Ashnaye Gharib

Death and devastation brought by drought

Ashnaye Gharib
by Tapesh

Hassan Sajedi's heart-wrenching documentary of life in an area of Iran devastated by eight years of drought.


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Charity starts at home

by jasonrobardas on

  Let us build our home first .....feed our people first ...................and then spend billions in Labanon. 


Let's find a solution

by statira on

for this crisis. I really think all those IRI spys in here like Nilophar parsi, No fear,pasdar pirooz and others instead of wasting their time defending this inhuman regime, should write a letter to their boss and suggest that they give up one month or two of their IRI Paid paychecks to these people. Or they can make a phone call to the Agriculture ministry and ask them what the heck are they doing there?

Dirty Angel

One kleptocracy after another and

by Dirty Angel on

millions clapping and worshipping, corrupt to the core themselves.


One worshipped regime type after another, bunch of ghomplexe sycophants,  and a rich country with enormous, so many various natural  resources actually has starving people.  Seriously, insane, brutal mentality of developing countries and their hailed kleptocrats. 

Make this breed of people think it's fashion to care for and respect other fellow human beings.



"What's three times worse than war?" "Three wars?"


Azarin jan

by statira on

I'm with you. I hope there was a way we could help them. I was just wondering if there is a system to irrigate the drought area. If someone in I.C is an Agriculture engineer may know the ways to reverse this problem. I searched the internet, how to migitate drought and I found this:

  • Cloud seeding - an artificial technique to induce rainfall.
  • Desalination of sea water for irrigation or consumption.
  • Drought monitoring - Continuous observation of rainfall levels and comparisons with current usage levels can help prevent man-made drought. For instance, analysis of water usage in Yemen has revealed that their water table (underground water level) is put at grave risk by over-use to fertilize their Khat crop.[50] Careful monitoring of moisture levels can also help predict increased risk for wildfires, using such metrics as the Keetch-Byram Drought Index[9] or Palmer Drought Index.
  • Land use - Carefully planned crop rotation can help to minimize erosion and allow farmers to plant less water-dependent crops in drier years.
  • Rainwater harvesting - Collection and storage of rainwater from roofs or other suitable catchments.
  • Recycled water - Former wastewater (sewage) that has been treated and purified for reuse.
  • Transvasement - Building canals or redirecting rivers as massive attempts at irrigation in drought-prone areas.
  • Outdoor water-use restriction - Regulating the use of sprinklers, hoses or buckets on outdoor plants, filling pools, and other water-intensive home maintenance tasks.


Mission of IRI

by afshinazad on

In country like Iran never should witness such a documentary. It is disgrace for country like ours abundant their citizen in such a misery. Provide the terrorist people with water and hydro, building parks and roads, schools.Keep Iranian in hunger and make them suffer.There would be the day that Iranian wouldn't be able to think about nothing but feeding their kids and poverty would be over 60% of the nation and this what IRI have reached the conclusion that if the nation is not hungry and well educated will ask for more and in order to keep them silent they should be treated as north Korean treat their people.What we see in this documentary is nothing new and it has been over 10 years people are suffering and government knows all about it and they don’t give a shit about it and they don’t consider them a human.Our money goes to Arab terrorist and anywhere in world, from Africa to Asia and north and South America and anywhere someone needs mosque for terrorist activities our government is ready to built one for them and if they need roads no problem and if school, hospitals and anything they want. And development in Iran been far behind the any country that I know and only thing in Iran is getting developed is arresting and impressing people and taking away any thing that makes our people happy and that’s why no celebrating birthday no parties no gathering what so ever.


13th Legion


by 13th Legion on

1- I don’t for one second believe every piece of B.S IRI propaganda or anything with that pathetic logo that’s posted on the net, when I want to find out about the truth, political and cultural preference of a people I would go mingle with the common man on the street, the same ones that nearly over through the fascist government and eat them alive near a year ago>


 2- I am not the one who’s family was thrown out of Iran or immigrated to the US, I assure you, I am not the one in exile, all my preferences and moves are based on pure freedom of choice and for now I don’t chose to live aside a bunch of midlevel rag heads that look like they haven’t taken a shower for a year and would rather sell out there mother, sisters brothers country GOD and dignity for a bloody buck and the thirst for power at ANY cost.


 3- I am not a hypocrite like some, I pick one side and I stick to it.




Sargord Pirouz

13th Legion

by Sargord Pirouz on

Read it and weep, you're wrong as usual:

You don't like it? Leave. Oh yeah, you already did. So now mind your own business in your own self-exiled irrelevance. 

13th Legion

70% MY ASS

by 13th Legion on

Only a delusional schizophrenic l or a true Moran living in his own imaginary bubble of a world in his head would really believe that 70% of THE IRANIAN people support financial aid to fucking Palestine and Lebanon!

When we have so many that living under the poverty line, DOLAT GOH KHORDEH BE GOREH RAHBAREH POFEUES O NASLO NASABESH KHANDIDEH KE POOL MELATO MIFRESTED Palestine O Lebanon.

heck beside the rights to basic freedom only 2500 people have died in Tehran during the past months due to  air pollution in Tehran alone not counting the thousands that are in jail and……….

You are sitting in the security of your comfort zone in the U.S (THE GREATE SATEN) and arch enemy of the IRI vouching and sympathizing for these barbaric rag heads every chance you get, dam man I hope to see the day when homeland security would round up all the IRI supporters living in the U.S strip them from all citizenship and rights to live in the U.S and deport there ass back to the IRI so they can go live in pride beside their beloved monkey ass leaders and enjoy life under the so called just freedom of the IRI.

Hoshang Targol

Best way to help these folks: overthrow Islamic Republic of Hell

by Hoshang Targol on

after that we need a long-term, large scale environmental reconstruction program to deal with these kinds of problems. Until we have IR in power not a whole lot of positive changes are going to occur for these people, or anybody else in Iran. _________________________________________________________________ P.S. Has anyone seen " P msl Pelikan"?

Azarin Sadegh

Is there a way we can help them?

by Azarin Sadegh on

My heart is broken...I couldn't watch to the end.

How can we help them? Is there a bank account my family in Iran  could use to donate some money? Why not contacting humanitary organizations? Unicef? Red Cross?

Any idea what to do?


Cheshmeh IRI

by statira on

va nokarayeh mozdooresh roshan. We have places like this in Iran, and the slumic regime sends money and human resources to consruct other countries.



by Doctor mohandes on

Sure! By all means... But when you start talking about shooting and all the fun stuff that comes with it... Thatt kinda takes the "let's put things in perspective" out of it, don't ya think?:)

Hoshang Targol

" نه میدان جنگ است و نه پای گریز"

Hoshang Targol

آقای صمصام ، تشکر از مقاله، بسیار افشاگر و مفید. حقیر معمولا از نظریات
توطعه گرایانه پرهیز میکنم، ولی در این مورد مشخص، قضیه چندان جای شک
نمیزاره.  با این حال، تمام این توطعه ها به جای خود، کل منطقه خاورمیانه
(و جهان) با یک بحران عظیم محیط زیستی  روبرو است: سیل در پاکستان، جنگل
سوزی از ایران تا اسرائل،...این قصه سر دراز دارد.

آنانیموس: این پیران روستاهای متروکه هی منو یاد اون پیر مرد در " پ مثل
پلکان"  میندازن. یکیشون خیلی زیبا و گریان چه دقیق زندگی اش را بیان میکنه
: " نه میدان جنگ است و نه پای گریز"

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Doctor mohandes, can't ignore our own problems but let's put inti perspective, please!

Anonymous Observer

Don't be so harsh on the IR - They're fixing Lebanon's water

by Anonymous Observer on

problems first.

when that's done, and God willing --ensha'allah-- they will attend to Iran's water shortages.  In the meantime, keep on doing your "namaz-e-baaraan."  Everything will be just fine.   



by Doctor mohandes on


A certain level of complaining and Even "bitchin" is totally justified if one wants to make improvemnets to his life and make things a little bit better! I am sure you agree with that?

Our level of Misery may not be comparable to the degree of pain and devastation that these folks are being subjected to, But does not mean that we should ignore our own problems by "not daring to complain".





Heart wrenching. At old age or deep poverty you can't even move.

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred


The Golestan forest fires are the work of Sepah

by SamSamIIII on


Getting rid of point of contention between them & environmental dept in the way of building the $200 million north highway project proposal in Glestan & Semnan. Incidently the parts of forests being burnt is the same exact rout that Sepah was not allowed to build earlier on such as Abrr forest zone. Its all money & they are prepared to burn your country to make it. Enjoy!



Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan

Hoshang Targol

And the name is: Sar Tah

by Hoshang Targol on

which means head bottom, which is the case with this Haji Firoz, he writes and thinks with his bottom. And he probably thinks he's doing somebody a favour!


On the "lovely" topic of the current environmental destruction in Iran see below:


21آذر: آتش‌سوزی درجنگل‌های سياهکل،رودبار،املش،فومن


21آذر. آتش «گلستان» دامان جنگل‌هاى گيلان ومازندران را هم گرفت


20آذر.بيشتر جنگل های ايران در آتش می سوزند:ادامه آتش سوزی در شمال، شمال شرق، غرب


جنگل‌هاى مناطق شمال، شمال شرق و غرب كشور همچنان در آتش
مي‌سوزد،جنگل‌هاى زاگرس غربى در مريوان،جنگل‌‌هاى گلستان درشمال و جنگل ابر
در سمنان درشمال شرق كشور در حال حاضر در محاصره آتش هستند.

به گزارش خبرنگار ايلنا، از شمال كشور خبر مي‌رسد كه آتش‌سوزى همچنان در مناطق مختلف استان گلستان،ادامه دارد.

سيد نجيب حسينى نماينده مردم مينودشت وكلاله در گفت‌وگو با خبرنگار
ايلنا گفت: آتش‌سوزى جنگل‌هاى گلستان هنوز ادامه دارد و مهار نشده و با
وجود شدت وزش باد در طى چند روز گذشته آتش گسترش چشم‌گيرى داشته است.
او باانتقادازعملكرد مسئولان كشور در برخورد با اين آتش‌سوزى گفت: جاى
تعجب است كه به جنگل گلستان كه بعنوان گل سر سبد جنگل‌هاى كشور شناخته
مي‌شود و به تمام مردم ايران تعلق دارد به صورت ملى نگاه نمي‌شود



There should be a name

by Hajminator on

for foreigners who live some 20,000 km from iran and are some light years away from its language, culture and people B U T who back fascists killing, raping and keeping iranians under misery.

Yeah a name like, korsi-khol-eh korsi-shear-goo :)

Anonymous Observer

Yes, but have you been to the $50 million park in South Lebanon?

by Anonymous Observer on

that was built by the IR with Iranian people's money?  It's absolutely beautiful!!!  Money well spent.  F**k spending money on Iran and its agriculture.  The solution for that is "rain prayer."  They just had a session last week.  So, I'm sure that monsoon magnitude rains will flood Iran any day now. Ensha'allah yaa saheb-e zaman!

And for Mark Merat: 99.9% of the people on this site think that you're a total idiot.  So, get a life. 

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

"70% of Iranians ... support government support to Palest..."

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

Go tell that to the old man living in a hole in the wall @11:35! I am sure he will take care of you as his "zan!" But first get rid of your rish o pashm...


No, lets kick it up a notch that

by SamSamIIII on


%100 of folks support government, palestine & Lebenon. happy?..Now how many loafs of bread that Eynollah statement going to buy for these poor saps. mind you i,m 1/4 antarctican, 1/7th koss-tarikan 1/9 shekamkhikan , 1/5 apachian & 3/44th khalibandian so i dont exactly qualify to speak for them. 

Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan


ما اگه یک شصتمون درد بگیره تمام ایران و درد میگره


غیرت؟ ایران ۲۰۱۰


Eslam hame chiz midehad ...

by jasonrobardas on

Nan midehad , Ab va barghe majani midehad , Goosht midehad  , zendegi midehad , asayesh midehad , ...............................................................

Sargord Pirouz

Hey, 70% of Iranians inside

by Sargord Pirouz on

Hey, 70% of Iranians inside Iran support government support to Palestine and Lebanon. So for the irrelevant folks here that don't even vote, your views are definitely in the minority. And you don't vote or live in Iran, so you're irrelevant anyway.

Unfortunately, with climate change droughts could even get more severe. There are areas of Iran that are more vulnerable to these effects.  


A few kilometers to the east

by SamSamIIII on


on other side of the border, Omarus are building free colleges, mosqes, markets, roads & water irrigation units for Hazara Shia in Harat & eastern Afghanistan. 2 thousand kilometers to the west tens of thousands of Palestinains are receiving weekly supplementary cheques, free wedding & school benefits . To the north of palestine, 7 Billion dollars Omaru stimulus package is financing Roads, bridges, moden townhouse villas, parks, Hydro grids, fun parks, stadiums & entertainment units for Arab Lebenese so God forbid in their way to Beirut nighclubs they are not distracted by modest traffic or power outtage. This is luxury compare to cave people video who lack even a roof over their head.

One of these Omaru mentor's Shaikh Abdolah ibn Zamakhshari Khorasani wrote 900 yrs ago in his book "Makateb al Mofassal",; "I prefer you Insult me in Arabic than compliment me in Parsi"..

Like mentor like protege so goes their priorities & mentality as they deny blessing to ajam in favour of ommah.


Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

Agha JJ, you meant to say ...!?

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

If I hear anybody support giving scarce Iranian resources to the Lebanese Hezbollah and Palestinians, I'll shoot them. You have no idea what misery is.


tell these folks about " evil zionists" & your "nuclear rights"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

And they'll tell you what their prioritis are instead and what they think about you, so long as you dont have your gang of bassij body guards around you! 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Heart breaking

by Souri on

Sad to see there are still places like this in Iran.

The good behavior of the people, warms our heart and make us thankful.....  And the bad ones, just make us to recognize and appreciate the good ones!