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From the wheel to ice cream?


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Kwarizi the founder of algebra

by statira on

Kwarizmi was a persian mathematician and founder of algebra. He was born in Kwarizm in Persia. His book was written in Arabic, just because arabic was the official language at the time in the territories which were occuppied by arabs.

ali hakkak

jj Jan ba mam dige bale?!!!

by ali hakkak on

So was it just a glitch or did you just censore my comment out?!!! If it's the latter, there are open positions in hmadinejad's cabinet for you JJ!!!


Anyways, the gist of my comment was that...nevermind! I really would like this comment to make it!! 

dingo daddy En passant

Chess has an interesting origin

by dingo daddy En passant on

Chess has an interesting origin and I'm glad some commentators spoke about it.

If we consider the modern rules of chess, it was made to it's present form in Europe, not in Muslim Khalifate or India or Persia. Games similar to modern Chess were available in those cultures for centuries.


What a joke

by Iranyvaliazad on

Lets assume all of those claims were 100% correct with absolutely no doubt .. then what?  What has this magnificient culture invented and/or created during last few centuries.

Simply pay attention to literature works of writers from  countries who had spent great deal of time in dark ages (i.e. when Ferdosi, hafez, Saadi were writing master pieces, Europe was in the dark side).  Saying that, the writers and artists (intellectuals) of those countries have been creating master piece after master piece, invention after invention and our culture have been stuck in the mud.

I personally think, once west realized the evil of religion and put the cult in its place (away from governing every aspect of citizens) the science, arts, etc. in west started to bloom and it has not stopped.  I hope one day, Iranians put cult of islam in trash can for that when we see great strides as well.

ebi amirhosseini

aaminian jaan

by ebi amirhosseini on

please don't go that far..... this has nothing to do with religion or ....this is just academic truth.

just to let you know:

My phd thesis was translation of a bilingual book( Avestan & Pahlavi)  to Farsi .

please don't teach me what I have taught for more than 15 years.

I rest my case!!.

Ebi aka Haaji

Artificial Intelligence

Yes Windex in an Iranian invention

by Artificial Intelligence on

Show offs. Get a life.


My big fat greek wedding

by iroooni on

This reminds me of the dad in that movie: everything had it's roots in Greece. I also once saw a similar post from an Indian claiming a lot of things were from India. Finally, wasn't Iskandar supposed to be gay?



by aaminian on

You see Ebi, now you are being really ludicrous.  Avestan (and not Avastan) is NOT an alphabetic system.  In the evolution of languages, Cuneiform precedes alphabetic systems;
it's made up of symbols and pictures. Very rudimentary, indeed.

Besides, if it were such an advanced alphabetic system, why do you think they abandoned it?!  Answer: Because it was very difficult to communicate in it in a written manner. It would take a few heavy scrolls to say what you can in a sentence in, say, English, French, or Arabic.

What you need to understand is that human beings learn and have been learning from one another throughout history; there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  It is a sign of strength that you know how to detect a good idea and put it to use.  Take a look at the Persian literature and poetry for example.  It was virtually non-existent before the advent of Islam. A prime example is the Cuneiform "writings" on the staircases of Persopolis.  Do you know what most of them said; simple "statements" like "...this nation brought Darius these gifts and that nation brought Darius those gifts...".  This is the simplest form of communication and it is not literature. It is just one step after prehistoric cave paintings.

Being proud of your Iranian heritage is great; you should be. I know I am.  But I also know  when to point out our shortcomings.  Iranians have NOT significantly contributed to the human civilization for quite sometime.  We need to get over our blind and unconditional pride and forge ahead with the rest of developed nations.

Iraneh Azad

This is Chert o pert as someone correctly stated below

by Iraneh Azad on

It truly makes Iranian look desperate for finding some achievements. These are half truths and or outright misrepresentation of history. This is not how a culture declares success anyway. Its how other people judge us. We know our accomplishments and do not need to resort to these types of misrepresentations.

Ari Siletz

che khabra e, root of the word "algebra"

by Ari Siletz on

The word "algebra "comes from Kharazmi's book Al jabr va al moghabeleh. Kharazmi was born about a hundred years after the Sassanian dynasty was toppled by the Arab invasion in what is now Uzbekistan--which was Sassanian territory (greater khorasan) before Islam, and definitely Persian culture way back to the Achaemenids who called the region Huvarazmish. He probably wrote the book in the Abassid capital of Baghdad. The discourse built on Hindu and Greek mathematics and contained his own  contributions as well. Interestingly, another famous Persian genius hails from the kharazm area: Abu Reyhan e Birooni, born about a hundred years after Kharazmi died.


There is a little, if not a lot, of bias here! OGHDEH-EE Shodi?

by gol-dust on

I appreciate your natinalism, but let's not forget the root of our culture and that is never talk about yourself! We should be more humble! Probably, you were raised here and they tried to humiliate you. I understand that. it's ok to say it, but not publicise it!

I felt cheap by this! We have done a lot, but let's not let it get to our head! You firgit The "assassin" that came from us!

ebi amirhosseini

aaminian jaan

by ebi amirhosseini on

you say"

"before the invasion of Arabs, Persians didn't have an alphabet; they used a cuneiform system. '

totally wrong.

Cuniform is a form of alphabet . Avastan , Middle Persian(Pahlavi) & Manichaean, have their own .All these were before Arab invasion.


Ebi aka Haaji




by aaminian on



Did you read what I actually said about Arabic/Farsi?!  I said "written" Farsi.  Every educated Iranian should know that Farsi is from the Indo-European family of languages and to take that discussion one step further, Arabic comes from Armaic. 

Again, written Farsi comes from the Arabic alphabet. Make NO mistake about it.

ebi amirhosseini

Re : not so fast

by ebi amirhosseini on

 With all due respect!!!!!

What a .................$$:

"During the invasion of India by Nader Shah Afshar (probably the greatest Iranian king, second only to Cyrus the Great), local residents of a poor farm are summoned to meet with an Iranian ruler."

 -The origin of Chess:





" Come to think of it written Farsi uses the Arabic alphabet with some added letters like "jhe".  Before the invasion of Arabs, Persians didn't have an alphabet; they used a cuneiform system."  










 Arabic alphabet is derived from Aramaic.




Ebi aka Haaji

che khabar e

if I'm not mistaken,

by che khabar e on

The word "algebra" comes from the arabic word "al-jabr" and based on a book by an arab.  Please correct me if I'm wrong though.

Ari Siletz

Forgot to mention humility

by Ari Siletz on

Iranians praised and appreciated the contributions of other civilizations at a time when those primates could only hoot and chest beat.



لاف در قربت و گوز در بازار مسگران




Some Iranians are just as arrogant as americans!

by payamshahfari on

This is just silly. But you'd be surprised to see how many iranians/"Persians" will claim these fallacies as facts. Ok Poker or backgammon is something, but the WHEEL? What the hell. Seriously, our "Persian Pride" and our nationalism sometimes leads us to make stupid and irrational statements like these and sometimes it leads us to act as racist and ignorant individuals.  

 And the Aaftaabeh comment, Man thats hilarious. 


What happend to my comment!lol

by darius on


What happend to my comment!lol


Not So Fast!

by aaminian on

There were quite a few invalid/false statements that were made in this video.  I'd like to rectify 2 of them here:


Chess was NOT invented by Iranians

Here is the real but short story:

During the invasion of India by Nader Shah Afshar (probably the greatest Iranian king, second only to Cyrus the Great), local residents of a poor farm are summoned to meet with an Iranian ruler.  During this meeting they exchange gifts with the ruler (house warming of sorts).  A poor farmer goes up to the ruler and presents him with the chessboard.  The ruler becomes really fascinated by the game and tells the farmer he can have anything he asks of him.  The farmer says put a grain of wheat on the first cell of the chessboard, 2 on the 2nd cell, 3 on the 3rd, all the way up to the 64th cell.  Then multiply all those numbers (64 factorials for those math/engineering enthusiasts) and give me an equivalent number of wheat grains.  Withought realizing how much wheat that equates to, the ruler orders his solders to give the smart farmer 2-3 sacks of wheat.  Well, it turns out that the king now ows the farmer hundreds of thousands of tons of wheat (probably much more than what the entire Persian Empire can afford)!

Also, Algebra is NOT of Iranian origin either.  It has its roots in Arabian Heshamites with its center in Baghdad.  During the rise of Arabs/Islam, Persia had many great mathematicians, chemists,  astronomers, etc. but Persians did NOT invent Algebra.  The whole numbering system that we Iranians use is of Arabic origin; thus the term Arabic numerals; Arabs were the first race that actually invented the numbering system that is used thorughout the world today. Come to think of it written Farsi uses the Arabic alphabet with some added letters like "jhe".  Before the invasion of Arabs, Persians didn't have an alphabet; they used a cuneiform system.

Indirectly, this video goes a long way to show you that the Internet can be a very misleading source of information.  At the end, it is up to each individual to research the authenticity of information being presented.


Chert o pert

by Negin on

That is just chert o pert!

 Alexander the Great was gay and had only one Persian wife and never really consumate his marriage, because he had a male lover!


"Chariots" is wrong

by Q on

The Hittite Empire used Chariots in its war against Egypt 1200 BC 600 years before there was such thing as "Persia". I also highly doubt "bricks" (Pyramids of Egypt built 3000BC), hospital and waterbed.

Also, we are at best a co-inventor of Chess, and that's being generous. //

Abarmard and JJ are right. We do have a serious problem claiming other people's work as ours. Many unique persian cultural artifact can be traced to older civilizations in the Middle East, but you never hear any "proud Persian" admit it.


I realy Liked it !

by masoudA on

Please be specific - which exact claim do you disagree with?    This young hamvatan has made a great clip - in which there may or may not be errors.    Let's not make generalized comments.    Also - everything that may we have or have not done in the past, pales in comparison to having Ahmadinejad as President and Khamenei is Rahbar.   We can take much pride in our past - but what are we going to do with the shame of having a theocracy in the 21st Century? 

Here is the claims I disagree with the clip:

While it's true that Alexander never went back to Greece - I read that he only married one Persian Woman - from eastern shores of Khazar Sea.  




some1 beat me to the aftabeh comment

by Faramarz_Fateh on

great clip!  Thank you.


Woops JJ you made a big

by alimostofi on

Woops JJ you made a big error.  The reason that ATG managed to do what he did in Iran is b/c his father was Iranian.  Read Eskandarnameh.


Ali Mostofi




O Ma God!

by ghalam-doon on

They left out "aftabeh" :)

So what kind of background music is that? Is it "Persian"?

"When Persians ... dig (sic) 100 meter deep mines the rest of the world were probably still monkeys"



Just this racist statement shows the kind of people we're dealing with here.


What is interesting to know

by Abarmard on

Is that most of those inventions are derivatives of what originally was made. That's the problem with this video. For example, Santur and Setar are exclusive to our region that guitar and Piano has come from it. Wine and beer is correct as it is mentioned in Guinness book of records, dating back to 8000 years ago. Refrigerator and air conditioning, is a concept that was used by Iranians, however they are not the modern Iranian inventions (Yakh Chall, and baad geer).

Any ways, this is going too far, it would have been better if the individual put the original concept dating back to the Iranian engineering vs what is common today. That would have made sense.



by farrad02 on

Is that a field that existed before AGRICULTURE?

Anyhow, I think he missed Space Shuttle in that list!!! I heard the abdarchi of the Shuttle design team in NASA was an Iranian man!


What they left out

by choghok on

Air, Water, food, clothes, walking, sleeping, washing, sneezing.. all basic stuff were invented by Iranians, especially by Ahmaghinejad and his ministers.

To all the people who made this video and they who think there is any credibility in it. Grow up. Don't be close minded nationalists.


I agree

by amirkabear4u on

with Jahanshah it is going too far. The last time I heard things like this was from Iranian right extremists.

Do you know why foreigners laugh at us? Beside mullahs and shah's medals because we keep making extra ordinary claims which are difficult to prove. No one can prove who invented the wheel. Mankind had to have shoes when they lived on ice or snow and it was not in Persia. We did not have ice age.