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Reza Aslan: Who's in charge in Iran?

FORA TV: Political commentator Reza Aslan argues that while he believes President Obama handled the election protests in Iran "perfectly," the situation in the Islamic Republic has since changed dramatically since that time. Aslan says that political turmoil in Iran goes much deeper than the Green Revolution, and suggests "it's a mistake to think we know who's in charge over there."

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جایزه میره به این فرد بی اصل



I encourage hamvatans to boycott this AIPAC oriented website

by BoycottIraniandotcom on

As you can see from the articles, this purportedly Iranian site's content is
anti Iranian and comes largely from an Israeli/AIPAC perspective, which is
offensive to the vast majority of Iranians. Please do not engage with this site
except to warn other Iranians.


what do you guys think of Vali Nasr?

by asadabad on

Did anyone attend this?

Iran: The Year of Reckoning


Trita Parsi was there!  


good point on so called experts

by seannewyork on

these guys like aslan and parsi barley speak farsi have visited iran maybe 1 or 2 times and now they are experts.  they have no clue and then rafi exports some other guys and the become experts.  come on its a joke.  i have only read a George Washington DC university professor that is a true expert.

i finally agree with hojoteslam sargord, aslan is a joke.  but your are kidding yourself if you think the leveretts know whats going on.  they are guests of your boy khanemei so they have no clue, they also think iran is a democracy.



PLease Read SEANNEWYORK Commnet

by masoudA on

and stop being so naive and easily fooled in politics.   There is a reason people like Aslan get published and are all over news networks, even comedy channels virtualy overnight.....


ASLAN use to say iran is a democracy

by seannewyork on

i am not sure how obama played it perfectly when 5 million came to streets and all he said is the world is watching.

Watched and said nothing as we got murdered?  Also when is Aslan going to admit he was wrong.  How can these guys be experts on Iran, they know nothing about it and make dumb statements like he did.

khaleh mosheh

One prediction he got absolutely right

by khaleh mosheh on

was before the elections- he said the the AN camp will not put up with losing the elections and he foresaw the cheating in the results and the subsequent coup.


Phony Sargord's comments have become more delusional

by mehdi2009 on

Dear fellow Iranians,

It is funny that for someone who has not been to Iran in recent times (probably never), and gets all of his news from western media keeps making asinine comments about our imprisoned land on a daily basis.

Phony and self promoted Sargord should stop playing with his Toy Soldiers, and actually make a trip to Iran to observe how his Mullah's Murderous Regime is ruining Iran.

For someone who is completely ANTI-Iranian and supports Anti-Iranians, it takes a great deal of gall to call everyone whose opinions are different from him anti-Iranian. From reading most of his comments you can tell that he copies and pastes from other news outlets, and as "gunjesk" commented it is debatable if he has finished High School.

Reza Aslan's commentary is some what accurate, as when you talk to some of the people who work for this blood sucking Regime in Iran, in fact nobody knows who is in charge. Khameneie has basically legitimacy for about 10% of population who are among the Goon Squads'(Bassij and IRGC) leaders and their fellow cronies and families. Other than that the simple decisions for the state in Iran even takes much longer than their usual SNAIL PACE.

PHONY SARGORD next time you want to comment about situation in Iran, I suggest that you and your immediate family (including your American Parent) to take a trip to Iran.

Salutations to ALL the TRUE Sons and Daughters of Iran.



I agree with Sargord

by ghalam-doon on

This guy Aslan thinks he has a crystal ball. He comes up with these amazing predictions. I remember when he was saying with certainty that Rafsanjani was holding meetings with senior clerics in Qom in order to topple Khamenei! I do not trust this guy, nor his sources. But he knows how to talk to the media and use sound bites.

I've never seen this guy speaking Farsi though. At least I've seen Titra speak Farsi (sort of) and to me Titra makes more sense.

He would have made a good guest speaker in this meeting :)




by masoudA on

Works for those who do not wish Iran and USA become friends again.   Those who have been benefitting from IR and wish to prolong it.   Reza Aslan has one specific mission and that is to tell the Americans to stay away from Iran.   Meanwhile, Iranians have one hope to get rid of IR, and they do need help, especially from USA.


Aslan is one of the better ones

by mahmoudg on

I'd rather have him, as opposed to fakes like Trita Parsi utter nonsense on the airwaves. i.e. be the mouthpiece of the regime.


Sargord jealous because Reza Aslan is i.com's sexiest man alive!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred


Lets first differentiate the "muslim world" from the terrorists

by fooladi on

Of the islamist regime of Iran as a first step in improving the terrible situation under which billions of muslims have been suffering since the rise of this fake CIA/MI6 invented "ideology" of the "political Islam" and all it's variants.



by afshinazad on

 Sargord Pasdar, Who do you think is in power in Iran,fact is no body knows and for change you could agree with some people who are making comments about your beloved IRI, question how come you were not invited to Iran for solidarity with ahmadinejad. 


sargord, damn shame they didn't call you instead

by gunjeshk on

sargord, damn shame they didn't call you instead.

I bet you'd interview very well.

um, you did graduate from high school, right?


Dear sargord Pirouz

by Abarmard on

In the first part of Aslan's analysis he is not wrong. The core of his argument is that we don't know who is in charge of Iran and it's true.

Khamenei is truly powerful but not a monarch. I think the best analysis so far is by this site: //www.rahesabz.net/story/20372/

Sargord Pirouz

Reza Aslan has become an

by Sargord Pirouz on

Reza Aslan has become an embarrassment. His post-election predictions did not materialize, and he has since become ever more shrill.

It's really sad to see an academic compromise himself in this way. Unfortunately, he's not alone. In fact, the vast majority of our Iranian-American political commenters are likewise compromised and unable to put forward objective analyses, such as Milani and Sadjadpour.

In terms of reliable perspectives and proven analyses, what we're pretty much left with is the Leveretts (two non-Iranians).