Tapesh TV mocks Green Movement

Political satire


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American Dream

Freedom5, you are mentally unstable

by American Dream on

Freedom5, you are mentally unstable.

I have been a freedom fighter for Iran for more than 37 years.

I have been fighting for the freedom of ethnic minorities in Iran for over 37 years.

Freedom5, you are a nut.

Unlike you, I am for the safety of Iranians who are attcked in protests.

Freedom5, you are ignorant of history and facts.


Be aware of American Dream

by Freedom5 on

Be aware American Dream is not IRANIAN , write and may be speak farsi but he is not IRANian in fact he hates Iranian and IRAN , see below.


by American Dream on

You don't know anything about the Kurds.

The Kurds want an independant Kurdistan.  They have been fighting the Iranian central government for over 100 years.  One day they shall be free and they will break away from Iran once and for all.

As for the Baluchis, they too will get their independence.  They will break away from the Iranian central government and create greater Buluchistan.

And the great freedom loving Iranians of Khuzistan, The tomb Islands, Kish Island and Abu Musa Island will also break away and create Arabistan.  These people will all be free.

If you don't like the West or America go back to Iran freedom5.  No one is forcing you to stay here.  Stop using the english language to post stuff on this site.

freedom5, you are one sorry bad-bakht bee-char-eh who just happens to post on this site.


2 riali

by capt_ayhab on

Tapesh group are the sorriest excuse for a TV station, particularly the Ajeer known as Shabkhiz,  the man has no shame and no dignity and his only values are money.

Shame on Tapesh and their entire charlatan gang. 


P/S ......... Shabkhiz. why don't you go and CRY for some handout[donation] you cheap low life and a sorry excuse for a human being.

PP/S Sorry decent people of IC.  I had to let it out about these heyfe noons.

American Dream

Amir Ghasemi and Hamid Shabkheez

by American Dream on

Both Amir Ghasemi and Hamid Shabkhiz have family members who work for the Islamic Republic of Iran.  The Shabkhiz and Amir Ghasemi Channel even has commercials from businesses that are located inside Iran.  It is safe to say that these 2 channels help the Islamic Republic financially.  These 2 channels also don't have anything that deals with internal Iranian politics.  The Iranian channels that are for regime change especially the monarchists ones are always on the verge of bankruptcy.  As a matter of fact the former singer Zia Ataby has declared bankruptcy right and left.  Zia's NITV from what I hear is 100% out of business.


One thing that Always bothered me

by masoudA on

is that with very few exceptions (such as Meybodi) the lowest forms of the Iranian community appear on these TV stations, hence making great prays for IRI $$.   I dare you to find ONE individual with a US University degree amongst them......they don't believe in putting our youth on TV eithe.

But more importantly this is a sign that IRI funding is drying up in USA. 


They all can go...

by Abarmard on

I watched some LA based TV about fifteen years ago and never got it. It was all commercials, some unknown individual with a table and a phone who talked half Persian half English...Horrible decor and cheap looking stage over all. Then once in a while they upgrade their programs by illegally rebroadcast the Islamic Republic's TV1, 2, or 3 Series.

Who would pay to support this kind of programming is a puzzling mystery to me. I would give one possibility for their success, and that is for them to lose some profit with combining forces, put all the (how many?) channels together and allow each station to take responsibility for diverse set of programming with standardize commercial time...Then in a long-run, they will all become millionaires and possibly can invest in Persian based movies in LA. In other words, do something that carries value->it will payoff


What the?!!!

by farrad02 on

I expected more from Amir Ghassemi!! This is very tasteless. Obviously this is tacky at best and politically opportunistic and mean at worst! 

What a shame that we have come to be so scattered and non-supportive of each other as Iranians! 

I want to know what Mr. Amir Ghassemi has to say to Neda's mother? 



by HollyUSA on

Among all the people that were involved in the production, it didn't occur to a SINGLE ONE of them that it was inappropriate? WOW. They never cease to amaze.


javad agha esfahani

Tapesh joined the "begging crusade"

by javad agha esfahani on

          Currently , Tapesh is running a telethon to collect money from the people.  As we all know ,  begging is an old tradition with the iranian  satellite tv stations . In this self serving endeaver , they comete with each other in raising people's sympathy .They get angry and envious of each other ,  when one station, raises more than they do .  They insult each other , they accuse each other ,  they fight with each other  and often times they act like they are ready to choke each other .

         It is  a delight watching these crooks at each other's throat . It is way more entertaining than their dumbs ass programs . It reminds you of the movie " the forty thieves of Bagdad" , in which a bunch of highway robbers fight over the loot .

         My advice to :  Channel one , Appadana , Jamejam, Rangarang , Omide iran, Tapesh , etc ...  is this : keep up the good work , continue to bicker and cuss each other .

         The Tapesh people made this so called " humerous" (??)sketch to express that they are overburdened with wounds and pain due to their dismal finances , to be used in their telethon.

         Apparently this begging from the public, is exstremely profitable business.  All want to jump on the wagon. Supporting  them thorugh going to their crappy concerts,  all over US , in  Dubai and Vegas is not sufficient .


Ali P.

by IRANdokht on

This video that was made by Tapesh TV shows beaten up Tapesh personalities who are repeating some twists of the slogans heard by the green movement and with the famous song "Hamrah sho aziz". The advertisement video was taken as a shameful and demeaning mockery of the green movement and upset many people. 

I know you didn't miss the dictée classes, so which ones did you miss? ;-)



Amirghassemi apologized

by IRANdokht on

This is an email I received today from the group that calls itself "Boycott Tapesh TV":


Hello everyone, Mr. Amirgahssemi apologized last night on his show to everyone for the video advertisement. At this point we find it necessary to stop the all of the comments and going forth with this page. We all now are aware of Tapesh tv's sense of humor and we all are aware of the supporters of Tapesh TV. The one thing we can all do is to not watch and to focus on bigger issues in Iran. We need to spread the voice of the Iranians in Iran fighting for freedom, democracy and human rights. United we stand divided we fall.


Ali P.


by Ali P. on

I didn't get it.

Could someone who did, explain?