"Karrar" Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle

Iran unveils long-range drone to counter "aggressors"

(Reuters) – Iran unveiled a prototype long-range unmanned bomber on Sunday, the latest in a stream of announcements of new Iranian-made military hardware as tension mounts over its nuclear programme. On a stage in front of military officials, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad pulled a sheet away from the aircraft, called the Karrar, which Iran says is its first long-range drone. With the United States and Israel saying they do not rule out a military strike to stop Iran getting a nuclear bomb, the Islamic Republic has showed off new mini-submarines, a surface-to-surface missile and announced plans to launch high altitude satellites over the next three years. The presentation of the drone came a day after Iranian and Russian technicians began fuelling Iran's first nuclear power station, something Israel called "totally unacceptable." >>>


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you are a total liar,

by Q on

it was not about his politics. It was about a racist insult. He's being accused of being Arab as an insult, exactly as a racist would do. The fact that you do not (choose to) see it, says a lot about you.

Your examples prove that poster are rightly saying that a non Iranian is less likely to care about Iranians. That is true isn't it?

You are spinning like a record player. A shameless and desperate attempt to get out of what you yourself claimed (that this is not about race).

You do not even have enough integrity to admit you are were wrong, which tells me you agree with the racism, which you apparently consider a badge of honor.

Wear it proudly.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


First of all you should have listened to me. Stop drinking Turkish Coffee and drink Hibiscus tea instead. This caffeine is hyping you up too much.

Now to the point. Your examples prove that poster are rightly saying that a non Iranian is less likely to care about Iranians. That is true isn't  it?

In all of history people who belong to a nation tend to in general care more about it. Of course there are exceptions like Salman Farsi and yourself who care more about other things. However the point is absolutely valid: A Lebanese in general will care more about Lebanon. Just like A British will care more about Britain. What is so hard to understand about this? 

Therefore people are very reasonably questioning loyalty of someone like IMF. Mind you he/she has never denied being Lebanese. Personally I don't mind what you call me. Being called a racist by you is a badge of honor. You call all Iran lovers racist because you seem to hate anything Iranian like the good Islamist you are.


VPK, you are a total liar

by Q on

I'm not sure if you are lying on purpose or are simply blinded by hate (I bet the latter) because you apparently can't even read before you speak. Either way, you are a liar and I will show it to you and everyone else.

I'm sorry you keep hearing abou racism. There is a simple reason: There are a lot of racists on IC. If you don't want to hear it, act like a human being. But I realize this is too much to ask.

You say:

We call IMF Lebanese to point out where his allegiance is; not his race. You are deliberately mixing things up.

Oh really? Since when does "allegiance" (even if dreamed up by racists) change someone's ethnicity or nationality?

But let's see, if you are right. That you are just, talking about IMF's politics, and not his genetics. Isn't that what you are claiming?

Let's see which one of us is the liar shall we?

For anyone who so far had any doubts about the origin of Sargord Pasdar, have no more doubt

What's "origin" mean? Does it not mean where someone is born?

So now you know that even if he lived and studied in Iran, he is not Iranian.

Why isn't he Iranian? Isn't his Father Iranian? What does his politics have to do with anything?

He is a Lebaneeees seed.

What is "seed"? Why use the word "seed", or "tokhm" in Persian if you are not talking about race or ethnicity?

if he really was Iranian, he would have known about the great Iranian proverb advising that

This isn't racism. It's just stupid! The two concepts usually go hand in hand with racists on IC...

So Sargord Pasdar who has no Iranian blood does not care about Iran and what will happen to it.

Really? He has no Iranian blood? Are you still (shamelessly) claiming it's not about race? What a disgraceful joke you have become VPK.

He is just happy that his relatives in south Lebanon get their filthy hands

Why would he have "relatives" in Lebanon? Why are these people's hand be "filthy", the only thing we know about them are where they live. This is not racism?

There is your "cover your ass" sophist BS for you VPK. Again, if you or your friends don't want to be called what you are, don't say racist things. Get it dude?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Q cries "racist"

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


We call IMF Lebanese to point out where his allegiance is; not his race. You are deliberately mixing things up. It is perfectly legitimate to point out someone is not Iranian and therefore not worried about Iranians.

You on the other hand are the real racist. Since to you Iranian lives mean nothing and all that matters is Arabs. I have never read you show any interest in what happens to Iranians under IRI occupation. But god help if an Arab is hurt. You are all up in arms.

Dude, the "racist" cry does not hold water anymore. It only works on Westerners with "White Guilt". Not Iranians who have been beaten and tortured by Islamists for decades. 

We and by that I mean Iranians own nothing to the Lebanese or any other nation. We have a right to put our nation first. This is not racist. But you know that and are playing us for idiots.

Anonymous Observer

IMF - Make up your mind. Are Zionists lying or should we

by Anonymous Observer on

believe them?

 Here is an interesting article from a source that believe it or not is heavily Zionist infested:

When it serves your purpose, we should believe the Zionists. Don't you scream your head off here day in and day out that Zionists are terrorists, murderers, etc.? Why should we believe anything that comes out of their mouths then?  Why?  Because it serves your propaganda purpose?

Also, wouldn't the Zionists exaggerate IRI's military power so that they could build a case for war?  Aren't these the same people who claim that Iran will have a nuclear bomb in six months?  Should everyone believe them on that issue also, or just when it serves your purpose?


Shazde Asdola Mirza

IMF: as your Imam, I order you to take this one for Islam :-))

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

You tried kid, but too much trying can hurt your back!


Shazde Asdola Mirza

by IranMilitaryForum.net on

Then I elect you to be my Imam for today......! Enjoy it!!!!



No Fear


by No Fear on

Good link, good read. Thanks

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Put some grease on it ...

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

... for easier application to your Imam!


Speaking about Karrar and not the non-sense of some traitors

by IranMilitaryForum.net on

Here is an interesting article from a source that believe it or not is heavily Zionist infested:






Terrorist Stateless Major

by Fair on

If paternal lineage constitues citizenship, then you have no right to tell an Iranian whose father is Iranian that he doesn't belong to Iran just because you say so. (So much for "relevant comments to the topic of this thread".  If you don't like to be attacked for this, then don't dish it out.

Furthermore, if you are an Iranian citizen even by paternal lineage, you are required by law to do military service.  Since you claim you are not an exile, have you done your military service and served Iran?  Or are you just sitting in the US cheerleading against Iran and for a stateless terrorist organization, while letting Iranian youth serve instead?

Also, your opinion counts no more than mine or anyone else's, and that has nothing to do with your rigged election.  The majority of Iranians voted for change, whether it is through voting for the other side or boycotting the election, which itself is a vote.  Not everybody supports your fascist bosses, nor accepts the legitimacy of an openly rigged election. So your opinion belongs where your head is, and that is a very dark place.

Once again, for me, you as someone who stands with the oppressors of the Iranian people, defend their suppression and rape and torture by a stateless terrorist organization, are not worth the hair of even one innocent Iranian like Amir, who you shamelessly attacked.

Of course, hypocrites like yourself have no problem whatsoever expecting others to abide by rules while holding yourself above them.  That is the nature of a fascist.


the logic of racists is amusing...

by Q on

Forget the absurdity of these cowards deciding on who is or isn't Iranian. The man has one Iranian and one Catholic American parent. Yet he's being called "Lebanese". Why? Because these koor-cheshm accusers are racist. White American to them is superior to Arab (which is "scum" of the Earth, save perhaps black Africans). So if you want to "insult", you use "Arab". That's how racists think.

There is no reason why anybody calling themselves Iranian should be belitteling or attacking this piece of technology. Why? Only if there is racist and bigoted predisposition (could be called "self hatred") that says Iranians are too stupid to do things like this. Certainly not if they call themselves Islamic! For a perfect specimen of said racism, just see FredCo's latest blog.

I have my problems with the current Government of Iran, but it's days like this that make me want to pray to Allah and thank him for blessing us with the great revolution of 1979.

If no other accomplishments can be bestowed upon the Revolution, we will always have the great act of washing away some of the most vile, opportunist, self-centered, and bigoted elements of the Iranian society. Now the only thing they are reduced to doing in the remaining short years of their lives, is spending their time emptying oghdeh on Internet websites and telling tall tales to their kids about how good they once had it in a distant dreamland that never was.

That's the sad truth explaining such a reaction to this news.

Iran Paidar

The proof is out !!!

by Iran Paidar on

For anyone who so far had any doubts about the origin of Sargord Pasdar, have no more doubt as he finally stated his allegiance to Hezbollah and Lebanon. So now you know that even if he lived and studied in Iran, he is not Iranian.  He is a Lebaneeees seed.Now, if he really was Iranian, he would have known about the great Iranian proverb advising that "Koone nazanin ro ba shakhe gave dar nandaz". So obviously, he is not Iranian so he does not know this. The truth that he does not understand is that no matter how good the mollah created war technology is or will be, cannot compete with the U.S.  If it comes to war, no doubt that Iran will come out worst and will lose a lot more. So Sargord Pasdar who has no Iranian blood does not care about Iran and what will happen to it.  He is just happy that his relatives in south Lebanon get their filthy hands on some of those so called Carrar bombers.Marg bar Islamic Rapist Regime in Iran and its Cronies.



SP dear,

by cyclicforward on

We don't need any conciliation with IRI. Don't waste your breath on us. We will stay true to our ideals all the way the end whatever that might be. We hate IRI and they have us. That is fair and let it be.


Another IRI ploy

by cyclicforward on

The main issue with UAV is the avionics and control. You can send something up but if you can't control it real time, it does not mean a thing. Advanced control is the issue.

Here you see a V1 type lunch with a rocket booster and then what? Something goes in sky and then ... However, if you look at U.S. UAV planes, they are controlled from California and the machine operates in Afghanistan. It made the life for Al-Qaeda much more misreable.

These type of programs are good for IRI folks to entertain their own kind.



Sargord Pirouz

Hi Fair. Hey, paternal

by Sargord Pirouz on

Hi Fair.

Hey, paternal lineage constitutes citizenship. That's the law. (Although I don't think I qualify to run for president of the country :) 

I've studied in Iran, as well, as a high school student.  

But I've been very clear from the outset, I am not an exile.

Do my opinions count less than yours? I should think not, seeing how you didn't even vote in the last election.

But anyway, Fair, any comments relevant to the topic of this thread? Or will you simply fall back on the usual anti-Iran cheerleading, or personal attacks on persons unmoved by the self-indulgent traumas you've encountered as an exile in a foreign land. 

Sargord Pirouz

Ah, it's lost, Youseff. I

by Sargord Pirouz on

Ah, it's lost, Youseff. I have to get a replacement. I might need it for an upcoming trip to France. We'll see.

I disagree about the exiles. My opinion is they're irrelevant. But hey, reconcilement efforts, such as the recent ex-pat convention in Tehran, are an encouragement of sorts.


I certainly hope you find your passport sargord payrooz.

by yousef on

And look after it, you dont want to lose it or god forbid the things I mentioned do you? Also be nice to these "exiles". I have a feeling they will be the future rulers of Iran.....

Sargord Pirouz

Good to hear you're not an

by Sargord Pirouz on

Good to hear you're not an exile, Yousef. I have to say, though, you sure express yourself like one.

You're right, I did misplace my US Passport. I've looked for it recently, but can't find it. I think a replacement is $100, if I'm not mistaken. Bummer. 

BTW: I have a US BC. (My Iranian citizenship is based upon paternal lineage.)

There was a bill in Congress being authored by Sen. Lieberman that would force us to choose, in the case of such dual citizenship. But I haven't heard about it, recently.


Being and exile from IRI is a badge of honour

by yousef on

But i am not one, I visit Iran regularly. I was there  last year , also only 4 months ago, and will be back again and again, you bet. :) 

I also seem to have touched a raw nerve when I mentioned the loss of your US passport and so on, judging by your hysteric response. Good :)

Sargord Pirouz

You must have redneck

by Sargord Pirouz on

You must have redneck neighbors you're afraid of. That's very telling. You must have a green card, too, you're afraid of losing.

You've basically related to me elements of your life and your own personal fears. 

You've the fears and tribulations of a typical exiled foreigner. Yes, how very typical.


But do mention....

by yousef on

your love for the islamist regime of Iran to your red neck neighbour. Or you are going to tell me you never said that either?

Glad to hear you value your green card, US passport and family kebab business enough to eat your own words of admiration for islamist terrorists,  you cowardly  little wanabe cyber bassiji.

Sargord Pirouz

And I never said Iran would

by Sargord Pirouz on

And I never said Iran would kick America's ass. You did.

Go back and read what I said. Heck, don't even bother. You're not here to learn anything. You're only here to vent your own personal frustration at being an exile in a foreign land. You're an outcast, for the rest of your miserable life. So you're here on IC to take it out on anybody that's realistic or in any way sensible toward the country from which you cut and run.

We get it, Yousef. 



War Manipulators

by Escape on

When did this 'threat' arrive?


Before 1979 there wasn't this enemy was there? NO..Iran MADE themselves a enemy BY CHOICE.

How much building up will it take before they are done manipulating this 'threat to defend Iran against any attack'?

Don't be be manipulated by the policies of an ever increasingly dangerous Military dictatorship.One that is out to create enemies with the world based on it's Religous fundamentalism.


Sargord Pirouz

Trying the fear game again,

by Sargord Pirouz on

Trying the fear game again, Yousef? It won't work. Believe me, I've known the "fear and loathing" treatment for a long time now. It may make you a cringing, cowardly human being, afraid of his own shadow, but not me.

Dr. X, it uses existing target drone technology, so in this respect, it's not overly ambitious. 


Sargord Payrooz:

by yousef on

I suggest you mention to your red neck neighbour, your love for the islamist regime of Iran and how you believe islamist regime will kick America's ass. But make sure you video tape the entire event and post it on Iranian.com for our further light entertainement at your expense ! 


Khali-Bandaan dar Jahaan

by Arthimis on

Khali-Bandaan dar Jahaan Sanaet Garand... LOL! These I.R. guys are becoming more ridicules by minute, what a joke! Thanks for the laugh, keep em' coming... :D

Dr. X

I have some serious doubts

by Dr. X on

I have some serious doubts that Iran could build such a thing, at least on its own, when they cant even build a reliable automobile, and their internet speed and connection is among the worst of thirld world countries (at least last time i visited). Ahmadinejad said defend Iran against any attack? He meant defend his mafia network of Revolutionary Guards and their bank accounts and interests if there is an attack. They have proven how much they care for the safety and security of ordinary Iranians following the last elections.

Sargord Pirouz

Dariush, a better

by Sargord Pirouz on

Dariush, a better translation of what AN was getting at is "deterrence" rather than "balance of power."

Even though it's like nails screeching on a  blackboard to the anti-Iran cheerleaders on this site, Iran's defense based on deterrence has been, to date, successful, even during the height of Bush/Cheney beligerency.

Heck, back in 2007 Iran stood down 3 USN attack carriers pointed at it in the PG. Dick Cheney even flew aboard one of 'em and barked like a dog at the moon. Did the Iranians so much as blink? No, it was the American leadership that blinked. Nothing happened.

Iran isn't going to be invaded. And the only thing a targeted air war will accomplish is to shake the hornet's nest. That's why the leadership of the US military is against a war with the Islamic Republic of Iran.



by AMIR1973 on

Dariush A, Dariush the King, Dariush in London:

So many Dariush's. Okay, how nice...

The only way to stop any enemy, is though the balance of power.  

Which enemy? The U.S.? The IRI would achieve a "balance of power" with the U.S.? The IRI couldn't even defeat Iraq, a country with a much smaller population than Iran, and led by Saddam, one of the most incompetent "military" commanders in the world. Did you happen to see what the U.S. did to that "military" in 3 weeks in 1991 and 2003? 

Have a nice day, Dariush. You are the King. Cheers :-)