More Qods Day, 2009

Green protesters defy regime

Crowd booes Ahmadinejad and chants "doroogh-goo" during his speech:

Tehran, the endless sea of people:

"Baradar-e roftegar, Mahoud o var dar bebar!":

Basijis attack people:

Mottahari and Valie-Asr, Basijis chase people:

Young man writes green slogans on buses used for transporting Ahmadinejad supporters:

IRNA gets it good, though IRIB is not spared either! People outside IRNA offices boo and chant "Liar, Liar," "Doroogh-goo", going on to say "Nang-e maa, seda o simay e maa."

Green Qods Day protest in Vienna. It has an important message and overall it is a very moving clip:

This is a clip of green protests on Qods Day in Paris. Someone attacks one of the green protesters:

>>> More videos from Qods Day demonstrations


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Support real Iranian Patriotic

Sweep IRI to Rubbish Bin

by Support real Iranian Patriotic on

thanks to our young generation for their courage,you are all will be victorious.




Thank you

by yolanda on

Thank you for all the videos from inside and outside Iran. The protests are so spontaneous! I am sure that they will seize the opportunities to protest again in the future!




Pure Courage

by fatemeholfati on

Despite threats, recents murders, rapes and imprisonments they came back in numbers, this time not for their votes but only to topple the dictator. People of Iran made history again. V

Jahanshah Javid

Ugly vs Beautiful

by Jahanshah Javid on

The Green Movement is beautiful as much as the Islamic Republic is ugly inside and out. Looking at them, their lively determination, hope, passion, courage move me.