Persian "Jersey Shore"

MTV Now Casting Proud Beverly Hills Persians For "Jersey Shore" Spin-Off

Los Angeles Guest of a Guest: No, we are not kidding this is actually happening. It was hard for us to believe as well, it just seemed way too good to be true. In the wake of "Jersey Shore" mania that swept the nation, MTV producers are not wasting a single second on that money train and are in the process of developing several spin-offs. Each of the spin-offs focus on a different ethnic sector, such as Asian-Americans in LA and Russian-Americans in Brighton Beach.  The latest of these castings calls for Iranian-Americans (a.k.a Persians) in Beverly Hills for "The Persian Version." >>>


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Amirali Shirazi

I'm actually really happy

by Amirali Shirazi on

I'm actually really happy about this new show. I think there are two types of Iranians in the world. One type is materialistic and the other type isn't. I hope this show will show the materialistic Persians living in Southern California, obsessed with having more and more and more and more of everything that they can't take to the grave with them. You know...those Persians that always arrive late to any event, don't know how to line up for anything, and always think they're in the right even if they're being completely irrational. You know...those Persians who cheat in college and stick together like some kind of mafia while arriving on campus in their BMWs and Benz's. I would love to see them exposed on this show, picking stupid fights like their Jersey cousins. You know...those Persian kids who "pose" in front of the camera like they're sucking a lemmon with one eyebrow up. LOL...I am Persian, but I could care less what nationality I am as long as I'm a decent human being and a human being who doesn't overendulge in the material BS in this world. We all die, my fellow Persian snobs and you AINT TAKIN YOUR DAMN MANSIONS AND BENZ'S TO THE GRAVE WITH YOU! YOU ONLY TAKE YOUR CONSCIENCE! :)


mina dadvar

by KouroshS on

That is different, this is not even about "victim mentality" I understand that you are a Therapist, but don't be throwing that term around on a whim.

 Public figures are being rediculed and made fun at on night time TV shows and SNL considering certain standards and if they make a wrong move and overdo it they will get that wrist slapped and will be punished.

It is a fact that except for a few who emerge as superstars, or rather tabloid stars from some reality shows, the rest will end up not so much landing a dream life they dreamed about.


take it eeeeeeeasy!!!

by nikoo195 on

Its going to be jokes no doubt. But if everyones concern is that its going to make persians look bad, I dont buy that necessarily. I think the main thing people are going to see is how much they ARE NOT like the stereotype. And the stereotype im talking about is islamic extremist, great satan hating fanatics. Ya, persians like to party, like italians, like blacks, like whites, like asians. I would rather be stereotyped as party lovin douche bag than a islamic fanatic wife beater. I hate stereotyping, but lets face it, its a defense mechanism, everyone does, so Id rather do something positive. Jersey Shore hasnt done anything to ruin italians reputations, they are all kids! they like to party, they are what kids in america are like today. LOL if anyhting it makes AMERICANS LOOK BAD. Also, im sure the persian on this show are aware of what the skeptics are saying and will act accordingly, atleast to a degree.

So come on guys, its not the end of the world and it aint going to be that bad 



by Golinedairani on

"چون ايران نباشد تن من مباد"  LOL it doesn't matter when people say where I'm from I say Iran americans don't know its the same.. be man che..

Sheila K

Anything to stop war against Iran...

by Sheila K on

Stop nagging. This is a good PR for Iranians in the US. So what if they show the idiotic side--we too have it and are proud of it. Anyhow, if this show gets any popularity then I suppose it can help with a preemptive strike against Iran. don't you think so?

Ari Siletz

I'd like to see Personal Persia in a sitcom

by Ari Siletz on

An actress/commentator with interesting voice and facial dynamics, who performs "second generation Iranian-American" quite well. And a sassy writer too.


my guess is that the producers will pick the best of the worst

by MM on

My guess is that the producers will pick the best of the worst Iranian-Americans in order to be dramatic, which "sells" as we saw with the Italian-American verion "Jersey Shores".



BOYCOTT "PERSIAN" jersey shore

by Iraniandudeee on

Please join these group to boycott and ban "Persian jersey shore"


They wanna make a joke out of our culture and identity.Screw mtv, lamest channel out there.

"You should not be afraid of the ideology but of the determination and will of the men behind it"

"A drowning man is not troubled by rain" Persian Proverb


Marge Azziz

by minadadvar on

Relax.  The media, also, makes fun of distinguished political figures, including Obama, Clintons and others on Saturday Night Live.

Vicim mentality is dangerous.


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Oh goody. Let's look at immigrant kids and laugh

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

This is a great idea by MTV. Let's not focus on music anymore. Let's show caricatures and let downs. Let's show foolish children who are adults, but not matured. This is cheap exploitation. I can't believe how little people respect themselves anymore to let VIACOM/Facebook/Myspace make billions of their lives. We are weak creatures who need validation. MTV has a history of taking dumb 18 year olds who can enter contracts that they will regret later, and tear a family apart. 

However, I have a feeling some of these Iranian parents will be excited for their kids to be on television, thinking it's an opportunity to Hollywood movies. lol.


I hope it doesn't come to pass- they will select Sahar K no doub

by iran_zameen on

As well as Ahmadinejad, a few other characters will introduce a few negative adjectives to describe Iranians...

the Persians will try to outdo the Italians by watching Jersey Shore again and acting stuck up, phoney, immature and feminine

and the girls will either be really super stuck up and start bitching about "Persian guys".... or just annoying girls

I hope they cancel it... I wonder which parent in his right mind will let them on.......