Geneva Nuclear Talks

Iran, U.S. hold highest level talks in decades

GENEVA (Reuters) – The United States said it held the highest level direct talks with Iran in three decades on Thursday to try to put to rest Western suspicions Tehran is planning a nuclear bomb. The "significant" bilateral conversation took place during talks between Iran and six world powers near Geneva, an official at the talks said. Iran declined to confirm the two-way meeting. The negotiations outside Geneva, also attended by Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China, took place against a backdrop of renewed international concern prompted by Iran's revelation it has a second uranium enrichment facility. A diplomat said the talks had ended in late afternoon and European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana would brief reporters. He gave no indication of their outcome, but Iranian television had said earlier in the day the sides would meet again this month.


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you simple minded people...


... have yet to understand the norms of international politics. do you people realise that easing the tension will help the greens?


Let me Remind you

by masoudA on

USA in general is all for negotiations.   Americans even negotiate with hostage takers in hostage situations......... but the objective always remains the same.   That has always been the case - up until Obama!!  Time will tell



by das on

I just wonder what kind of deal they are talking about behid iranian people's back?

Shifteh Ansari

سولانا: ايران با بازديد آژانس از تاسيسات اتمى قم موافقت كرد

Shifteh Ansari

First reports from the meeting:


خاوير سولانا در پايان نشست گروه ۱+۵ با ايران از موافقت تهران با بازديد بازرسان آژانس از تاسيسات اتمى قم ظرف دو هفته آينده خبر داد و سعيد جليلى نيز مذاكرات ژنو را «مثبت» ارزيابى كرد.

گفت وگوهاى يك روزه ايران و پنج كشور عضو دائم شوراى امنيت همراه با آلمان روز پنجشنبه در دو نوبت در ويلايى در نزديكى شهر ژنو سوئيس برگزار شد.

در پايان اين نشست ها، خاوير سولانا، مسئول سياست خارجى اتحاديه اروپا به نمايندگى از گروه ۱+۵ و سعيد جليلى از سوى ايران، در گفت و گو با خبرنگاران، ارزيابى خود را از نتايج مذاكرات بيان كردند.

آقاى سولانا در اين زمينه گفت: مذاكرات روز پنجشنبه «تنها يك آغاز است و ما نياز داريم كه شاهد پيشرفت برخى گام هاى عملى در باره مسائلى باشيم كه امروز در خصوص آنها بحث كرديم.»

وى افزود: قرار است ايران و آژانس بین المللی انرژی اتمی روز ۱۸ اكتبر نشست تازه اى را در شهر وين، پایتخت اتريش، برگزار كنند.

به گفته خاوير سولانا، ايران به پيشنهاد شش قدرت جهانى براى جلوگيرى از افزايش تحريم ها عليه تهران به دلیل توسعه غنى سازى اورانيوم توسط اين كشور، «پاسخ كاملى نداد.»

مسئول امور سياست خارجى اتحاديه اروپا افزود: در اين مذاكرات پيشرفت هاى محدودى در زمينه امكان غنى سازى اورانيوم براى ايران در یک كشور ديگر حاصل شد.

خاوير سولانا همچنين اعلام كرد: «قدرت هاى جهانى انتظار دارند كه ايران تا دو هفته آينده به بازرسان آژانس بين المللى انرژى اتمى اجازه دهد تا از تاسيسات غنى سازى اورانيوم در قم بازديد كنند.»


10 of thousands of people

by chalousroad on

10 of thousands of people die in america and america is a criminal regime. they are all dogs


This is a disgrace

by cyclicforward on

U.S. should never talk to criminal regime of Iran. For god sake people are dying in the streets of Tehran and you are negotiating for what?


Where is the commentary on this?!

by aaminian on

I guess we can just imagine what is transpiring (*_*)


can't expect more.....

by shushtari on