Mohammad Javad Larijani booed

Sharif University students jeer Majlis speaker's brother

October 4, 2009: Mohammad Javad Larijani is a former deputy foreign minister and is the brother of Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani and Judiciary Chief Sadegh Larijani:


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mozdur aziz, abarmard!

by Jaleho on

Is it just me, or since you're a good mozdur, you might have the following observation as well:

It seems to me that a group of students start shouting " dolat coup d'etat, estefa estefa." Then a larger group who are sick of them shut them up by shouting "Monafegh vagheyi- Mousavi o khatami"

So, the camera man has to take his camera elsewhere!

My ears are such mozdurs, despite the efforts of opposition trying to make even the students who form 90% of the dissidents as one monolithic voice :-) :-)



by Abarmard on

less than six months ago Most readers on this site were arguing that all those who go the universities and specially Sharif university are kid Hezbollahis and basijis.

Whenever we had a discussion and I, as one, praised the achievement of these students along with the Iranian scientists, the harsh words of "mozdur, bajgeer" would fall in my way.

Thankfully now, many Iranians have changed course and attitude and have finally after thirty years realized where Iran stands.

Also we must be careful not to generalize the country and its youth, as there are still many people who do not want "revolution" but reform, including many of these students.


Very good, he got what he deserved.

by پیام on

The wall is finally falling.


با درود به دانشجویان مبارزه دانشگاه شریف


با درود به دانشجویان مبارزه دانشگاه شریف، ببینید این کثافت‌ها دانش و دانشگاه را به چه روزی انداختن.

به فرمایشات! پاسدار صفوی مراجعه کنید تا به عمق جهالت این حاکمان زورگو پی ببرید. 

پاسدار صفوی اعلام کرد: راه‌اندازی درس شهید شدن در برخی از دانشگاه‌ها

و در این باره شعری از اینجانب

راه شهید گشتن شد دوره دانشگاه



by BIKAR on

"i cannot teach you violence, as i do not myself belive in it. i ca only teach you not to bow your heads before any one even at the cost of you life."

mahatama gandhi


Justice is blind, Gordzad Jan

by NOT_AK69 on

"Not all of humanity [World] has brought malice to another’s soul; no fear of blindness rests in their pure hearts. For the light that they shine, is the light that gives them sight [life]. " ~AK69

“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”~ Mahatma Gandhi



Larijani Brothers

by iroooni on

remind me of the Baldwin brothers. Except, they are much uglier, dumber, and murderer :)



by BIKAR on

chan dvaght tosari hazery bekhory?


"An eye for an eye ...

by Gordzad on

leaves the whole world blind." Seems Gandhi was more clever that the ones who wrote the Old Testamente.


Too Bad The Students Didn't Go "Basiji" On Him

by NOT_AK69 on

"An Eye for an Eye"~ Old Test.




by yolanda on

very blurry video, but great and loud protest! I hope the dude got the message that he is a persona non grata!