Eshgh e Maashin

Iranian car lovers

Documentary by Amin Azad:

بخش شروع فیلم عشق ماشین from aminazad on Vimeo.


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I really liked the guy's explanation.

by Bavafa on

it is obvious his heart is in it.  When you like some thing, you can't say why or how or.... and only people with the same passion can understand it.



Dame hamgi bachehaye bahaal

by Arthimis on

Dame hamgi bachehaye bahaal Tehran garm...

Vaghen, ey val daarand...

Love and Peace.

Peter Pan

Better than sex

by Peter Pan on

One of the best hobbies in the world. The cameraman apparently has no appreciation for the trade, and does not know these guys are willing to talk about their "babies" for hours. He should have been more attentive to these people's interest, and their willingness to share their knowledge instead of making stupid, and meaningless remarks. But again The reporter is Iranian, Persian, something like that...

The only drawback is: When you own, and love some babies like these ones, you have to make sure you won't do anything which might invite baton wielding "basijis" to your neighbourhood.


Tehrooni Copycats

by onlyinamrica on

This is in Tehran. I thought Iran is the land of KHFAGHAAN.