. You are barking at the wrong tree. Dig deeper and you will see.


No Fear - Are you saying that the video Q/A was a set up?

by MM on

Iran holds the largest numbers of journalists in jail & the largest number of news organizations that are closed because of their views.  The numbers do not add up to what you say.  sorry.

gitdoun ver.2.0


by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

this woman is very brave.

No Fear

JJ ...

by No Fear on

You said; 

And congrats to the journalist who embarrassed him on live TV. These pesky reporters... you close their newspapers, put them in jail, and then another one shows up to expose the truth, then another, and another...

Incidents like the one you mentioned are a daily occurance in Iran now. A fair observer will notice that this amount of freedom has not been exhibited even during the reformist era. During previous administrations, pesky reporters would either physically vanish or their career would be over. They are not facing these kind of threat anymore. ( Aside from those really gutsy ones that question the whole IR ).

Is Iran a heaven for reporters? NO, far from it.  But has freedom of press improved under Ahmadinejad? YES. its undeniable.

You can asked any of your relatives in Iran and they will all attest to this fact.

You might argue that people are forcing these freedoms to take place, but may i remind you that Ahmadinejad has enough power and forces at his disposal to prove you wrong.

Ahmadinejad believes in accountability and he is not afraid of asking tough questions from opponents , or taking tough questions.

I wish all our politicians were like him.


این مشد احمد عجب رویی داره


Ahmad agha can lie in your face with a smile, and maintain the facade.

The lady journalist is most likely toast, and yes, she did wink.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Have you noticed Ahmadinejad twitches whenever he's asked an uncomfortable question? I first saw it during his debate with Mousavi before the election.

And congrats to the journalist who embarrassed him on live TV. These pesky reporters... you close their newspapers, put them in jail, and then another one shows up to expose the truth, then another, and another... Allah o Akbar!


baayad az tarafeh hey'at

by TheMrs on

baayad az tarafeh hey'at chi besheh bacheha? GHABBBBOOOL BESHE

har kasi hagh dareh ke chi bacheha? NAZAREH KHODESHO DASHTEH BASHE

Az che nazari bacheha? AZ NAZAREH GHAAANOONI

Why the heck does he talk like an elementary school teacher? He forms his statements like questions, then pauses and answers his own question as if the answer is obvious and anyone who didn't know the answer already is an idiot, cuz ya know, it's so obvious.

It's so annoying.

And he knows so much about everything, from the law, to his entourage's actions, to different levels of the government. Is there anything he's not an expert on?

YOU GO GIRL. It looks like she was the only woman there. All those kachals looking from her to the prez. All men. And she said what most of them probably would never dare to say.


Did she Wink at minute 2:08?....

by Khar on

after her Great Hard question, Dame this journalist Garm. I hope she didn't end up in Evin afterwards. This Mardak e Rapist danced around the question as usual.


The lawyer for 21-year-old

by vildemose on

The lawyer for 21-year-old Amir Reza Arefi says his client has been sentenced to death for “mohareb” (war against God). Arefi was arrested in April 2009, before the June election.