Yare Aziz

A song by Soheil Nafisi

Yare Aziz
by KayvanAli

Hermes Records: Born in Tehran (1967), Soheil Nafisi is an autodidact musician who spent more than 20 years of his life in the Hormozgan region (mostly Bandar Abbas) which strongly influenced his music. Soheil's deep dedication and respect to Persian contemporary poetries, directed him to compose music based on some of Iran's most memorable poems. The way of his singing (accompanied by is Guitar) could somehow be considered as a kind of Iranian Chanson." His latest album is "Rira". "Yare Aziz" is from his "Tranehaye Jonoob" album. More songs on iranian.com. See his Facebook page.


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cool music!

by Khar on



Also enjoy this instant classic

by KayvanAli on

By Mr. Nafisi, from the same album:


persian westender

Lovely song!

by persian westender on

Thanks for sharing!  



What a treat!

by Majid on


Priceless! Thanks K.



Ari Siletz

Wistful waltz

by Ari Siletz on

Beautiful! The 45 rpm sound texture really adds to the nostalgia.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

what a nice voice .

merci for sharing.          Maziar



by Mehrban on



Good Music

by divaneh on

A very talented musician and singer.


Wow! Such an an amazing

by Arthimis on

Wow! Such an an amazing Iranian artist!!! I didn't know him before, Thanks to you Kayvan Ali, now I know him! I listened to his other songs, one better than another... His voice is haunting and guitar performance is fantastic... I loved this song as well:


I will buy his songs on Hermes Records or Persianhub for sure,Thank you again...

Love and Peace

Jahanshah Javid

Love it

by Jahanshah Javid on

There are echoes of Farhad, Aslani and Spanish/Latin music... but most of all its Sohei Nafisi. So wonderful to be his contemporary.

Dirty Angel

Really Sweet

by Dirty Angel on

George Brassenseh khodemoone

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