Ahmad Alamolhoda

Mashhad Friday Prayer leader believes women not observing Islamic dress codes are animals


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Not Persian

by zebelkhan on

His turban is black which indicates that he is NOT Persian, but related to Mohammad.



by Raad on

Dont forget

this people are proud persians , sons of korosh,

land of best culture and food and people and we have 10.000 years history and bla blablabla.

pffff :)





if bad hejab is animal, then no hejab must mean whore

by iran_zameen on

and if that is so, then why is Khamenie sacrificing iran's natinal interests for the sake of Palestinians who are mostly = no hijab and sellers of liquor and porn in united states.

could something be going on that we don't know about?


best explanation

by iran_zameen on

best expl. why killing a soul is not always evil...cade in point : this fat fuck


Two Words!!

by Arthimis on

F$@K OFF!!

Dirty Akhoond,

Yek roozi koonet roo dam hameen haramet jer meedan belakhareh... :D


Horny Akhond

by divaneh on

Even when he goes on pilgrimage to Imam Reza's shrine, he cannot stop looking at women. He even checks them before and after they have been to the toilet. What a perv!


how can people actually sit

by azadi5 on

how can people actually sit through this crap? what does this fat idiot know about art?



by Raoul1955 on

Although I don't understand what the Arabic imam [sheik?] is saying I am smiling as I notice the way he is handling the rifle.  I, as an ex-military man and a gun enthusiast, have never seen anyone who knows anything about firearms handling a rifle the way this Arabic imam is.  It is in all likelihood for some sort of theatrics.

His crowd does not come across as educated or otherwise savvy.  This assembly is very much similar to our own brainless militia or the klansmen getting together and bad mouthing normal folks, except that this crowd is controlling Iran!


Real Mullah

by عموجان on

Some body ask a Mullah, is there any worser human than you on this planet?

He said yes, those how know what kind of animal I am and yet they say hello to me and ask how I am doing and if there is any thing they can do for me.  


why insult

by MRX1 on

the animals? every animal in natural eco system plays a role, exactly what role does a mullah play?

see what is more disturbing is not what he said, but the morons that actualy came to listen to him! I much doubt that you guys can sell your secualr progressive jeffersonian doctorine that you advocate night and day to this crowd!



by ThePope on

The mullah says that women should not have  any makeup on when they go for a pilgramage at 'imam' reza... And that those who go with makeup on are entering the shrine as "animals"!
But I wonder why the hell 'imam' reza himself has makeup on?! In all of 'imam' reza's pictures (temsaal) you can easily see him wear makeup; rimel, khateh cheshm, sorkhaab, sefidaab,... (mascara, eye line, blush, ...)
Was he some sort of an arab drag queen?!


Btw, not long ago, one of the satanic republic's cyber lackeys on Iraniandotcom, the idiot sargerd pof..., was "at a loss in determining what exactly the mullah was holding" while giving his friday prayer lecture. All members who commented on that thread could easily tell the mullah was holding a riffle while preaching, and that they've been doing it for 30 yrs . But, as usual, sargerd was somehow denying and desperately trying to change the subject [with technical BS].       




Well, I am not going to call him an animal

by Bavafa on

because I love animals and I respect them and does not deserve as such.  But who ever believes in this garbage, is a brain washed moron and those that preech it are the hatemonger morons.


Darius Kadivar

Khob Abarmard Did you make Your Choice on Miss Canada? ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Hope Your Enjoying yourself in the Corrupt West ...



The real animals!

by Proud on

Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and all other religions promote division and hate, not unity and love. Only narrow minded people would believe in such B.S that was created to control minds. If anyone is an animal, its the peope who believe in this S.....