Soraya Esfandiari

Enemies removed uterus of Shah's wife so she could not have babies

Cleric says enemies of Soraya Esfandiari, the second wife of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, removed her uterus and made her barren to force Shah to divorce her.


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This is so disturbing. Why

by NicholasRowe on

This is so disturbing. Why is there nothing being done against the cruelty over there?


To Jonny Dollar

by Benyamin on

It is interesting that you refered to your childhood memory which was indeed very sweet.

I must add that just recently I discovered in all of European side of Russia or what was called soviet or the old Russian empire, whenever they want to call someone "nafahm" or stupid they call them "turk". i was dating this Russian girl and she called me " are you a turk?" I was shocked hearing it and when asked she told me that about Turks in Russia.

My understanding is that in the old times of wars between Russia and Ottaman empire the Russian came up with divisive propeganda to control their Turkish population and divide and conquer.

I believe that kind of mentality and slur must have been planted since the time Russia invaded Iran`s Azarbayjan and they also planted the similar things in the north part. anyhow that is my take on it. I must say I hate it even though I amnot a Turk.

God bless Iran

Jonny Dollar

Torkeh Khar?

by Jonny Dollar on

First of all, I loved the interviewer's facial expression. When the idiot says all the non-sense about the magic of dig with food that never gets empty, he is trying so hard not to laugh at this idiot. That's why he is speechless.

As for torks, I like many of you love torkish, rashti, arabi jokes. However, I never take them seriously. They are jokes only. In fact, our torkish brothers are one of the smart, educated, and hard working people I know.

Comment by Sam reminded me of an incident I witnessed when I was about 14. My friend was an honest boy. One time a neighbor went to our next door neighbor asking them if he could go to their roof to pick up his KAFTAR which had gone astray. As he was entering the house. My friend warned the next door neighbor that the guy was lying and it wasn't his kaftar. The guy got mad for being exposed and started beating the young kid.

All of a sudden, unexpectedly the boy's dad came home early (military man), and he saw the beating of his son by this much older guy. He told the guy: "why are you beating my son? what did he do? The guy answered: KHAFEH SHO TORKEH KHAR! 

Then the father who was a strong man started beating him, and he saw a brick and started hitting him on the head and asking him:"kee torkeh khareh?" the guy was beaten so badly that he finally started saying:"TORKA AGHAAN! GOH KHORDAM!" That's when he was let go!

Later, he advised us not ever say things like that! it is very divisive! The fact was that he was raised in a torkish speaking village, but he actually was not tork, he was Pars Bakhtiari who were forced to migrate to that village during the Shah Abbas since they were tribal chieftains, and shah abbas wanted to weaken them so he could unite persia more as a country.

Sam, with all due respect, in memory of my friend's dad I wish to reiterate his saying: "Tork, Fars, Lor, Kord, maa hameh irani hastim!"  Peace!

"God is love!"


As seda va sima is now competing with national enquirer...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

in the filed of "jurnalism excellence", I wonder if I can start buying the hard copy abstarcts of their programms, filled with juicy pictures, at my local wall mart check out soon. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Shazde Asdola Mirza

This Mullah should receive the first prize in stupidity!

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

You can't remove a woman's uterus (womb) without her knowing it, because without the womb, she will have no menstrual cycle (PMS).

Shah is sitting up there and laughing his heart out ... he has been vindicated 1000 times over!

Bad Stories for Bad Kids

Ali P.

Laws of Physics

by Ali P. on

The law of conservation of mass, also known as principle of mass/matter conservation is a universal principal, applied to every body of mass, since the Big Bang. There is only one exception to that, and that is Ayatollah Koohestani's aash!


Is this my dear motherland, Iran?


Is this 2011?



Kill me God,...kill me now! 


Seda va Sima of Douchebags!!

by Arthimis on

Seda va Sima of Douchebags!! These low lives still fantasize about Shah and Soraya!!

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

The truth is they have no more "HADEETH" so they've to invent new BS to feed the masses .         Maziar


Marde Khoda va Kaseya Ash

by Vattan on

Sorya wanted to go and get a Kase Ash to get well? What is he talking about it? Couldn't she just order to bring that Ash Guy to her? Use your brain.

One questions? Was he living in Shah's bedroom?  How did he get this BS info?


Mojri (interviewer) should get an Oscar ...

by mrramin on

Mojri (interviewer) should get an Oscar for keeping a straight face with all the BS this guy is saying......

By the way, Mojri look a little like Alain Delon :)





by tabriz_balasi on

please don't say stuff like that about Quran... i beg you.  i won't help us.  quran says don't lie, don't judge, don't steal people's money, be courageous, obey your parents, don't lose hope, be kind, help the poor... do we abide by these teachings at all? NOOO, we don't, we as muslims don't, so it's not our relgion that is the problem because we're not even following it;  why we don't follow it? because it's hard, it takes effert, sacrifise, hard work, humility... what part of quran do you disagree with? atleast be clear on that.


Halla Anchorman should've asked the 64 million $ question....

by Khar on

Chera? Va Beh Che Manzour in Karo Kardan?

Baba, enquiring minds and tabloid news mind people want to know ;o))


Attention, Attention

by mahmoudg on

Reading too much Quran, and this is what you will turn into....


It's not only our own IC anymore

by comrade on

The late Shah's trivial stories are resurfacing on IRIB as well.

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.


Darius Kadivar

LOL Cheghadre Cherto Perte Een Akhoonda Meetonan Ekhterah Konand

by Darius Kadivar on

They Should Rank Mullahs on the Top list in the Guiness Record Book of Craps ...

This is Amazing ...

And some think that we are Only Struggling for Civil Rights under this kind of Social Mindset ?  

Baba this Regime has turned Iran into a Mental Hospital. Even Democracy on a Silver Plate can't stop such behavior.

These People are Mentally Ill ...

Honestly they need help ... 

To think that this kind of talk show is what the country of Ferdowsi, Hafez and Mollavi have best to offer these days ... 


Sigh ...