Rashti boy

Teacher asks him a couple of questions in class


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American Dream


by American Dream on

I agree with you.

There are a lot of ignorant people out there.

A great actor from Iran was from an Area in the North of Iran.

More on him:




to whom who called this Video "A Rashti Boy"

by ebram on

Dear Sir,

The boy in the video doesn’t have a rashti accent. I don’t know why you called it rashti, probably it just shows your ignorance and lack of understanding of different farsi dialects. This is so low that it reminds me of  the pre revolution days in Iran where peasant like you tried to get credibility by belittling  others by calling them  rashti or turks.

Yours sincerely kambiz rashti.  

The Shepherdess

Poor kid

by The Shepherdess on

It's mean to be laughing at his agony, but this clip is very funny. I love how he gesticulates with his hands as if it's going to help him think.

Who knows we might be looking at the future president of our country. He's got my vote for charm.


Teacher's own failure

by bachenavvab on

Not only does he not take responsibility for the student's lack of knowledge, but he video tapes it and posts it on the internet.  I am suspicious of anything that pokes fun at ethnicities within Iran.  The policy of putting peolpe down based on their ethnicity has been an integral part of the systematic suppression of our people dating back to the previous regimes.  Let us fight it by rejecting ethnic jokes.

Shirin Vazin

Bichaareh Bacheh-haa'ie keh

by Shirin Vazin on

Bichaareh Bacheh-haa'ie keh zire dast e in mo'allem Aamoozesh mibinand keh mikhaad baa Angosht namaa kardan e yek Shagerd va namaayesh e dastpaachegi e oo jalb e tavajoh koneh.

Sharm bar in mo'allem baad keh ta'lim raa dar maskhareh kardan e shaagerdaash midooneh.


A Sweet Intelligent Boy

by Ahura on

He looks terrified even before the questioning begins knowing well that having played the night before instead of studying is not going to help the eventual doom. An intelligent youngster who does not quite know what do words “baam”, “sarmaayeh”, and “meli” mean.

The faulty “stick over carrot” cultural mentally of Iranian society reflected in the educational system not conducive to nurturing of youngsters, the ethnicity, and the political geography have much less to do with this handsome boy’s predicament than his unpreparedness plus the terror of oral exam that shuts down his wits.

A kind and sisterly “khanoom moalem” would have been a heavenly gift for him. She could have cushioned the fall and eased the pain. I still remember mine!


Crappy educational system...

by Emil on

It just shows the crappy educational system in Iran. 

The kid is so  nervous that it seems he misses or not able to understand the questions.

In an environment of fear and intimidation, learning takes the back seat...


Here is a good example!

by payamshahfari on

Here is a good example of what is wrong with Iran. I don't care about the boy's ability to answer the questions. I was just like him at that age. But who cares. What I care about is the fact that his teacher is a Farsi speaking man educated in Tehran, as you can tell from his accent, while the kid is a poor native of shomal. My question is why can't the shomalis or azeris, arabs, kurds, and other ethnic minorities in Iran, teach their own children their own languages, cultures, and traditions with their own accents and attitudes? Why is it that the "persian" cultural hegemony has imposed itself on the peoples of non-fars or non-tehranis. Who knows, maybe the kids could learn better when they engage in an environment which is indigenous to them. 

 Just a thought 


امتحان شفاهی


I second the recent comments. I didn't pick any Gilani/Rashti accent. He is just going blank because he is not prepared for this oral exam or pop-quiz. The fact that he is repeating the questions shows that he is not so dumb,...he is buying time and is trying hard to remember... but each time, he hits the rock bottom! Been there...Done that!



by Guilan on




he isnot gilani

by bahmangoodarzi on

this boy isnot gilani boy  and right  that north iran but mazanderani



It is not funny

by amirkabear4u on

because it could be you standing there!

In a society like ours if educational system was enjoyable then no one would vote to dictators and peoples expectations would be more due to better understanding.

Louie Louie

Mort, khaab didi kheyre inshala

by Louie Louie on

The paradise you are talking about existed on which planet may I ask?

Yes Gilan could be part of the Soviets, but I can assure you nobody had the time of their life under the Soviets rule. Even after the broke up of the Soviet Union, the so called independent countries neighboring Iran are not doing so great.

And the gift you are talking about was given to all of us not just to Gilan.


Mort Gilani

This is the consequence of Iranian gift to Gilan and Gilanis.

by Mort Gilani on

In exchange for Russian girls spending spring break in Pahlavi Port, Gilani girls traveling to Sochi to play soccer,or student exchange program with best European universities, Gilanis got Islamic savagery, backwardness, death, torture , humiliation, and a devastated landscape.
Next time, could you please keep your gift to yourself? Gilanis might just do fine on their own.


what grade...?

by Emil on

Makes me wonder what grade he is at...? 


These days Such rare innocence...

by faryarm on

He is delightful, a breath of fresh air...

Such innocence... 




by Souri on

Remind me of my hamkelassi's at primary school. I was always feeling sad for them, when they didn't know the answers and were becoming nervous like him.

Who did make the film ?

Darius Kadivar

He Could have been an actor from a Kiarostami Movie ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on


Elahee.  He's so cute.

by desi on

Elahee.  He's so cute.  This must be a Gilaki Social Studies class.  The questions only pertain to shomal.  I love how he kept fiddling with his buttons out of sheer nervousness.



by capt_ayhab on



Azarin Sadegh

Delam barash kheili sookht...:-)

by Azarin Sadegh on

Such a cute boy! I'd love to kiss and hug him...:-) Thank you JJ for sharing!

He reminds me of my younger son...because of the shape of his ears, but especially because of the intensity of his emotion so transparent in his huge green eyes, when he gets nervous! 



by IRANdokht on

It seems like he didn't even understand the questions. Is it because sheeb-dar and sarmaayeh are above his grade level or was he just really nervous?


Jahanshah Javid

I want to hold him

by Jahanshah Javid on

I felt his fear and anxiety all through my body... School is the worst :o)