Zakaria: Live with a nuclear Iran

Fareed Zakaria commentary on CNN


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   Interesting comment

by vildemose on


 Interesting comment from Juan's blog:

"Wag the dog is the name of the game. Ignore the man behind the curtain.

Iran's strategic position (including nuclear development) is more in opposition to Arabia than with Israel. Mr. Nijad uses Israel as rhetorical leverage, but like the AQ/Brotherhood, the real target is the Saudi hold on Gulf power and policy. Even Iran's aid to Hez-Lebanon is as much about Arabia as israel. Note the hot Shiite-Sunni war in Yemen.

Likewise Israel rattles their huge nuclear-tipped saber against Iran, and may even go postal, with an impossibly long range attack of limited effect. But their real imperative is to maintain their primacy in US politics and economics. They already live with Arabian and Pakistani nuclear islamist states.

Given that Iran is close-threatened on 3 sides by US land and naval (nuclear) forces, and that she is struggling for strategic depth against nuclear armed Arabia and Pakistan (both US allies), her strategic need for nuclear arms capability is almost overwhelming. (Obama may be followed by a neocon admin that is no longer pinned in the current Asian land wars.)

That puts the already-nuclear states of Israel, Arabia and Pakistan in a good position to fan the flames, keep the pot percolating, and the arms-aid flowing."




  On How Iran is a

by vildemose on


On How Iran is a Military Nothing despite What Propagandists Say;
and on How Even Israel Dwarfs Iran Militarily in Every Way that Matters



Obama should thank the by

by vildemose on

Obama should thank the

by vildemose on

Obama should thank the Iranian people.

“Presumably the régime in Iran is being so forthcoming because it needs a win on the international stage to shore up its flagging legitimacy at home, in the wake of presidential elections widely viewed as fraudulent...” we should rightly give credit to the courageous Iranian people, themselves for their sacrifice = this gift: making any semblance of détente between IRAN and US possible.


No easy solution!

by choghok on

I would agree that there are no easy solution to this problem. No country with good leadership would want a country run by a group running Iran holding any nuclear possibility. Now that Russia seems to be on board and the last country not willing to cooperate on Iran is China. I would think it is enough if all these countries would put embargo on Revolutionary guards and all the companies who trade with them. That mean a big blow to the establishment of IRI.



BIKAR, your efforts was also tried and failed!

by Jaleho on

There has been two assissination attempts at Ahmadinejad the first few months after his first election by your buddies Jundollah, and terrorist groups supported by the west, as he visited the most remote parts of Iran in Sistan Baluchestan areas. Like all the other western efforts against Iran, it failed, and it even didn't prevent the president from going to those areas more frequently.

 Do you have other innovative suggestions?


Right to the point...Zak...

by Emil on




Zakaria has to be REALISTIC

by Jaleho on

Fareed Zakaria is smart and realistic enough to know that after Ahmadinejad's election, there wouldn't be any bargain with the west about Iran's nuclear rights. Thus, he has been saying the right thing now just now, but much earlier, see this earlier Newsweek article:


so, he prefers to let people like David Sanger make public ass of themsleves by trying an Iraq redux in vain. I'll just copy my comment to ShahGholam's article in that regard, and hope you do click on the "stovepiping" techniques as well:


DIRTY David Sanger/ New Judith Miller!

by Jaleho on

David Sanger and Broad are Nytimes new Judith Miller!

The Sulzberger Jewish family think that they can ALWAYS force America to carry Israel's dirty wars by bunch of Jewish reporters in NYTimes (with their buddy William Kristol's help of course!) and few Jewish neocons in Pentagon to concoct LIES and spread it through their mouthpiece The New York Times!

 And note, although I always make a distinction between Jewish and Zionist, when it comes to the news media, in particular NYtimes, and neocons like Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, and Wolfowitz...the Iraq war lies was mainly concocted and spread by Jewish Zionists, not Christian Zionists. Although the Christian Zionist Cheney was instrumental in pushing the war through, but this was a unique case that Thomas Friedman even boasted about the power of few people like himslef and few other liars in NYTImes  who created the BODY OF LIES.

The Sulzberger family better look at the stock of its company to note that they don't have such powers anymore. The American public will not buy dirty lies that its reporters like Judith Miller spread successfully for Iraq war, and now DAVID SANGER- NYTimes new Judith Miller- has been trying to spread for few years now!

Their times is up, there is a smarter American public who is sick of antrax and copper tube lies, there is a new president in the White House, and NYtimes has lost its credibility. Besides, the Jewish neocon spies of the Pentagon HAVE BEEN KICKED OUT, although  they tried to change the Office of Special Plan to just switch from Iraq to Iran, but the major Zionist spies of Pentagon are kicked out.

Does everyone remember the lie factory, Office of Special Plan, which worked hand in hand with NYTImes?

"Office of Special Plans (OSP), which existed from September 2002 to June 2003, was a Pentagon unit created by Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith, and headed by Feith, as charged by then-United States Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, to supply senior George W. Bush administration officials with raw intelligence (unvetted by intelligence analysts, see Stovepiping) pertaining to Iraq.[1] A similar unit, called the Iranian Directorate, was created several years later, in 2006, to deal with intelligence on Iran.[2]

Shah Gholam, thanks for providing news from one of the few non-Jewish owned papers available, although CSMonitor is the voice of State Department! Still when it come to WAR LIES, one always needs CSMonitor to monitor Sulzbergers NYTimes and all of its satellite like Boston Globe and International Herald Tribune ...the war loudspeakers!


Bikar, are you volunteering to be the...

by Ostaad on

the first assassin, or you're sleep walking?


Fered, here's where you're losing me...

by Ostaad on

On the one hand, you decry the fate of generations of Iranians living under sanctions, and on the other hand you talk about "airtight sanctions". Seems you don't have the foggiest what the airtight sanctions and the materil support that you keep talking about are, do you. Or, you do know but not telling. Which is it?



Fareed Zakaria

by BIKAR on

you are wrong again, it is not to difficult to see what this regime is doing, however you forgot the third option, assassinating the regimes leaders one by one and see what happens after third or forth assassination they will pack their bags and run for Syria or Lebanon or Russia ( may be). Or the fourth and nasty option of supporting another mullah to create a bigger division, but that has bad out comes.Fareed stay in push house and forget about politics man.



N. Korea-zation of IRR

by Fred on

Living with nukish Islamist Rapist Republic is not going to be like Iraq where Fareed wholeheartedly supported its invasion and when it hit the fan changed his views.

What he is carelessly proposing is generations of Iranians living under sever sanctions while the IRR elite live the good life, very much like N. Korea. An IRR with nuke is a game changer for the worst and will have long-lasting destabilizing effect and not containable.  

There is a third way to deal with the IRR before it gets its nuke, airtight sanctions and openly helping Iranians with material support to overthrow the Islamist menace.


Also see:

by Ostaad on


And remember who signs Fareed's paycheck, just to put his views in context.