Miss World Canada 2010

Iranian contestants

There are five Iranian girls competing in the Miss World Canada 2010. The winner will go on to represent Canada in the Miss World 2010 later on this year. They are:

* Neda Derakhshanfar

* Aylar Macky

* Golnaz Harandi

* Paniz Yousefzadeh

* Sanaz Beikoghly Ardebili

The Miss Canada World event takes place from June 7-14 at MTCC in Toronto. Good luck to them all.


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girls who rock hijabs

by truthseeker on

girls who rock hijabs nijabs or bikinis r all good with me! good luck with the contest ladies. ur all sexy 2 me!


Boiling eggs for Peter Pan

by Raoul1955 on

Well Peter Pan, obviously they are not muslim, hence they are not required to engage in boiling eggs for men.  Also, our customs in America are different than those in your part of the world.  Over here if a man doesn't know how to cook, he should visit local fast food joints, or find a muslim woman.  :-)

Peter Pan

It's "for", not "of"

by Peter Pan on

Does any of them know how to boil an egg for her man?

khaleh mosheh

Dairy farm

by khaleh mosheh on

I knew a very rich Iranian dairy tycoon who in order to pay homage to the source of his wealth decided to call her daughter Paniz to signify the amalgamation of Paneer and cheese in Persian and English. Not sure if the remarkably pretty young lady here  is the daughter of the said tycoon or not. It may be that the name just caught on...



by UnitedIran on

In her case beauty is more than skin deep.


yek sabad HOOLOO ;-)

by capt_ayhab on

Bin full of HOOLOO............




I am with Ahmad

by Abarmard on

I vote for Hila Sedighi


Hila Sedighi

by ahmad_ on

Looks much better than all these girls put together.

I would vote for her given the chance.


Neda and Paniz

by statira on

are the best. The other 3 are average.



by ghalam-doon on

What kind of "Iranian" name is that?




ایرانی از اینا خوشگل تر خیلی هسدن ولی بینه اینا ساناز بهتره به نظرم


it's funny

by iran_zameen on

Read up on who is sponsoring them!!


The correct heading

by Raoul1955 on

should have been Canadians of Iranian origin, and not Iranians.  LOL.

Genghis Khan

Beauty of hijab

by Genghis Khan on

I can assure you these beautiful faces are lost among the new wave of Iranian immigrants who are flooding into Canada. They are mostly Hezbollahi, basijis, and likes of the Rafsanjanis with unbelievable amount of money they bring with themselves.

Hopefully a military attack will take care of the source.

If my body dies, let my body die, but do not let my country die.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

The Leyla Forouhar Principle

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I don't understand why women do this chemically treated stuff to their beautiful Iranian hair. Brunettes are the joy of life. It is an awkward look. Neda would look far more alluring with darker hair. Let me put it this way. If Leyla Forouhar is doing it, DO NOT DO IT!