Saremi & Siadat

Two prisoners executed at Evin Prison A few hours ago, the Islamic Republic News Agency announced executions of two prisoners, Ali Saremi, an alleged member of the Mojahedin-e Khalgh Organization (MEK), and Ali Akbar Siadat, referred to as “an operative of an espionage service,” on Tuesday morning. Their charge was moharebeh, enmity with God.

The two executions came only 48 hours after the execution of Kurdish activist Habibollah Latifi, who was scheduled to be hung on Sunday morning inside Kurdistan Province’s Sanandaj Prison, was halted. There is growing concern that other individuals who have received execution sentences may be facing the same fate.

During an earlier interview with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, Ali Saremi’s wife had refuted the allegations of her husband’s membership in MEK, saying that her husband was interested in the group, but did not do any activities for them.

IRNA quoted the Tehran Prosecutor’s Information website about Ali Saremi’s sentencing: “Ali Saremi was arrested in September 2007 for his repeated activities, attendance in ceremonies and anti-revolutionary organizations in support of the MEK, and transmitting news to the cult. During a search of his home, some CD’s, films, photographs of MEK members, and hand-written documents from the mentioned cult were discovered and confiscated. The session for reviewing Ali Saremi’s charges was convened with the attendance of the Prosecutor’s Representative and his defense lawyer >>>

Saremi speaking after getting death sentence:


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by Simorgh5555 on

The problem with most of these supposed  'anti-imperialist' supporters of the IR is that their preferred country of choice to live in is the USA, Paris or London. They rejoice how the revolution brought Iranians Esteghlal and that they got rid of the 'stooge Shah who sucked up to the Americans' so why don't they live there? Why don't they go back to the eutopia created by Ayatoilet Khomeini?

The reaoson are two-fold: 

1) They are economic migrants. They know the Rafsanjanis and Bazaris have stollen millions of dollars and the entire resources and commodities in the country are in the hands of Sepah. There is nothing left for the oridnary Iranian hence why Iran has experienced the  largest exodus of its people leaving their country. These Islamists cannot bring themsleves to admit this but the hypocrites take advanatge of the economic prosperity of the West, work for known Jewish/Zionist compaines, buy food and shop at Jewish/Zionist shops in the same way as the regime bought guns from Israel in 1986. 

2) They are straight forward agents of this regime. Plain and simple. 


Simorgh 5555 Jaan, Thank

by Arthimis on

Simorgh 5555 Jaan,

Thank you for your explanations for my questions to Q.

I would have appreciated for Q himself to come out in open and talk about himself personally and explain why he is supporting and working for a criminal regime? Simply why? Every one in the world has been proven and seen the atrocities committted by Islamic Republic ,but Q and very few people like him?? How is that possible for an educated person like Q especially? This is unbelievable!!!! 

On a different note, I would also like to give my condolences to these two Iranian families.... I do not care for their political backgrounds... All I know they were two human beings and IRANIANS like the rest of us and Capital Punishment is wrong fundamentally.



Lida Hessaami

سرگردان کردن خانواده صارمی بين اوين و کهريزک و خودداری از تحويل

Lida Hessaami

8دی.سرگردان کردن خانواده صارمی بين اوين و کهريزک و خودداری از تحويل جسد او

كانون حمايت ازخانواده هاى جان باختگان وبازداشتى ها :امروز صبح تعدادى
از اقوام خانواده زندانى سياسى اعدام شده على صارمي،به همراه دوستانشان
بر اساس گفته مأموران زندان اوين كه “برويد و جنازه شهيد صارمى را در
كهريزك تحويل بگيريد“, به زندان كهريزك مراجعه كردند،ابتدا از ورود آنان
ممانعت به عمل آمد،اما بعد از پيگيرى و اصرار نفرات نهايتاً مأمورين حكومتى
حاضر در كهريزك به آنان گفتند كه برويد و نامه از اوين بياوريد كه بتوانيم
تحويل بدهيم.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The "flag" button is being abused by some people around here. I suggest we change the "flag" to a counter. If someone flags a post it increments a counter. Others may "unflag" decrementing the counter. If the counter goes about a level then it merits attention by admin. Otherwise do not bother with it.

That is sort of like the "like/dislike" button some blogs {HYS} have. It will make the process more democratic; prevents one person from getting too much power,


Arthemis Jaan

by Simorgh5555 on


This post will probably be removed by the serial flagger Q or one of his IR cronies.

I know your question is directed at Q and I am sorry for butting in.

The person you are referring to Q (details of his name and a brief bio can be found in his profil) is nothing but a silver tongued smoth talking propagandist for the IR. I'll give it to Q that he is well informed but nevertheless like all propagandist he misinforms and manipulates fatcs with lies as part of his goal to make the IR palatable.

Notice his inherent contradiction but nevetheless all part of his cunning ploy: He contends that Mousavi (the failed loser) is the real 'President' but stops short of condemning the Islamic Republic despite the fruad, corruption and the lack of rule of law which stops his candidate from holding power . Despite the fact that he admits that Ahmadinejad holds his position un-constitutionally (the sad excuse for a codified law in the IR) he still insists that politcal and social reform is still possible in the IR even though his man Mousavi and the brave Iranian young he manipulated were hounded down, jailed, raped and terrorisd. This makes people like Q worse than Ahmadinejad because he is instilling false hope in Iranians to put up and shut up with this regime which he knows can do nothing. 

For the last twenty years the public relations campaign to sell the IR on the international scene was a complete disaster as you may have seen in the lame IRIB English broadcasts with the ridiculous Hezbollahi news presenter pronouncng 'Ziooooooonist Regime' with his lame English and FOB Iranian accent. Since then thy have learned from their mistake and employed new recruits of articulate and seemingly Westernised propagandsist on their behalf whether it be Rez Aslan, some mebers of the NIAC, Lauren Booth or George Galloway on Press TV; Q is one of them. Sure, they might criticize the IR and Ahmadinejad ocassionally but that is all part of the trick to make people believe the IR is democratic whilst at the same time prolong the regime and procrastinate all attempts to remove it. 


Such a braveheart !

by Shemirani on


 felling sorry for my people to be freezed somewhere between middle age and inquisition period.




My condolences to these two

by Simorgh5555 on

My condolences to these two martyrs and their families. Their jailers, judges, the hang-men etc. all people who were involved in their execution will be put on trial and have their life squezed out.

Death to the Islamic Republic. 

Lida Hessaami

Uncompromising to the last minute, R.I.P.

by Lida Hessaami on

7دی.دختر علی صارمی:خبراعدام را هم بندي‌های پدرم دادند نه مسوولان/ حتی وکيل خبرنداشت/ مادرم بازداشت شد

زينب صارمی دختر علی صارمی که صبح روز سه شنبه در زندان اوين به اتهام محاربه اعدام شد در حالی که در جلوی زندان به سر می برد به کمپين بين المللی حقوق بشر گفت که مقامات از خبردادن در خصوص اعدام پدرش خودداری کرده اند و آنها از طريق هم بندی های علی صارمی در زندان رجايی شهر کرج متوجه احتمال اجرای حکم اعدام شده اند و بلافاصله به جلوی زندان اوين مراجعه کرده اند. به گفته دختر علی صارمی حتی وکيل وی نيز از زمان اجرای حکم خبر نداشته است


علی صارمی به جرم این سخنرانی محکوم به اعدام شد



Mr. Or Mrs. Q, I have

by Arthimis on

Mr. Or Mrs. Q,

I have three questions for you! I would appreciate if you answer me politely, honestly and seriously.

1- How could an educated and articulate individual such as yourself (based on your writings...) be a supporter of a criminal regime such as I.R. that has perhaps the worst records of human rights (from A to Z) known and proven to mankind globally???

2- With your level of English writing, it is quite obvious that you have lived and worked in the U.S. (or Canada) for a long time, possibly finished your degree/s out there.......... How can you support and advocate for a regime and people like that?? I mean besides having a conscience, you must have been exposed to some kind of reality and humanity (and btw, I do not claim U.S. and Western countries are perfect and faultless...) for so many years!!! How can you possibly be so brainwashed by such a failed "Islamic" mentality and system for so long???

3- How many people like you do you think we have inside and outside of Iran?

Thank you. 

Note: I am against MEK personally! I have been for over 31 years, but I don not believe in capital punishment and in such horrific ways Islamic Republic has practiced in front of the whole world!!!


G. Rahmanian

Death To IR and Its Supporters!

by G. Rahmanian on

Only IR's Demise Will Bring About Such Brutal Killings Of Iranians!


Saremi could not be a member of MEK, maybe a sympathizer

by shahabshahab on

You can tell from his words that he is a natioalist. He does not sound like the members of the Cultof MEK. He sounds reasonable and patriotic, not a lover of Maryam and Masoud.

So, I respct him and hope that the rest of us follow his path, so our children will not get killed.

Jahanshah Javid

Cuba vs IRI

by Jahanshah Javid on

Cuba, one of IRI's handful of political allies, has joined the rest of the civilized world and moving away from capital punishment:

BBC: Cuba's Supreme Tribunal has commuted the sentence of the country's last death row inmate, a rights group has said. Humberto Eladio Real, a 40-year-old Cuban American, was convicted of killing a man in 1994 during an attempted insurgency raid. Earlier this month, two other death row inmates also had their sentences commuted. Ernesto Cruz Leon and Otto Rene Rodriguez Llerena, both from El Salvador, had been convicted over a bombing campaign of tourism sites in Cuba in the 1990s which killed one Italian and injured 11 other people >>>

Bano Atefeh

So Barbaric

by Bano Atefeh on

Killing, cutting hands and stoning, that is the ideology of “republic of mob and monster”.



how sad

by rtayebi1 on

I hate the leaders of MEK, but I had many great MEK friends that got hanged (sampot they used to call them). Great Great  13, 14, 15 years old kids. Hopefully someday we all die only from old age, or assisted suicide.

G. Rahmanian

Yes, Indeed!

by G. Rahmanian on

He does flag comments and they get deleted for some reasons that are only known to him and those with deleting powers. If "offensive/abusive" hit these guys in the face, they wouldn't know what hit them. Calling these people pimp lovers is offensive, but they can call your loved ones or those you respect any names and get away with it. This same SOB called those opposing the regime, "attack dogs" for the first time and our democratic site owner refused to delete his comment. Regime's goons can call others any names they like and they seem to enjoy ultimate immunity, but as soon as you call them what they really are, your comments get deleted. And this is not a recent thing, anyway. One wonders what the deal is.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


First of all I did not say he was innocent. I do believe that "innocent until proven guilty". Since IR system is broken is cannot prove guilty. Therefore we are in a dilemma. There are obviously criminals out there and maybe some traitors. 

But without a functioning justice system you may not prove it. In reality IR does whatever it wants. Honestly I have no idea if he was innocent; guilty or in between. I probably never know. No matter execution was the wrong thing to do.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

The problem is with ALL the "ISM" .

An Avrage person is entitled to any expression of taughts as long as h/she not taking violent stances against other fellows.

After the said persons' arrest in the news media and its'(IRR) reason for it the NCRI also CLAIMED that yes he was a member !!

I sent an E-mail to NIAC last year or so asking a simple Question on their position with IRR....

and all of a sudden was constantly contacted as DEAR MEMBER and....

so I blocked them.

Any innocent person have a right to think for an idealogy or another BUT the leaders of those movments are all crooks just like Rajavi's ,khomeini and...

this is my HONEST opinion if is agreed with that's all.




Damn this Demonic Islamic Republic!

by Khar on

and it's Shiite followers.


Q, thanks for the explanation

by Souri on

Roozbeh's comments was not offensive, and there was no reason it get deleted. I'm glad that you were not the one, flagging that comment. I agree that offensive and insulting comments should be flagged and deleted. I for one, always delete the offensive and especially the very rude and vulgar comments. And this, with no exception regarding who is the author.

As you might know, I respect you a lot, but it happened to me to flag a few  of your comments in the past too, despite my respect for you in general.

What I was saying here (And in that blog addressed to JJ) was that some of the comments addressed to you, have been deleted for no obvious reason. The last one, was about your name and your occupation, which bear nothing offensive in it.

Anyway, I will leave you to your own business of commenting and flagging and deleting, as it doesn't seem to be of a big concern for anyone anymore.

Happy New Year.

The good behavior of the people, warms our heart and make us thankful.....  And the bad ones, just make us to recognize and appreciate the good ones!


Souri, I DO flag comments,

by Q on

I have said this before, I believe in following the minimum discourse rules and I think more should be done to enforce them. I do flag comments, most of the time unfair, slanders or violent comments against other people, but sometimes those against myself. My comments also frequently get flagged and deleted. It may look like a one-sided picture from your point of view because I rarely cry about it.

I'm not sure which reply you are talking about. I did not flag Roozbeh's reply to me. But probably someone else did. I frequently receive emails of support from people in discussions. From Roozbeh's own description, it's obvious he went overboard.

One thing that I know from experience, having flagged and been flagged, is that when someone says "Why was I flagged? All I did was .... ", it's almost always a revision of the truth. Most often the comment was much worse and the post-facto whining was a whitewash. People also play games with changing their comments after they have been published. I have my problems with Javid's system, but at least everyone is in the same boat about it. 


It says on yahoo news that he went to ashraf to visit and his lost son was an MEK not him.

speaking of dishonesty, did you read the NCRI press release that referred to him as a member? I linked to it.


Your getting caught up in a cultural expression. People can be convicted for "crimes against humanity" or "crime against the crown" or "crime against the state", or whatever, it's not always literal. It should not matter what they call it if treason is what they mean.

I agree that just being a member doesn't mean someone should be convicted of capital punishment. But I also don't accept that just because he is convicted by the I.R. means, he must be innocent. That's an irrational line of thought that is very popular on IC.


You have a point Yolanda

by divaneh on

It also makes you wonder whether it was not just a plan to divert the attentions to one side whilst they are doing their crimes on another side.

I think it is also not incidental that they have chosen a time of the year where a large part of the world and international organisations are on holiday.



by yolanda on

Thank you, Benyamin,

        Too much bad news, I wanted to be in the holiday mood, but I can't! There are 3 days left for 2010........not sure if it will be execution-free until 2011.....I read on Payvand Latifi, the kurdish student, was approved for execution with a batch of 12 people....


Hopefully 2011 is better!



Forced confessions, show trials, secret proceedings and false...

by MM on

Forced confessions, show trials, secret proceedings and false accusations of opposition results in a lousy juidicial system.  Shame on these non-humans who do evil in the name of religion.



by Benyamin on

Very well said Yolanda. I really liked your second comment.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Mohareb means enemy of God. Who decides who is God's friend or enemy? What kind of a man is so arrogant as to speak for God! The whole charge is nonsense.

The only thing he may have done is be a member of MKO. We don't know if he really was and at what level. I am against the death penalty in general. But say for argument that I did support it. To me being a member of MKO should not be punishable by death on its own. At the minimum there should other crimes such as:

  • Being involved in a particular terrorist incident.
  • Having fought against Iran in the war
  • Passing sensitive information to MKO which seriously hurt Iran.

There guys dish out death willynilly to anyone. It is the only thing they know how to do. They do not even understand the value of a live Mossad agent!! The sooner they go the better for Iran.We need wise not blood thirsty leadership.


Thank you Roozbeh jon, democracy starts from here

by Souri on

"Q and his like minded  have every right to say what they want, within reason,  on this forum. I just want to have the same right as him!  "

I wish more people could understand this and would apply the rules.

The good behavior of the people, warms our heart and make us thankful.....  And the bad ones, just make us to recognize and appreciate the good ones!


Maziar, I wish no harm on Q, or any other Iranian.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Q and his like minded  have every right to say what they want, within reason,  on this forum. I just want to have the same right as him! 

On execution, no matter what we say here, I believe that Iranian people are in general in favour of capital punsihment. I also am certain that when islamist regime falls, which it will, no matter how long it'd take, the executions and bloodshed would be something unheard of in recent history. Put it this way, the children of this man in his 60's just hanged, would have no mercy on people who killed him in such cowardly manner. In otherwords, the more the regime kills, the deeper the grave they dig for themselves and their supporters....

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by yolanda on

There is a pattern with IRI:

Under the international pressure, IRI halted the stoning of Sakineh Ashtiani, but hanged Shahla Jahed instead......

A couple of days ago, the Kurdish student, Latifi's imminent execution made international IRI suspended the Kurd's execution, but hanged the "spy" and "MEK" instead!

IRI is not really getting more merciful, just more sneaky!

It seems to me that as long as IRI is in power, it will not run of people to way!

For IRI: no kill; no thrill! That is why IRI has to hang different people (or person) right after it decides to give one death row inmate's a little break (Latifi/Sakineh)......IRI wants to fill the "quota" right away, so they won't appear to be a "loser" to the international pressure!


Begooid, Bebandid, Bezanid, Bekonid, Bekoshid,

by Khar on

Akharesh Chi??? Have they forgotten the history and how they are going to be judged? Do they not think, themselves will be killed like rabid dogs one day! Where & how does this madness end?

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

People like him are the one (3 faced) they carry American passport, pay their taxes on time, register to vote and then have their Irani pass (some I Know) have also a canadian or european pass too.

AND their name is not on any BLACK LIST .

So they will Enjoy life a la 3 .!  

Only If they see his name there is a consequence  BUT not hanging unfortunately.         Maziar