Will Israel Bomb Iran?

BBC's "This World" report

"There is strong evidence to suggest that Israel is considering a pre-emptive strike against Iran to halt its nuclear ambitions, amid suspicions that it is exploiting its civil nuclear programme as a cover to produce atomic weapons."

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Thank you and goodbye.

by Malachi on

I participated in this site because I thought I would receive honest answers to my questions. Some of you have politely taken the time to respond to them. Others have hurled abuse and the false accusation that I am either an Israeli or a Zionist. I am a U.S. citizen, born and raised, who wanted to hear another side of the story.  I repeated what the U.S. media has been saying to Americans about Iran and the Bomb, without ever once condoning a military attack upon that ancient and venerable land. For that I received foul-mouthed verbal abuse from Joe. L. While I see that his posts were removed as abusive, so was mine, when all I did was defend myself.  On that note, I have to say thank you to all who were kind enough to reply, and goodbye to all. I thought this site would be more balanced, but it is obviously a hotbed of pro-Iranian propaganda instead.  I will repeat what I said in my initial post: no one wants war, not me, not the American people, but we will not shrink from it if Iran behaves aggressively.  And if it comes to that, Iran will be no match for the U.S.A. - or even Israel for that matter. Goodbye and I bid you all peace.  Please do not bother to reply, I will not read any more posts from this site and plan to cancel my registration here.


Sir/Madam Malachi

by IRI on

Look down and you see Zionist Raoul promoting war. You must understand that your language smells like war. The media that you are speaking of is media of misinformation and war. That's why you can fit in Zionist cloths, unless you clarify that you do not buy those non sense.
We welcome you here but you are no more special than anyone else. If you have been in any forums before you will know that there are many different people who do their arguments differently. So stop being racist and generalize about Iranian and misunderstandings.

You answer is in all the comments combined.

Fouzul Bashi

Malachi - Your references are no good!

by Fouzul Bashi on

"Middle East would be better off "without the existence of the Zionist regime."

Israel "is an illegitimate regime, there is no legal basis for its existence," he said".  

I don't like the man, and don't like the IR, but entirely agree with the above statements, as do many other peace-loving people on this site and all over the world!   He is saying ZIONIST REGIME not Israel.  I have already said this in my previous post that this does not mean PHYSICAL DESTRUCTION  of the county and its people, it refers to the type of state it represents, ie, a colonial racist entity.  He proposes REFERENDUM as a solution.  

Your other references too from Iran Focus, repeat the same theme and some of them are lies and mistranslations.  I have personally NEVER HEARD Ahmadi-Nedjad saying Israel must be ANNIHILATED, and I have followed his speeches (which are ALL in Farsi) very closely ;)

Finally, "Death to America! Death to Israel" means nothing but the crowd expressing their hatred of two states that have interfered with it, antagonised it and tortured it for nearly 60 years and continue to threaten it with devastation in a very unequal war.   It is also a habitual slogan in Iran and doesn't mean much :)  People also chanted it against China and Russia in the recent Green demonstrations and no-one would believe any Iranian sought to attack China or Russia LOL :)

No-one, opponents of the regime, apologists of the regime, or the regime itself wants a war with Israel or the US :)  


Our brother Joe is right-Danger of Zionist thinking

by IRI on

This fellow Zionist has all the information to realize his brainwashed argument. We can't do the thinking for him too. Notice not one word about America, only Israel. Brother Joe is right about this person's intentions.
Zionists are very dangerous and if we don't stop them, they will start WWIII. It's not a issue to take lightly. The Islamic Republic has been trying to convey this massage cross to the world that Zionist regime and its follower have lost their abilities to think with straight and logical mind. Would you put your family and children in a car with a drunk person?
Hopefully this ZIonist will continue speaking to you so we all can hear the dangerous affect of ZIonist propaganda on many minds. From this we can conclude that the Islamic Republic has been correct to continuously address this issue with ZIonist regime that, the regime is a great danger to the world peace and there are no organization or body of government that controls this astray system.
The Islamic Republic of Iran has recently hosted an international conference to ban the make and use of nuclear weapons. We hope that Zionist regime joins the NPT, as Iran has, and dis arms its 200+ piles of nuclear bombs.
None of us, Iranian and American, who care for humanity and peace in the world, should take the threat of Zionist ideology lightly.

Hopefully we will be able to make UN a true UN and our plans are to make all regimes responsible for their actions in the international arena. United States will have to also pay dearly for all their policies and crimes committed by their governments during decades that still continues today.

May God bless Islamic Republic of Iran.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

References Malachi

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Before I proceed of course Joe I can tell where Malachi is coming from. But a question is posed and I will answer it. Why shouldn't Israeli's be allowed to ask. In any event I like in America and know this does not sound like a common American point of view.

Mr Malachi,

Your references are in English. Ahmadinejad speaks Persian. The reference is someone's translation of what AN really said. The translator could use any word that has roughly the same meaning. That is what I meant by "poor" and biased translations. If you can find the Persian quote at least I can translate it for you.

Add to these, the many rallies in Teheran with crowds chanting, "Death to America! Death to Israel!" I rest my case.

You case fails due to inaccurate evidence. In recent times the Death to cries then to be "Death to dictator" meaning AN not to Israel or America. So keep up with the news. 


Fouzul Bashi

Malachi - a nuclear detonation over Isreal?

by Fouzul Bashi on

"One nuclear detonation over any major Israeli city would be catastrophic to a nation as small as Israel".  

 For a nation/country as small as you say, would it not be the case that a nuke attack would also devastate the surrounding region, ie, the occupied territories, the West Bank and Gaza Strip, if not Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, etc?!   Imagination is a good thing but if you let it go too wild, it would defy logic .. like in nightmares. There is tremendous paranoia (and conscious propaganda) regarding Iran's intentions and capabilities, all without any consideration of what such scenarios might entail for Iran and the Islamic Republic itself?  If Iran (in your nightmare) attacked Israel, would there be no retaliation?!  Or don't you think that the leaders of the Islamic Republic are too stupid to think ahead and about their own interests and survival - never mind the country itself? :)


Here are some references you requested.

by Malachi on

August 6, 2006: Putrajaya, Malaysia: //www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/08/03/AR2006080300629.html

Ahmadinejad's Threats to Destroy Israel:


Add to these, the many rallies in Teheran with crowds chanting, "Death to America! Death to Israel!" I rest my case.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


There is a lot of misinformation out there specially in the US. The worst is Fox which makes Pravda look like a bastion of virtue. Therefore the first step to understanding IRI's intentions is to stop listening to Western main stream media.

You have made a good step and are asking the right questions.

I don't like the IRI or Ahmadinejad. I don't support the IRI. But I also don't like outright lies about Iran. The quotes from Ahmadinejad are generally translated in the most bellicose way. If he says "Israel will wither away" they translate it into "Israel be destroyed". The IRI leadership has said over and over they are not planning on getting a nuke or using one. The main victims of IRI are Iranian people. But the West is so obsessed with Israel that they could not care less what happens to Iranians. Big weakness of IRI is on the domestic front. It is repressive and hated. But the West misses the obvious in the search for the fantasy. The West is missing another opportunity to stand with the Iranian people against the IRI. Instead they are getting hung up on an imaginary nuclear threat. Meanwhile Iranian people realize West does not give a rats ass about them.

Here is another example of poor Western analysis.

On one hand West analysts say they don't believe IRI. On the other hand they quote IRI statements as evidence of their danger. So which is it? I guess the truth is:

  • West will not believe any conciliatory statement from IRI.
  • West will believe and magnify any bellicose statement from IRI.

The real belligerence is coming from the West. Just read your own statement and if that is not bellicose I don't know what is!

nd the U.S. will unleash its overwhelmingly powerful military against Iran, leaving Iran looking like a mud puddle - especially where its nuclear facilities once stood.

The above statement is incredibly bellicose and is not a good way to write a post. 

The US has attacked and taken over plenty of nations. It did not leave any of them a "mud puddle" as you write. If it happens it will be like Iraq. US will replace the IRI with some more palatable government and life will go on. If you read this site you will find plenty of Iranian exiles who won't really mind that.

Fouzul Bashi

Dear Malachi, give a reference please

by Fouzul Bashi on

Could you give a reference of Ahmadi-Nedjad having said that Israel must be wiped off the map?  I am sure you have read many accounts and must have seen interviews with Ahmadi-Nedjad in which he has clarified his position that HE DOES NOT TALK ABOUT PHYSICAL DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL.  He believes Israel is not a legitimate state, that it is a colonial state based on racial grounds.  Many people in the world believe this.  What Ahmadi-Nedjad has meant and has REPEATEDLY said is a universal referendum (not bombs)  should determine what happens in that part of the world.  This solution is totally in line with what you surely uphold, that is respect for democratic decision making.



Iran's talk is bellicose. What else is one to think?

by Malachi on

I appreciate all the comments very much, although some of you sound like apologists for the Iranian regime. If the Islamic regime is intent upon self-preservation and not destruction, why does the Iranian President keep threatening Israel with destruction?  If I were an Israeli citizen and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said repeatedly that my country does not have the right to exist and should be "wiped off the map," I would take that as very bellicose, threatening language indeed.  The fact is that Ahmadinejad has stated this about Israel.  He has been quoted as stating it. Either you take his words as blowing alot of hot air or you take his words seriously. If you take him at his word, then developing a nuclear weapon for Iran to use is the logical next step.  How else would Israel be destroyed if not with a nuclear weapon?  One nuclear detonation over any major Israeli city would be catastrophic to a nation as small as Israel.  If Iran was truly as peaceful as you suggest, it would cease all this bellicose talk and enter into negotiations with Israel and the U.S. for a comprehensive peace in the Middle East. It would also cease waging a proxy war against the U.S. in Iraq and stop meddling in Iraq.  What I fear is that Iran will miscalculate and push both the U.S. and Israel too far, if not under Obama, then during the next (most likely Republican) administration, and the U.S. will unleash its overwhelmingly powerful military against Iran, leaving Iran looking like a mud puddle - especially where its nuclear facilities once stood.

Fouzul Bashi

veiled Prophet of Khorasan

by Fouzul Bashi on

Your response to Malachi is excellent, clear and concise.  Thank you!


One Iranian American view

by Abarmard on

This might help Malachi:


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on



1) I don't think IRI is planning on making a nuclear bomb. I think it is a wrong assumption. The so called evidence is manufactured the same way Iraqi WMD evidence was manufactured. IRI is unpalatable; rotten but I don't think they are planning on this.

2) do you think the mullahs would really use it against Israel or other states? No. If they had one they would not use it. They know it is suicied and they are not suicidal.

3) Would they give these weapons to terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda? No. The IRI mullahs hate Al Qaeda. They are rivals not allies.

4) Would you support either an American and/or Israeli military strike to destroy Iranian nuclear facilities to prevent Iran from getting the bomb? No. I oppose it on many accounts and for many reasons. First I don't want to see Iranians hurt. Second  I don't believe they are making nukes. But they just may if US attacks them and gets them angry. Third the facilities are too spread out to  destroy. Fourth it will give the Mullahs an excuse to crack down on domestic opposition. The absolute worst thing to do would be for Israel to take action. Iranian people generally like America but even the seculars do not particularly have great love for Israel. An attack by Israel will unite Iranians of all stripes against Israel. They got plenty of enemies already I don't think they need 70 million more.

Joe L.

If Israel attacks, it goes like this

by Joe L. on

The Saudi will join the forces with Israelis to get rid of Shiats. Pakistanis also will join to form a Sunni Jewish unity. There would be no hiding the facts that all the supporters of terrorism are on the same side. Iran will finally prove to the world what the Israelis are made of and American people will rise to take their government back. Israelis having no money of their own will beg for mercy, and as Iranian culture is great, Israeli people will be forgiven and Zionism will be vanished from the pages of history.
And we all live in peace again.

Just got back from Iran. This was my fourth trip. For those who don't know, you can't get Iran down. This nation is unbelievable!!!
I LOVE Iran and Iranians and hope that my government and Iranian government form a bound that would bring true peace to the Middle East. Amen.



by Bavafa on

I appreciate your honest look at this and trying to find out a bit more. What I have to say here should not be taken as a defense of IRI regime and I condemn their criminal treatment of Iranian people.

You seem to be convinced that IRI is developing a nuclear bomb and that they can not be contained like other states. If that is correct, may I ask how you have come to accept that as a fact… what has IRI done to prove such radicalism in their foreign policy?

Here are some very basic questions one may ask him/herself while examining such charges?

- Iran's past and present relationship visa vie Al-Qaeda?

- Iran's historic war of aggression with its neighbors or otherwise?

- IRI regime past and present self preservation vs. self sacrifice?

If you do a quick research, you will find that Iran has been fighting Al-Qaeda before US was fighting them and there has not been any links but hostility between these two "regimes"

You will also find that there has not been any act of aggression from Iran towards its neighbors perhaps in centuries and lastly you will find that the IRI regime is after self preservation and not destructions. Using such bombs and attacks will ensure the end of Iran and IRI all together and they will never risk their own neck for any thing.


Brzezinski The Islamist

Sad Potential Events re: Iran

by Brzezinski The Islamist on

It will happen by November 2010 or before it.


Mullahs will be dust since they're gonna try to retaliate - their Chinese and Russian made missiles will not hit their targets in Israel, Iraq, or Afghanistan -- But they will be able to sink a couple of US battleships with their Sunburn missiles in the Persian Gulf arena. There will also be some successful Iranian regime terrorist actions of bombings in Western Europe, US, and Canada.


There is also a tacit side agreement that India may join the war against Iran regime, if there is a need felt for that. India will re-establish its hegemony over the Persian Gulf which is an extension of the Indian Ocean.

India will be regarded as an "unbiased" watcher and controller of the flow of oil through the gulf, and to China and the west.


The sinking of US ships and Iranian induced terrorism inside US will infuriate the fuck out of US; Hussein Obama --against his will and by Pentagon prodding-- will be made to accept a nuclear attack on Iran regime power centers and nuke sites in retaliation.

This will happen in 2 phases within 2-7 days apart -- The results will be devastating to Iran infrastructure- the Islamist regime, installed originally by the Islamist Carter-Brezhinski criminal team in 1979, will fall.


The nuclear bombs or tacticals will explode over Bushehr, Arak, and near Esfahan.

The radioactive cloud formed will be seen for tens of miles around the Persian gulf area.

The wind direction will be from west to east, so it will carry the cloud towards Pakistan and India.


Iran itself will be broken up along ethnic lines into at least 4 parts: Azerbaijan will join their brothers and sisters to the north; Khuzestan will be an independent republic; Kurdistan will join Iraqi Kurds; and Baluchestan may also secede. The Caspian region, Mazandaran and Gilan will be a "neutral zone" between what will remain of Iran and Russia to the north.  But those 2 provinces will be--for all practical purposes--under Russian oligarchy.


It will be the end of Iran as we know it today --


What will remain of Iran will be a central core of Iranian land will remain and it will be known as the "Irani Triangle" --roughly the patch of land surrounded by lines drawn from Tehran to Quom,to Esfahan, to Semnan.  It will be a poor micro state with no natural resources at all, and it will have a military junta regime.


It will be a very tragic ending for what was once the Persian Empire.

But the only silver lining will be that evil Shiite mullahs will be forever banished by Iranians and the world.



What do the Iraninas Think?

by Mamane-Omid on

Israel is our (America's) dog in the ME. It will only attack if we sic'm. As for the likelihood of us giving such a the green light, depends on the level of complacency and apathy in the US and the power of the military-industrial complex, which Eisenhower warned us against.


This is what an Iranian-American thinks


American Malachi

by IRI on

Many Iranians are fascinated by the American culture and kindness of the American people. It is the American government that is worrisome to the world. The Zionist regime in Israel has hijack your government for many years now and there are no turning back. Non of your government officials can get elected if they don't pledge their full support to Israel before the United States.
So although we appreciate your concerns about the Iranian regime and its threats, we believe that you need to put your attention where the true problem is.
Take a look at your military all over the Middle East threatening (or should we say the truth as destroying) the security of the region, occupying and killing innocent people. For what?
Some of it has to do with your government servicing Israeli interests.
You focus on your issues and try to fix them, we will do fine.

Thank you for your interest in the Islamic Republic of Iran.


What do Iranians think?

by Malachi on

I am a U.S. citizen who just happened to stumble on this post from another news website.  I have always admired Persian culture and history, but I find the current Iranian leadership to be very dangerous.  I am interested in learning how Iranians who are now living in a free country and may express themselves without fear of retribution really think about the possibility of Iran developing a nuclear bomb.  Do you think the mullahs would really use it against Israel or other states? Would they give these weapons to terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda? Would you support either an American and/or Israeli military strike to destroy Iranian nuclear facilities to prevent Iran from getting the bomb? As you know, these issues are being hotly debated in the USA and Israel today, but I want to know how Iranians view the subject.  I think that most Americans are personally torn. No one wants war, but the threat of a nuclear armed Iran (under the current regime) is just too dangerous to contemplate. We fear that the current regime cannot be contained like the former Soviet Union was, because of their radical Islamic ideology which drives Iran's foreign policy.  Thanks for your replies.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You may be on to something how about BBC morphs into BBS! British Bullshit.


And they call themselves a

by Bavafa on

And they call themselves a news organization in the civilized world?

One can't do but laugh, not at the evilness of BBC, but at the people who actually listen and follow such organization. There is so much propaganda and BS in this clip that it makes Faux news an actually a creditable news organization.



This is an old tape

by IRI on

We have looked and have studied this propaganda tape before. This was made about four years ago when Zionist regime wanted to stop the Iranian nuclear activity. Yet they saw that their threats have gone nowhere. Today Iran is stronger then four years ago and if Zionist regime wants to sign its tomb stone, then they can actually attack. They all know well that Iran is neither Egypt, nor Iraq. Iran is millions of Hezbollah as a country. They should not dare.
Recently our great generals have dismissed Zionist regime lies and have questioned the ability of regime of Israel to wage a war on Iran and confront the country's mighty military forces:
"Given the Zionist regime's international isolation, the regime does not have the courage to attack Iran and cannot start a war with Iran's military forces," Vahidi told FNA during his visit to Iran's northern city of Babol. "Iran's high military and spiritual power would be painful and deadly for them (Israelis)," the minister went on saying.

Also Iranian Deputy Defense Minister General Ahmad Vahid Dastjerdi warned the country's enemies against an invasion of Iran, stressing Tehran's preparedness to give a crushing and quick response to all types of threat and aggression:

Deputy DM Warns about Iran's Rapid Response to Aggressions
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Deputy Defense Minister General Ahmad Vahid Dastjerdi warned the country's enemies against an invasion of Iran, stressing Tehran's preparedness to give a crushing and quick response to all types of threat and aggression.
"We are not fearful of the threats posed by the western countries and we will be able to rapidly respond to any kind of threat, considering our self-reliance and that we do not need the western countries at all," Dastjerdi told reporters on Tuesday.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Netanyahu is dreaming about attacking Iran and this is a fact. However Obama has nightmares about a war with Iran. The USA is the boss and Israel cannot do any thing without the approval of the US. That means Obama and I just don't see that happening. Not now anyway. So all this is barking without a bite.

It may be possible that in the future USA will attack Iran. This is specially true if a Republican gets to the presidency which with luck won't happen for at least 6 years. By then I sure hope the IRI is gone and the problem is resolved.

If there is an attack it will drag the USA in one way or another. Therefore the US needs to build public support which is non existent right now.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


is truly an organ of the enemies of Iran. I don't support the IRI be sure of that. But I become sickcened with BBC and its fake pretence at being a news organization. BBC is an organ of the Brithish Government and a politicaly motivated organization. They do not even have the decency to name the "Persian Gulf". To me until they learn the geography of Iran they are not in a position to be a fair broker in news.


Mr. Raul

by farokh2000 on

I think you need to examine your own brain a little and study the History of what CIA has done in Iran in the last 50 years or so before making statements that show your ignorance.

If you did, you would know that these crazy Mullahs were brought in as a replacement for the previous CIA Puppet, the Shah, no?

They were protected in Iraq and France for over 30 years until they were called upon to come in and serve and they are doing exactly what they are ordered to do.

These people are NOt independent thinkers, they are just Puppets.

You need to go after their Masters.

Yes, they need to be brought down, but without the blood shed of millions of innocent people, as you are suggesting.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You make a lot of generalizations: 

 Iranians have this nonsensical view that if they create a major
conflict that one of their imams would return from [Islamic] paradise
to help them conquer the world.

I am an Iranian and do not even believe in the Imam much less his return. Who are you to say what "Iranians" think. Iran is run by a theocracy thanks to the stupidity of the "progressive intellectual" morons in the 1960's and 1970s. Most Iranians were not born then and those who were like me don't believe in this stuff. You need to look at your own prejudice for labeling all Iranians as thinking how you believe we think. Do yourself a favor and learn about Iranians before you put your foot in your mouth again.

The only thing you are doing is showing your own ignorance and belligerence. We are not taking the bait.



Double standards!

by daha36 on

اسرائیل خیلی خیلی شکر میل میفرمایند و قند میشکنند! جایی که عقاب پر بریزد از پشه ناچیز چه خیزد! //www.youtube.com/watch?v=czDi0Koct94&feature...


To 'Marjan Zahed Kindersley'

by Raoul1955 on

I LOVE your presentation, very logical, and of course funny as I am smiling.  It is correct that logic cannot be forced upon people, however violent behavior may be stopped through the 'proper application' of restraining means, in this case brute force can limit the power as exercised by the Islamic folks.

On the lighter side:

‘Shaking an imbecile's head around, doesn't put the cells and synapses into place. Although, I'm tempted to experiment..’ is based on your deductive logic, but I also notice that you are tempted to find out if your deductive reasoning can be supported by inductive logic.  If you attempt that, I would like to see some photos.  :-)

I am just guessing that you are female as your sense of humor and writing suggest.  :-)