Khayyam's Calendar

More accurate than the Gregorian calendar of 500 years later

Wikipedia: Like most Persian mathematicians of the period, Omar Khayyám was also famous as an astronomer. In 1073, the Seljuk Sultan Sultan Jalal al-Din Malekshah Saljuqi (Malik-Shah I, 1072-92), invited Khayyám to build an observatory, along with various other distinguished scientists, one being Shamse Tabrizi, his mentor and the father of Kimia Khatoon, with whom he fell in love. Eventually, Khayyám and his colleagues measured the length of the solar year as 365.24219858156 days. Omar's calendar was more accurate than the Gregorian calendar of 500 years later. The modern Iranian calendar is based on his calculations >>>


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Khayyam was one out of 7 sientists.

by choghok on

He was not at all "the guy behind the calendar" He was "one of the guys".

And the thing about Shamse Tabrizi is a piece of misinformation. Shams lived after Khayyam. He lived during Mongol raids towards Iran. Also Shams was a mystic and not a scientist, why was a mystic needed for a calendar? 

  Get your facts right next time. 


Very educational

by Monda on

Thanks Mehrdad.


A Golden Nugget :)

by R2-D2 on

Thank You Mehrdad ....