Hollywood Persians

Reason why MTV wants to produce Persian version of "Jersey Shore"

Loud music and dancing on a Hollywood sidewalk:


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They say dance as if no one's watching

by HHH on

Not dance as if you're a "koskhol" with no better place to dance than top of your car and street sidewalk.


Why is everyone hating so much?

by nikoo195 on

Why is everyone hating so much?? They are having a good time!! Isnt one of the commandments of being happy to  "DANCE AS IF NO ONE IS WATCHING?"




by ahmad_ on

Low IQ men and woman who think the sidewalk belongs to them and create difficulty for passers by.

As if  there are no parking lots or parks nearby for them  to do their dance.

I have not seen this type of acts done by other nationalities.

David ET


by David ET on

It is only few Iranian kids having a good time...  

                    Sign and spread the Iranian Solidarity Declaration 


As Borat says: "My brother billow is a retard..."

by Arthimis on


Vaghean, nemidooneem bekhandeem ya geryeh koneem ??

Behtareh bekhandeem...:D Vali, Aberoo-Reezi ham deegheh hadi dareh!!!!

PS. They are lucky for not being arrested for at least a D.U.I !!!



Not agian

by عموجان on

Bunch of rich irainan kids got high and drunk on street of Lalaland. I hope they have their green cards. 


What's Not to Love aakheh?

by Monda on

Before long Hollywood Blvd. will turn into sar e pol e tajreesh on Thursday nights :o) I hope these kids didn't get citation for show of intense joy in public. 


Persians are in-demand baby!!!

by Khar on

We are no longer going to hide and be closet Iranians!!

Bring it out let it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!