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Tuesday, September 29, 2009:


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Do Iranians now realize the truth? I wonder

by AlexInFlorida on

I wonder if Iranians realize that the corrupt authorities that have
been terrorizing their lives for the past 30 years are made up of
accomplished liars, crooks and crazy people?

At some point, when Iranians decide they want to regain their freedom they will have to use their voices responsibly.

This means the only way Iranians can regain freedom will be to rebel
for the sake of the dignity and character of the Shah who their parents
generation betrayed, while listening to these accomplished liars of

It took a great imagination to portray the shah as a dictator, a
murderer, a tyrannical crook, and a self serving traitor. Even the
secret service SAVAK was lied about, where politically motivated people
accused the shah of having political foes tortured.  Like I said a
great imagination and naivete to believe these allegations.

Let us admit in his memory that the shah was a considerate leader,
generous to all iranians regardless of sex, religion, or minority.  He
was a true representation of creative elegance and always passionately
pursued the dreams of his people. He was easy going with his team
mates, sensitive in relations and shy at times and these are all things
that he was admired for. 

The one thing he will never be forgotten for was that he was the
first King after over a millenia that restored Freedom for all
Iranians. The title of light of the aryans he truly earned with his
blood and sweat, before he was betrayed by his own people under heavy