I slept with your dokhtar khaleh

Confessions of a husband

I slept with your dokhtar khaleh
by Shorts

I was checking my Facebook page today and one of my friends had posted this video. I found it quite compelling. My ears were glued, my eyeballs were this wide and I had the biggest grin. What on earth is going on here? Listen to this guy's story and see what you think. -- jj

Thanks to A.S.


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Radio Koocheh

by ConnieBobroff on

This is by Farvatrish Rezvaniye


and he's got a whole collection at




Tiger Woods, Elin, and Mel Gibson are amateurs...

by eroonman on

...Compared to this guy!

My vote for the next President of Iran!

At least he tells it like it is!

Loved it.

I wish I could have seen the reaction on her face when she found out. On the other hand I wonder of it is as one-sided as he makes it out to be. I'm guessing she has some goods on him, which sparked the total and utter melt down.

Wonderfully refreshing!

I Akheysh'd my ass off just now!


Actually it's the other way

by TheMrs on

Actually it's the other way around. The whole time I was thiking there's no way this voice belongs to this body. 8 minutes waiting for a hint of hotness and nothing came. It sounds like a bald guy talking. Definately pashmaloo. E. U.

David ET

sick mind

by David ET on

from the beginning to end


A Masterpiece!

by ConnieBobroff on

Wow! Such talent and hard work! The obvious attention to detail in the audio file alone tells us how many hours went into this. Is this copyrighted? It deserves a wider audience. Just brilliant!

Siamack Baniameri


by Siamack Baniameri on

The whole 8 minutes I'm waiting for the dude to role over to the other side!!!! I'm thinking maybe a topless hotty is sunbathing next to him. Why do you people waste our time?! Why? Why?

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

cool story !

we used to call it " LAAFE ALI GOLABI" or "KHALI BANDI".



Is this what the Iranians dig now in Iran?

by Bavafa on

vli khob dokhtare ham dorogh nagofteh bood, age dastn neveesi ine, ke honar karde!!!



This is so funny!!!

by Khar on

he is a good writer and awesome narrator.



فکر کنم ترتیب خاله و شوهر خاله اش رو هم داده



ج ج جان،

من هشت دقیقه وقت صرف کردم و به این ویدئو گوش کردم. مثل اینکه
اینها  خیلی از هم دیگه خوششون نمیومده !

باید یک محلل بگرین چون طرف رو سه طلاقه کرده!


this is a good example of

by MM on

this is a good example of why a family memeber used to say "when your husband comes home, beat him up.  You do not know why you are beating him, but he damn well knows why."


Psycho dude

by Doctor X on

Is this guy a psycho or what?

 Is it really hard for anyone to come up with a dramatic storyline and then say na doroogh goftam. and then keep on repeating the same sequence over and over?

They only thing that he had going for him was the tone of his voice which stayed cool and calm all throughout.

See a Psychiatrist guy.


I withdraw my unconsidered comment

by reader1 on

Now that I have listened to the end,  I see him as a creative fellow countryman.  I should learn to practice what I always preach -  Never stereotype a character or a person based on the past experiences of  people of his/her  race, religion, culture or textbook characters.


He is not only a good

by benross on

He is not only a good writer, and excellent narrator too.

Jahanshah Javid

Khosham miyad...

by Jahanshah Javid on

People leave comments without listening to the end :)


This is easy

by Doctor X on

Sleep with his Pesar khale. (whomever the victim is here)



good stuff...

by ggorgg on

it gives me a few ideas!!!



by MRX1 on

Any chance we can have this dude as the next president o IRI?



by YeahLikeWhatEver on


"Last night I drowned in a puddle"


بابا این دیگه


بابا این دیگه اندشه !!!بسیار بامزه و حرفه ای !!! دمش گرم با این هنرش!!!


Confession of a sick fantasist

by reader1 on

Psychologists have a name for this condition – cannot remember.