Will Israel Bomb Iran?

BBC's "This World" report

"There is strong evidence to suggest that Israel is considering a pre-emptive strike against Iran to halt its nuclear ambitions, amid suspicions that it is exploiting its civil nuclear programme as a cover to produce atomic weapons."

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Trading setlements for military strike on Iran

by capt_ayhab on

As much as I hate Fareed Zakariah of CNN, but he had Bret Stephens deputy editor at WSJ editorial page and the newspaper’s foreign affairs columnist.

What sickened me the most was the fact that seemingly Israel is pushing to link issue of settlements to military strike on Iran or Sanctions on Iran.

The so called [Slap On The face ] of VP, Joe Biden when he visited the Israel few weeks back was orchestrated for the same purpose.

Here is link to the telecast from past Sunday 4/18/2010


And the following link is the text of the article by Bret Stephens:





cut off the money

by vildemose on

More phony posturing while grabbing more lands.

Netanyahu To Obama: We Won't Halt Building In Jerusalem


America has, by right of it's-their-bloody-taxpayer's-money, should attach preconditions to any aid and alliance treaty to Israel. Obama need to make that clear to this lunatic.

Was Rosie

My sincerest apologies to you Joe,

by Was Rosie on

for making assumptions about your ethnicity. It's just that your language and attitude in general reminded me of a white redneck yahoo. That's very ironic. Sincerest apologies.

Suggest that to overcome the gaps in your education, you start off by not hurling profanties at people in public. Suspect your teachers at least tried to teach you that.

Perhaps you are not aware of what it REALLY implies to say in August of 2009 that Iran is more 'stable' than ever, or what it implies to the vast majority of people here (and ESPECIALLY what it implied last August) to profess a desire to wed Jaleho.

If you aren't, you should read what I said about it carefully. Suggest also you may wish to further your education since you are obviously very politically motivated and the ramifications of the allegiances you appear to be making are quite serious, and you need to hone your political thinking.

If you are aware of them, then shame on you.

PS To reiterate your post was deleted. I am by no means the only person here who found it highly objectionable.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Getting flagged means someone did not like a post. I can flag something like the next person. If we want to participate in a discussion we need to be strong and think skinned. People who are easily offended are in my opinion not worth talking to. If Malachi wants to get offended that is his/her business. I have been called ten times worse.

As for allying myself with Joe here is my own statement:

Before I proceed of course Joe I can tell where Malachi is coming from. But a question is posed and I will answer it.  Why shouldn't Israeli's be allowed to ask.

I do not say I agree with Joe. I am not allying myself with anyone. I said I can tell where he is coming from. I do suspect he is coming from the Israeli point of view. But I also said I see nothing wrong with it. I know plenty of Israeli's and Americans. I often talk to Israeli's about their worries over Iran and Malachi's worries reflected the same issues.

This business with being over sensitive and "offended" is a way to stop voices. It is used by Islamists; by the anti-Islamists; by Politically Correct; by the Right; by the Left; by overly patriotic  and pretty much anyone who hears something they don't like. The price of an open discussion is risking offense.

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

i certainly agree with you that he should not have been abused. my problem was that he chickened out (i don't mean that nastily) before i got a chance to challenge him about his underlying assumptions about iran. i think as much as anything else, he got intimidated. he will probably get over it and come back soon. he is probably reading all of this... let's hope :)

Joe L.

What's with this "WAS ROSIE" character?

by Joe L. on

1. I am black
2. I got $hitty education from inner city schools
3. I love my country and love to show the flag
4. I love Iran and Iranians.
5. Agree with IRI that Zionists are the problem not Iran

If you visit Iran you'll see great people. Hate it when some nasty person or "I am better than you" comes around and talks bad to these kind people. I live with that everyday of my life, so I get it.

Now leave me alone. I've already spent too much here.

Was Rosie

VPK, I told you I was going to address more briefly

by Was Rosie on

certain specfic aspects of your post. In particular I planned to address that part about the 'mud puddle.'

Now a newcomer came here and was verbally abused to such point that the abuse was not only flagged (unusual here in a community reluctant to flag due to associations with Shah/IRI censorship), but the thread apparently was monitored a bit after the flagging (see below, it's clear). He wound up leaving. This to me is a very serious thing. And beyond the simple matter of his leaving, I find some far more sinister elements, which I have alluded to in the dynamic that took place here. (why Vildemose, Joe, why Vildemose?)

Now that post I wrote below was addressed to three different people. It has several sections which I separated in bold for readability. I find it perfectly appropriate for what seems to me an issue of absolutely critical importance.

You don't flag, that's fine, but you allied yourself with a post that was a cesspool because you and the Plumber 'knew' that Malachi (who can't stand Israelis and prefers Arabs-aka Palestinians) is Israeli. It's one thing not to flag, it's another thing to ally yourself with such attrociousness.

Now Malachi is gone. Maybe you don't feel it's worth it to write long posts because people don't read them. I make no such assumptions about people. The people who really matter to me are the ones who have the time and care enough to do so because this is a very serious issue. So I shall finish my next post to you and you may  reply to it as thoroughly or as cursorily as you wish, if you wish. You're not the only person I'm writing to here by any stretch of the imagination.

There are almost three thousand hits on this thread. If three people read me carefully that's plenty enough for me.

PS Please in future if you do so, refer to me as Rosie. I opened the a/c Was Rosie because I had announced to the community months ago that I would not be participating anymore. I was here as a reader but this thread and one other Niloufar mentioned which touch similar issues compelled me to. That's how important it is to me.

My name here is Rosie. Just Rosie

Niloufar Parsi

fouzul bashi jan

by Niloufar Parsi on

that was worth its weight in gold! superbly said :)

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Was Rosie

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I am not going to write a really long reply since people aren't going to spend all day reading posts. But a few things:

  • I don't flag thing neither Joe's nor Malchai's nor yours or anyone else's. I am for freedom of speech and that's it.
  • I have my own opinions which differ from Joe or other people. I may at times agree with a particular sentiment by a person while at other times disagree. So what. Just because I may agree with one thing does not make me the same as anyone else. In fact most the time I am on the other side of arguments with Joe.
  • Malachi asked a bunch of questions. I replied the best I know. Now if he/she did not like the answers that is not my fault. Of course I asked questions and did not get any responses either. In any event when someone i.e. Malachi threatens to turn Iran into a "mud puddle" they are not in a position to get much respect either from the right leaning (me) or left leaning (others). We may be on different sides of the political spectrum but we are all Iranians and the threat of turning it to a "mud puddle" does not play real well. It was Malachi's own words that were belligerent.
  • Regarding Joe's wedding I have not been invited. 

Was Rosie

ps VPK,

by Was Rosie on

I have another, and much briefer one, coming for you. I decided it was best to put the stuff about you and the 'gestalt' aspect into the post below. I am going to address a couple more things in your posts to Malachi which struck me as arrogant in and of themselves, as you requested I do. Btw, the posts are lovely, they're absolutely wonderful, until the second half of the second post. And frankly, as I said, once you allied yourself with Trenchmouth, anything else you said to Malachi came from a standpoint of arrogance. Think about this, will you, please?

Was Rosie

Joe, VPK, NP-trying to put this all together

by Was Rosie on


That's right. I am better than you attitude'.

Nice to see that my comments made such a dent in you. Who's your post addressed to? It has no name in the subject line. Don't you understand the BASICS of how to proceed to maintain the clarity of a thread. Reading through the post though, I believe it is addressed to Malachi who is no longer here, thanks to your sewer mouth. (And neither is your sewer post).

As an American I was embarrassed by your deleted post. I'm embarrassed by people who use the American flag to identify themselves and then are so hostile and inarticulate that all they have is curse words to express themselves. And btw who are you to tell someone 'you won't be missed' in passive voice (google it) as though you were the spokesperson for this website? And btw I'm embarrassed by your grammar And WHY are you talking to someone who said he's no longer reading the thread? To continue, Joe, a cursory glance at your most recent posts yields this:

Your post this morning on Niloufar's new blog:

I hear that in Iran a lot

by Joe L. on

Iranian people are not stupid. They are rational people. people think assimilation is to adopt stupidity, and ask dumb questions for a good statement.

What does this mean, Joe? Is it English? Not that I have anything against people with poor education, but I AM embarrassed by their not bothering to THINK for five seconds before putting words down because they DON'T KNOW how poorly educated they are AND YET present themselves as the spokesperson for a large literate website community. Continuing in that post:

and vildemose i mean no disrespect but you write a lot for saying nothing

in your comment on her post:

The real Myth is the

by vildemose on

The real Myth is the artificial concept/construct of "west" against "east". Who benefits from  making this arbitrary division between human beings on the same planet?? The real hateful racists among all human populations... 


Why Vildemose, Joe? Why specifically Vildemose? Is there anything specifically about Vildemose that has nothing to do with her statement that you don't like about her? Because you know, Joe, Anonymous Observer just made almost the exact same point. Are you going to go back to that blog and say the same thing to him? And if not, why not? And then I notice your 'sister', IRI, hops on board to cheerlead you.. .boy, you two really are a team.


More pearls of wisdom from Joe

Now, Joe, you don't have posts between just recently and last August. But I'm embarrassed by this one on AUGUST 12, 2009, during the Uprising:

I believe to the eyes of the West, Iran looks more powerful and stable than ever before. ,

and this on August 12:

i wish to marry a woman with as much intellect as Jaleho.

And those were just in the top posts.


Joe, I'm embarrassed by yahoos. I'm embarrassed by vulgar, semi-literate, violently aggressive blustering white American men who must be top dog (and who are...perhaps...well, again, Joe, why Vildemose, Joe, why her?) And look, Trenchmouth Joe, you're not just an American who loves Iran (I'll take you at face value and assume you are who you claim to be...), you're an American that identifies with the pro-Ahmadinejad Islamists against the Greens. 

That part Joe, I'm not embarrassed for you as an American, I have to admit, being who you are, that's quite original. iActually, I'm kind of impressed. But Joe, I am embarrassed by it as a human.


VPK: you and Joe and Malachi

VPK,  I want to make something very clear. NP said that Malachi said he only had ONE abusive comment to him by one person. But that's not true. Because as soon as you started off your post to Malachi by expressing solidarity with Joe's potty language post by saying you know what Joe 'knows' about Malachi (no, sorry, you don't know, he's not Israeli and he doesn't like Israelis...) or in fact saying ANYTHING in agreement with that post, you became a de facto attacker. I'm sorry, but you did. That kind of cursing is violence here because language is all there is. It's really serious abuse.

 In fact, VPK, and this goes for anyone who read it, it should've been flagged immediately rather than allied with. I didn't because since I'd chosen not to participate here (until I saw this....),  But VPK, step back a moment. Do you not see that 'knowing' what you don't know about someone is arrogant,and your allying yourself in an us/them game with this aggressive Khameneiist yahoo without even thinking about it is...without even noticing...

And these two characters, Sewer Joe and his sister, will wine you and dine you and dance you and they'll ignore ANYTHING you or ANYONE might say about Iraq, you could've said Long live Bush, as long as they could gang up on the Ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiionist (the Zionist who doesn't like Israelis and prefers Arabs). This is a very dark and sinister game on their part, and your blindsighting yourself to it, because you feel you don't have to look all that carefully is imho a form of arrogance toward Malachi, as well as a disrespect to yourself.

Do you understand me, VPK? Are you starting to see at all what went on here?

Wedding bell blues

VPK, when this is all over, are you going to Joe's wedding with Jaleho, and will it be in be in Baghdad and do you think they'll spend their honeymoon touring the countryside to celebrate the hardwon 'stability' in Iraq...and will the wedding take place under a 'chuppah' (google it...) and will the groom break a wine glass once the vows are made?

Joe, dear, you can charm people here with your love of Iran--which I have no doubt is real btw--because why wouldn't they be charmed? It's flattering it's endearing. But you can't charm me. Not that you want to. Obviously. You didn'.  give a good godd-mn about my obvious pain over this...your sister the culture vultures vicious statements and their deeper implications. No you don't care whether you charm me or not. But the thing is, you can't fool me either.


Niloufar, structure and trajectory of conversation

Niloufar, again, you didn't see the whole thing. Three posts were missing. That's a large percentage of the multi-party exchange. VPK's last post about Malachi cannot be evaluated especially without the preceeding two posts

No single post in this multi-party exchange directed to and about Malachi can be evaluated on its own after the first part of th,e exchange because it is a gestalt situatoin, in which the parts can't be separated from the larger dynamic. And anyway, anyone who didn't flag that post was an abuser. Anyone. Because Malachi was a newcomer. And a non-Iranian. And a Jew He stood completely alone. Whatever he believes (and he believed NOTHING, except his belief that he should come here and tell what he believes, TELL the 'party line' he'd learned and ASK IF PEOPLE THINK IT'S TRUE...) he did not deserve that verbal violence and the silent complicity of anyone participating or reading who did not flag that post. Because it was up there a good bit before it was flagged.


Request for re-evaluation of Malachi's stance in thread

My god, would you people read the thread up again. You good people. ('IRI', Joe, you go prepare your next attack on Vildemose...). Malachi comes in good faith, expressing love for Persian culture. That's why people are so receptive to him at first. People (except 'IRI', the poster) give him clear good responses. He finds it hard to believe IRI (the political entity)  is not belicose due to Ahmadinejad's inflammatory rhetoric. He is told that Ahmadinejad's rhetoric is not so bad, he doesn't accept this immediately like a good boy, now he is a Ziiiiiiiiiiionist warmonger. People (intentionally or unintentionally, real or feigned or manipulated) display extraordinary ignorance about the existence of and/ or the specifics behind the singlemost SEISMIC statement that Ahmadi made in his first term, of global impact equal to his Holocaust conference,. Why didn't you bother to find out where the original came from Joe? Malachi is asked for sources He provides numerous examples in FOURTEEN MINUTES. It takes him fourteen minutes only and deferentially he says 'Here are the sources you requested'. For this he is told to go find them in Persian.

He comes with the NYT party platform. He seeks a REBUTTAL. He has the audacity to inquire as to HOW it could be so that Ahmadinejad's notoriously incendiary rhetoric (AS IT APPEARS IN THE MAINSTREAM NEWS SOURCES HE TOLD YOU HE USES) could not be belicose. He has the audacity, in other words, to continue to question and hone in once he is told what he's supposed to believe now He is on the one hand ignorant for swallowing NYT narratives wholesale and on the other hand insidious for not swallowing yours wholesale within five minutes.

Nilofaur, Malachi's mention of apologists

Yes, Niloufar, it's true. He said 'some of you' sound like apologists. He said at the beginning when he'd gotten those few replies. But first impressions you see are lasting ones. LOOK WHO WROTE THE FIRST REPLY. Look what she did. She purposely IGNORED his question and told him to go home like a good boy and IRI would take care of itself. That's...startling...to be welcomed that way. Now, Niloufar, I know you said on I think the Dorood blog that Esmail (aka Baby Ruhollah) represents a large voice of the Iranian population. And--specifics about the Babe aside, my own feelings about who he really is and what's eating at him that spurs him on here having read all his posts and submissions, I agree. How could he NOT when apparently one-sixth of 'adult' Iranians are basij. But there's a very big difference between a poor uneducated person, or a very conservative religious one, having such views, and a Jaleho or an 'IRI'. And most especially a Joe the Sceptic Tank from Alabama.

Finally, Niloufar, I have to say, it was above board, you see, for Malachi to say, thanks, but some of you sound like apologists. He just wanted to know, that's all. He wanted you all to know exactly where he stood so you could tell him exactly where you stood so that you could convince him, calm down his fears, so that he would stand somewhere closer to you and declare himself completely against military action on Iran, not ONLY as a matter of conscience but also pragmatics.

And convince other Americans and/or Jews to feel the same. Well, he is gone now.

But Joe's not.



Fouzul Bashi

Niloufar jan, you have already answered ..

by Fouzul Bashi on

Benyamin's question in your response to 'was rosie'!  


I would add to your reply that "the point of no return" might just make a safer world by creating a deterrence against Israeli and US posturing! (Have you followed the US's nuke conference just a few days ago, keeping the option of pre-emption open against non-nuclear states that have broken NPT rules?!  According to them, Iran is the top NPT rule breaker). THIS is the 900 billion $ question!

Of course the best deterrence would be Israel joining the NPT and opening its nuclear sites to inspection and destroying its stockpile of nukes.  The best deterrence would be a Nuclear Free Middle East, even better, complying with the original aim of the NPT and make a NUCLEAR WEAPONS FREE WORLD!!

I won't charge for this. You can donate the money to the 'Doctors without Borders' ;)


Marjan Zahed Kindersley

@Raoul1955 Brut(e) should be kept as bubbles in bottles

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

Thank you, once again, for the perceptive appreciation. Truly.;) (Doesn't happen everyday...)

"..however violent behavior may be stopped through the 'proper
application' of restraining means, in this case brute force can limit
the power as exercised by the Islamic folks. .."

Since history has provided us with a great amount of empirical data of brute force, I prefer to keep the brut bit as burping bubbles in bottles of champagne.

As this is the 21st century, perhaps it would be an idea to combat irrational insanities (including "pre-emptive " strikes, which seem to rely heavily on psychic "abilities") with target oxytocin "spray clusters"? Followed by an exchange of brown for brown:

cacao nibs for oil ships.

Or failing that, perhaps the CIA would like to fix its reputation of being an oxyMoron and stick some oestrogen and SSRI inhibitors into government water supply ?( A form of collateral cerebral corrosion for peace).

I can hear big pharma clapping already.You see, it does make business sense too!

"If you attempt that, I would like to see some photos.  :-)"

Ha! Maybe I should just take pictures of joggers' MRI scans?


Wanna-be Hominid Hermaphrodite

Joe L.

That's right, I am better than you attitude

by Joe L. on

I am embarrassed by my country whenever I see arrogant irrational people. If people went to Iran they'll know how amazing culture can be. They got nothing to compare themselves to and only hear what news tells them. that's just bull.
Dude, you come here and say clearly that you know nothing but what you hear on the news then act arrogantly? what's up with these people? You won't be missed.



by Benyamin on


Niloufar Parsi

rosie jan

by Niloufar Parsi on

i understand where you are coming from. it is similar to our other conversation about finklestein a few days ago. btw, i did respond to you there, though rather late.

now re. this issue, malachi himself admits that only one person abused him, and also talks about 'apologists', and decides to leave.

where i found him unreasonable was in a basic underlying assumption i read between the lines: iran with nuclear bombs 'dangerous'; usa and israel with nuclear bombs 'totally fine'.  it has an underlying assumption of 'irrationality' among iranians. this is basically racism of the kind that serves warmongering intentions. malachi prompted me to write a blog about western hypocrisy in dealing with such issues. you can find it here.


Was Rosie

another pps short one (+ missing post???)

by Was Rosie on

Oh yes, and by the way, to the perpexed:

the reason Malachi kept talking about Israel is because

a) that is EXACTLY what the mainstream news sources in the States talk about when they talk about the IRI 'nuclear threat', bombing Israel. And

b) because the video is about whether or not Israel will bomb Iran

(it was a deep dark secret and i wasn't supposed to divulge it. i hope i don't get into trouble with my masters, whoever they may be...)


Add-on: There was a statement here, as I recall around the middle of this multi-party exchange. I think it was its own post. Maybe not It said something like Zionists are the only nation who plan bombing babies while they're eating dinner at their granny's. No other nation does that, no matter how backward. Is it still here? Am I blind? It was written by..sorry, don't remember who...........................

Was Rosie

p.s. Look, Niloufar / 'IRI', Haute couture...

by Was Rosie on

 Sorry, I intended this to be brief, and obviously it's not. I am working on the post to VPK, which is far more important to me than anything about 'IRI' actually right now. But since you asked I tried to write something. It got long and I really don't have time to edit it out now, so I am letting it stand as is.




I'm trying to write this post to VPK. My standpoint will come clear not only about him but about the others within the dynamic with him as well. Because this is a group dynamic with (and ultimately against) a newcomer. It is a gestalt situation ultimately. No part can be separated from the whole. The guy left. He fled. That is the fact. So it has to be looked at that way. I can't get inti 'IRI" specifically right now. But almost everybody here is seeing what they want to see. So I am just going to throw out a couple of points.

'IRI' gloats about  'CULTURE'.

Niloufar, there are two missing posts here. The first was Joe Flag's. It was flagged. And with d-mn good reason. The second was a reply to his by Malachi that was attached to it. Malachi makes it very clear when he leaves that this was the reason why he's leaving (or I should say the straw that broke the camel's back...)--that he was verbally abused (and his attached reply deleted). Both the publisher and the flagger implicitly agree with him about the abuse. And with me. This is obvious or the post would still be there.

It is also clear that VPK allied himself with Joe Flagged's post. (I don't mean the abuse per se, VPK, I mean the post in general, but it did have an obscene attack...).So it is not possible to evaluate VMK's input after that deletion, Niloufar. Moving on to IRI, there is this slop being hurled by 'IRI's good buddy ol' Joe and at the end 'IRI' exults about culture. 'We' are cultured. We Iranians and Sewer Joe. First there was Joe the Plumber and now there is Joe the Sewer. I call foul.


Now, Niloufar, you are saying Malachi is a 'warmonger in disguise.' That is the drumroll here. But POSTS ARE MISSING. Part of what I love so much about this is that here you have VPK not condoning, but certainly not condemning, the invasion of Iraq (in this context, VPK, in this context, I know, I know you didn't support the invasion, that is not the point here) and oh I could just see 'IRI" (and you too Niloufar, but politely) railing at him about it if Malachi hadn't been here to be pilloried for all the evils of the universe. Yeah, right, some 'culture'. 'IRI'. 

Okay, Niloufar, out of respect to you I will refer to 'IRI' as 'IRI' and not Arm, as I had been doing in my post I'm drafting to VPK. Moving along, she preaches about Malachi not addressing the questions when she didn't even answer the guy's question at the very beginning. The very reason he came. She did it on purpose. Go read it. How rude. One simple question. Do you think IRI is developing a bomb? Could have a complicated answer for some people, simple for others but the QUESTION ITSELF IS SIMPLE AND REASONABLE.

Look, I don't know this person except for the little I have read onsite in the past couple of weeks and the posts I see here, but I do know that I find it offensive for someone to use the name 'IRI' when pictures of Neda are still in the pictory, and more recent events too. Whatever the Greens 'really' want (Islamic Republic, secular republic, soviet socialist republic. Tsardom) is not the issue here. The issue is that this is highly offensive for the sensibilities of the majority of people on this site. and much more painful for some than before last June. This name choice is rankly confrontational. That's fine actually, like I said, she is free to do whatever she wants (needless to say...) but it is confrontational so I confronted her on it. Her rhetoric IS IRI propaganda. The first post is a postcard Welcome to scenic Iran! The last part is Marg bar you.

A newcomer left. Was driven out. Cursed at.  Told who and what he is. Malachi comes saying this, OPENING:

I am a U.S. citizen who just happened to stumble on this post from another news website.  I have always admired Persian culture and history,

Malachi leaves saying this (emphasis mine)

 Iam a U.S. citizen, born and raised, who wanted to hear another side of the story.  I repeated what the U.S. media has been saying to Americans about Iran and the Bomb, without ever once condoning a military attack upon that ancient and venerable land.

and this...vulture...talks about CULTURE???

This person came with QUESTIONS. This person left. That is in and of itself serious. This person also happens to be an American, and pretty obviously Jewish, who has visited Israel several times and doesn't like Israelis and prefers Arabs, and instead of seizing the opportunity to win a heart and mind that is ripe for the pickings away from Israeli propaganda machne, this...

but...oh sorry I should've been addressing you directly, 'IRI'. I mean it. Seriously. It's rude to talk about someone in the third person so here straight to you:


Was Rosie


by Was Rosie on

he has a right to do whatever he wants.

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

i thought you were far more than fair with malachi, who was nothing but a warmonger in disguise.

rosie: why the 'propaganda' attack on IRI (the commentator i mean)? he makes plenty of fair points. of course he is promoting the regime, but he has a right. no?




by Kooshan on

Vote for peace, turn-off war promoting speakers;

I still remember why we attacked Iraq!!!!!!!!!!!









this Israel loving,Fox- watching American Jingo sez,"No way"

by bushtheliberator on

I detest the IRI, and hold them responsible for many US troop deaths in Iraq.I do get a grin @ hearing"Bomb,bomb Iran",but it's merely emotional,NOT operational.I never thought of Iran as anything other than an enemy state until the Green movement opened my eyes to another Iran.Now I want a Montezeri or Mousavi Green T-shirt to wear with my Bush/Cheney'04 gimme cap.

Nothing has changed the long standing calculation that the possible pernicious environmental,political,military,and economic consequences of an air attack on Iran's soil FAR outweigh any benefit of such attacks.The Israelis don't have the horses to do more than make a mess for the USA to clean up.

Ain't gonna happen.

Was Rosie

Dear Propaganda Arm of Islamic Republic of Iran /p.s.

by Was Rosie on


And what region do you live in? Kalamazoo?

and p.s. And don't even go there. I am responding to what you're saying about the newcomer, not about the US in Iran (excuse me, IRI), and not about Kalamazoo either. And you know it too. So don't even try to twist my words. You will find I'm not a pretzel.


It shows that Iranians are cultured

by IRI on

In the political scene we are witnessing similar behavior from American politicians. They come to our region and act as if it belongs to them. They order us around and if we say, get out, they bring their military superiority, just like the person who came here.
if you all noted, the individual did not respond to any valid answers and comments and just focused on the ones that he/she did not approved of. In our political struggle in the Islamic Republic, we are witnessing similar behavior also. They might repeat president Ahmadinejad's comments hundreds of times but ignore our government's call for peace, negotiations, and dialogue (as long as on equal basis). No one hears the Iranian government call to create a nuclear weapons free zone in the Middle East. We are part of NPT and IAEA has not found one single evidence that Iran is making a bomb. Yet you hear this none sense and warmongering news over and over. If they repeat it enough, people begin to think it really is so.
Here is the democracy that they want to bring to us. Take our word and answer us or else.
We have answered them, get lost from our region. We only take equal terms.


I agree with VPOK for the second time in one day

by Bavafa on

The issue of some if not most Westerners think of Iranians an inferior nation/people and some of the Iranians condone that by their action is just not acceptable to me and should not be tolerated.

Mr./Miss. Malachi position was not based on equality and justice for all, but "we can beat the crap out of you if we choose to" position and he got some rather polite responses by most. Of course I missed what IRI had written so I can't judge that comment. But I think VPOK response was a very fair and cordial one as most others.


Was Rosie

Dear VPK,

by Was Rosie on

Thank you for asking. Please do not be upset. I was referring mostly to the impression Malachi had of being ganged up on. But I am going to answer your question very carefully. Please wait.

I know that you are known for being fair and patient. Obviously there is reason for this. But we must all realize (including me of course) that we can improve, especially when dealing with newcomers, especially non-Iranians, and always bearing in mind that this medium is hardly optimal for good communication, for numerous reasons.


Lots of stuff flying here, but how about the main questions

by MM on

What I have tried to ponder is: If IRI gets an atomic bomb,

* how will IRI deliver it? Missle/plane - NO, Palestinians/others - NO

* will IRI take a chance of delivering it to terrorists or detonating it knowing that the return address is supposedly easily established with atomic materials? NO

* will IRI take a chance in contaminating friendly Arab states around Israel, especially populations of Hezbollah and Palestinians? More importantly, will IRI take a chance in contaminating the 3rd holiest city in Islam, namely Jeruselum? NO

Unless, there are just a bunch of madman characters sitting in Tehran thinking about Mahdi and Ghiamat!  Hmmmmm.  But, NO.  They are very calculating, it seems.

Was Rosie


by Was Rosie on

I had not read the whole of Malachi's post when I posted. I have contacted him/her to please read the thread. Fortunately the a/c and contact button was still there.

 (And In case anyone read it before I corrected it, my post should've said I have no very close Persian friends (not no Persian friends).


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Was Rosie

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


How was I arrogant to the newcomer? I replied to all the questions respectfully. I also indicated the belligerence in one of Malachi's own statements. I don't know everything so I replied to the best of my knowledge. 

This boils down to not being so thin skinned.  If he/she has ever been on a blog they realize that it is full of varied opinions and personal attacks are common. Try Huffington Post. In a free or relatively free blog you should expect to get all kinds of posts. I for one feel no guilt at having offended this person. In fact I feel a bit offended by Malachi's several anti Iran threats and chest beating.

I am no IRI supporter and everyone knows that. But I don't the Western attitude of superiority. For goodness sake just because it was written in American media does not make it true! Anyone should that after the WMD mess.

Regardless obviously Malachi did not like the heat. Therefore left the kitchen!

Was Rosie

Too late...

by Was Rosie on

I see I came a little too late. This was going to be my title:

No one person knows everything.

My post was going to be somewhere along these lines:


The phrase very well known worldwide delivered in a speech by Ahmadinejad four and a half years ago was:

Emam goft een rezhim-e eshghalgar-e qods bayad az safheh-ye ruzegar mahv shavad."

The most literal (closest) translation(s) would be: Imam (Khomeini) said that this regime occupying Jerusalem (Quranic name Qods used to give religious sense) must vanish (be erased/wiped away) from the pages of time (history might sound better in English). The translation 'wiped off the map' was made and disseminated by IRIB (propaganda organ of IRIB):  //web.archive.org/web/20070927213903///www.iribnews.ir/Full_en.asp?news_id=200247 I was also going to mention that dear sweet Joe just had his mouth washed out with soap for characterizing the newcomer in disgusting language, and hyphenating the garbage words didn't cut the mustard this time, and explain to the newcomer that the poster who calls him/herself IRI represents a minority of probably at best 5% unconditional supporters of IRI on this site. Finally I was going to say 'No one knows everything. Stop being arrogant to the newcomer and the newcomer will stop seeming arrogant to you. Stop thinking you know everything and the newcomer will stop sounding stupid to you."
And I was going to say 'Carry on', but looks like it's too late for that, and sign myself: Non-Zionist American Jew, basic knowledge Persian, no family, very close friendships, or specific relationship with Iran through having worked or lived there. ______________

Stop being arrogant to the next newcomer and the next newcomer will stop seeming arrogant with to you. Stop thinking you know everything and the newcomer will stop sounding stupid to you. Ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiionist or not. ___________________ (Dear the Moderator: my preferred position is Sokoot (silence, Malachi, if you're back) but some things one cannot remain silent about). Please excuse the spacings. Apparently Foaad needs to work on this again.