Farnaz Fassihi

2010 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award

International Print Winner: “Hearts, Mind, and Blood: The Battle for Iran,” Farnaz Fassihi, The Wall Street Journal: Under great personal danger, Farnaz Fassihi, a native Iranian, captured compelling stories about Iranian resistance and the attempts to silence it. Her series features chilling personal tales from both sides of the issue and has drawn intense reaction among members of the U.S. Congress, academics from around the globe, and members of the Iranian diaspora >>>

>>> Fassihi winner of three other awards


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"Holy Guacamole, she looks like that girl Sahar Kazemi??"

by comrade on

You meant Sahel Kazemi. And what is gonna happen to YOU, if your prediction didn't materialize? Are you gonna kill someone, and commit suicide, then? Please seek help. Hatred is a disease.

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

Hey i_support_khaymenie

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

i think you mistook this lady for your abji or maybe your bibi...!?

Nader Vanaki

TO:hamsade ghadimi

by Nader Vanaki on

تو دیگه گوز پیچ تر از همه!


hg jaan: How disturbing if

by vildemose on

hg jaan: How disturbing if that's the case.

This twit apparently works for the Iranian intereste section in DC.

His name is

Jaafar Mohammadi, charge de affaires, Interest Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Embassy of Pakistan, Wisconsin Avenue, DC


hamsade ghadimi

nader, vildemose

by hamsade ghadimi on

i think that it was actually a subtle reference to zahra kazemi and her fate.


Beauty and brains. Thank

by vildemose on

Beauty and brains. Thank you ghormeh.

No, she does not look anything like Sahar Kazemi.


Nader Vanaki

TO: i_support_khamenie

by Nader Vanaki on

بابا تو خیلی شوتی! یه خورده از اون چیزهایی که میکشی هم به من بده تا افکارم مثل تو گوزپیج بشه! شاید اون موقع از اون حسادتی که به موفقیت یک هموطن احساس می کنی بشه سر درآورد.


Holy Guacamole, she looks like that girl Sahar Kazemi??

by i_support_khamenie on

She loooks like the girl Sahar Kazemi...the one that committed suicide and killed the Titans Quarter Back player

Holy Cow, you live and see!


ghormeh sabzi

by Proud on

People with these types of accolades and accomplishments are the ones who deserve to be "Iranian of the day". They bring out  the sense of Inspiration and Pride. On the other hand, your Iranians of the day are usually, Aspiring actresses,AKA, nude models or a bunch of no talents  who resort to show their skin for your pitiful attention. So grow up, get a clue and while you are at it get a life!




یک شیر زن ایرانی‌ دیگه که مایه فخر بقیه هم وطن آنش هست.