"Karrar" Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle

Iran unveils long-range drone to counter "aggressors"

(Reuters) – Iran unveiled a prototype long-range unmanned bomber on Sunday, the latest in a stream of announcements of new Iranian-made military hardware as tension mounts over its nuclear programme. On a stage in front of military officials, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad pulled a sheet away from the aircraft, called the Karrar, which Iran says is its first long-range drone. With the United States and Israel saying they do not rule out a military strike to stop Iran getting a nuclear bomb, the Islamic Republic has showed off new mini-submarines, a surface-to-surface missile and announced plans to launch high altitude satellites over the next three years. The presentation of the drone came a day after Iranian and Russian technicians began fuelling Iran's first nuclear power station, something Israel called "totally unacceptable." >>>


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Thunderbirds Are Go

by Faramarz on

After much research, I concluded that the design of Karrar is taken from the animated cartoon series, "Thunderbirds Are Go!"

That would make Mahmoud, Scott Tracy and Khamenei, Gordon Trcy!



I am amazed

by عموجان on

I feel safe now I want to go live there.

Now they don't have to hire Palestine and lebanonian to kill Iranian. 


It is amazing if true.

by Benyamin on

But I must say, any advance by which Iran makes belongs eternally to the people of Iran and not the mollas.

When Kharazmi invented Jabr he had to write it in arabic since there was no other choice and he invented it under the arabic rulers duras and no one is criticising Kharazmi for doing it under the arab rulers.

We are proud of him and all others for simply doing so.

So if this is a true achievement then all the power to the "children of Iran"

Dariush A

M Dog is not commenting. He

by Dariush A on

M Dog is not commenting. He must be looking for his strong hole as he always refers to.

Fred, can you give M Dog a hand or a finger, if you are not missing in action too.


From robots to drones...

by Cost-of-Progress on

ehhh....., perhaps the robot created by the islamist fuchs will pilot the drone remotely....


Hey....could all this be an evolution in the making? Could this eventually change the "Harsh Public Policies" that some closet apologists talked about in their blog when they wrote that the regime should get a hold a of a nuke fast - faster?






1000000 km???

by Demo on

Seems Iranian defense reaching the outer universe!!! But even there they can not wash their hands from the bloods of their own defenseless people in the streets/prisons.  


It looks like V-1 rocket....

by Khar on

Built in 1940's by Nazi germany. I wonder where they imported the blueprints from :-)


1000 km?

by Abarmard on

that's something. Seems like Iranian defense is moving forward fast. 4th country to have this technology!


Not long range for sure

by Peykan on

A 4-meter jet-propelled drone can not be long ranged. This is just mathematical certainty.


هواپیمای بی خلبان و پر سرنشین


The design concept of Karrar is based on the latest Topolov technology, where the drunk Russian pilot ejects after take off, leaving the plane pilotless for the poor passengers.

The next release of Karrar, to be available by next Ramazan will be equipped with the invisible hand of Emam Zaman that will provide a smooth landing.

Allah o Akbar!


It looks

by MRX1 on

astonishgly like V-1 rocket germans created in world war II.Hope it's 60 years not too late!

Mardom Mazloom

ادبیات آقای رییس جمهور ،این لات بی سر و پا، رو:

Mardom Mazloom

محمود احمدی نژاد در مراسم رونمایی از یک جت بمب افکن بدون سرنشین خطاب به کشورهای غربی گفت: «اجازه نمی دهیم یک مشت آدم بی سر و پای جنایتکار حاکم شوند. هر روز از ننه شان قهر کردند، آمدند گفتند همه گزینه ها روی میز است، ما هم می گوییم همه گزینه ها روی میز است



Jet engine propulsion?

by reader1 on

A breakthrough if it is, otherwise a moderate advancement.