To vote or not to vote?

Vote since there is no other real option


To vote or not to vote?
by choghok

As a citizen in a democracy everyone is supposed to have the same opportunity and same rights. The level of truth in that statement depends on how well the democracy is run. One function for the democracy to be run well is how educated its people are. With education I do not mean that people have to hold a bachelor or masters degree in university.

I mean that people should be active in learning about their environment and the world around it, that they read newspaper and follow the news. Another way to be educated is to be a member in an association. The association does not need to be political parties, it could be a membership in sports club. This teaches people democracy in practice, to argue for their ideas and listen to other peoples ideas and vote for the best one.

Now I hear a lot about that this new generation in Iran is very smart and experienced in politics thanx to the internet and the satellite channels, and I am sure that many of them are. But still if you ask a typical young Iranian that has come out of Iran how he defines democracy and sees it you will find that they do not know it at all. They just know they want to become like west.

The problem is that the satellite dishes in Tehran are locked at Los Angeles based music channels all day or populistic figures shouting all day on some FOX channel wannabes. 

Iranians are all divided for this years election as the ones before that. The question is as always to vote or not to vote. For the Iranians abroad is this question even more interesting since they really have to make an effort to vote. They have to go to the cities that have the embassies and pass all the people shouting ugly words to get to the ballot box after deciding to vote.

Since some elections back the rift between some parts of the establishment is more and more obvious. Now this rift could be because of a democratization process, or more probable because the number of people in the upper class have increased so much that all their interests do not fit into a single "party". But no matter what the reason is on the creation of this rift, the rift is there or is it not?

There are some who think that the rift is just a show and they are from the same bunch. I have two answers to that. Firstly even in your family that have much closer ties than these people do, do you always agree? Now make the family bigger, make it a clan, now make it several clans. Different clans do have different interests and fight for those interests. You can see for example the government today is established by many people from national guards, but at the same time the former head of the national guards is entering the elections and calling Ahmadinejad's government result as failure and want to split his votes.

Another answer is the situation that Iranians outside the country feel today compare with the years of former government. In those days Iran was being accepted more and more by the rest of the world, Iran was making friends in Arab world, today Iran is not even welcomed by its closest neighbors and feared by most of the world.

So as you see, there is a difference between a president and a president in Iran. 

My answer to the question is to vote since there is no other real option. There is no one even remotely close to my ideals that is going to be in the start field of this election, but I think I still would go and vote for a government that I do think is least negative for Iran and Iranians. To have a democracy we Iranians from all parts of Iran and class of society do need to evolve. We need an evolution and evolution if you ask takes time and effort.


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‫شازده جون،


‫خدا بد نده، حرف دکترها رو خیلی گوش نده عزیز. این نسخه ای که تجویز کرده شدنی نیست :)

‫بقول خیام

يك جام شراب صد دل و دين ارزد   يك جرعه می مملكت چين ارزد
جز باده لعل نيست در روی زمين   تلخی كه هزار جان شيرين ارزد

البته جسارت نشه، اینو که گفتم بخاطر اینکه دلمون تنگ شده.



by Hajminator on

‫این بابا ایرانی نیست. میگه هر سال بر میگرده ایران ولی فارسی بلد نیست بخونه.


Mullah bepar

by Hajminator on

You're a non-iranian zionist who don't even read Farssi, you come here and insult everyone with your ape-like vocabulary and talk about dissimulation.

Let me laugh a second ...

Take off your kepi now and again, it will help your neurons to take air for a while. When Ferdossi says in Shanameh that he is Muslim it's simply because he was Muslim.

Now, you want to impose us your zionist reality ... It won't work. You have a teared up country since 60 years coz you tried to impose your reality and it didn't work. You never learn han...It's just a question of intelligence as Einstein said.

Oh to stick on the subject of this blog, I have created a network and we'll be at least 53 who'll go vote in 22 days.


Higher logic from yet another Molla!

by choghok on

I would like to emphasize that this article is about "to vote and not to vote". This side tracking does not lead anywhere since one side (Mollaye BBOC) tries to convince the other side with some very strange reasoning the people not to vote.

Please go and stop Ahmaghinejade from yet another 4 years isolating Iran.

Molla khan I would like to say like all other Mullahs (and Ahmaghinejad) you seem to have reached a higher level of truth where you see a bright light surrounding you. And just like Ahmaghinejad you seem to be too eager to share the "truth" with us unworthy. Unfortunatly we (rational people) are not there so we cannot see the logic behind your arguments.

I suggest instead of trying to argue you should start your own religion or sect. If you are lucky maybe you get your own harem.

/Bidar bash ke ma bekhabim


Ferdosi was NOT a Muslim!

by BBC's Mullah (not verified) on

Haji-agha --

Our Islamic guru writes: "You are telling us that Ferdossi, saying himself that he was a Muslim in Shanameh, was wrong :)"

It's not about right or wrong, my uninformed foe -- it's about dissimulation. Bache-mullah, put down the Arabian Trojan Horse (the Quaran) for a second and take off your sandles, this may take a minute.

Do you know what "dissimulation" means? Actually, you mullahs are MASTERS at it -- in fact, your great granddaddys invented the concept. Dissimulation is "a form of deception in which one conceals the truth."

For example, your mullah Khomeini -- whose father was an Indian from Bangladesh (a fact!), aka Ayatollah BBC -- was a master of dissimulation. In the fall of 1978, when he promised the Iranian nation FREE water, FREE electricity, FREE bus fare, and a share of the oil profits, equal righs for women, equal rights for religious minorities, democracy and fair elections, HE, the bearded cousin of Raj Kapoor, your Hendi mullah, was practicing a high and mighty form of dissimulation.

Are you slowly starting to get the picture? I can slow it down for you if you like. Or are you still admiring the Arabian Trojan Horse (the Quran) and its promises of all those deliciously perky breasts in Heavan?

Please wipe your mouth and let's take a trip back to the time of Ferdosi -- hell, even TODAY, if you say one thing critical about Islam or its pedophile prophet, you become a target for murder. Example, Salman Rushdie or the Danish catoonist or the Dutch filmmaker (Van Gogh), whose throat was sliced open in broad daylight for making an anti-Islam movie!

Just imagine back in Ferdosi's time, when there was no rule of law and Islamo Fascists were roaming the land killing anyone for anything they deemed inappropraite. These were scary times. There were routine purges of intellectuals all over the middle-east.

If you're Ferdosi, or even Rumi, who was persecuted and hunted by Islamo fascists (and died in Turkey), you're FORCED to practice DISSIMULATION in order to create your "art," your masterpiece, your raison d'etre, but also, in order to survive!

In fact, a lot of what Rumi and Ferdosi say in their works of art are in codes, "loghata-e-keelidee." They had to write this way so as to NOT have their freaking HEADS CUT OFF!!! Moreover, Ferdosi's sponsor, the man who commissioned the "Shahnameh," was a Muslim Sultan! Obviously, Ferdosi had to practice dissimulation in order to collect his paychecks! Sadly, Islam was KING and EVERYBODY had to fall in line or else!

I don't care what Ferdosi says in the Shahnameh about Islam, his ACTIONS are ALL IMPORTANT! This is a man who tried so HARD to eradicate all Arabic words from the Shahnameh! He was a HUGE admirer of pre-Islamic Iran. He saved the Persian language! If he was a "Muslim," it was nothing more than dissimulation.

As I've said before, Islam is against 3 things: WOMEN, FREE THINKERS and DEMOCRACY. Sad really, how all you Hajis, hojats and hezbis try so hard to re-write Iranian history!

Shame on YOU!!!!!!!!

Now put on your sandles and hop aboard your Arabian Trojan Horse (the Quran) and make like a pretty parrot and do some namaz. Otherwise,


Shazde Asdola Mirza

Hajminator jaan

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

ببخش عزیز، پیامت رو ندیده بودم که زودتر عرض ادب کنم.

یه خرده سردی گرمی‌ کردم، که دکتر تجویز کرد تا جوز هندی از جابلسا و مویز چینی‌ از جابلقا و حلیله رومی از آنقوره کسب کنم و به شیوه مرتاضان، عصاره گیرم و بر بدن مالم و دو بار چله نشینم، تا سموم خوراک و طرب و جماع آنچه به کلّ این سال در، کرده ام، از منابتم بیرون زند، و بخورات شهوت و نفرت و حسرت از مساماتم متصاعد گردد، بلکه ` ارواحنا مرحم به لطفهی ` را دوباره قرار التفات افتد و سر مرحمت.

بیت: ` از کون گشاد که بر آید ... کز عهده ترک‌اش بدر آید؟ `

کمینه پر تقصیر،

الشازده القراضه المیرزا


Mullah bepar

by Hajminator on

Haji ayatollah, hey come on!

You are telling us that Ferdossi, saying himself that he was a Muslim in Shanameh, was wrong :)

Oh la la, you're a true one.

Einstein said: "only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

If one is not convinced of that, s/he can be persuaded just by hearing you farting with your mouth.


The TRUTH matters!

by BBC's Mullah (not verified) on


I acknowledge Islam's perverse presence in Iran, and it's a shame, but we cannot allow the mullahs to RE-WRITE history! I think all the information should be processed publicly for Iranians to arrive at the truth! The truth is THE most important thing! We should not allow the mullahs to lie about Reza Shah and the Shah and every other Shah in order to "create" their own history.

We should all know, for example, that prophet Muhamad had a 8-and-a-half year old wife when he was 63! We should all know that Khomeini's father was Indian. We should all know that Ayatollah Kashani worked with the British to destroy Mossadegh. We should not allow the Hezbollahis to lie about Ferdosi's religion.

The truth matters!


BBC's Mullahs I think you

by Max2009 (not verified) on

BBC's Mullahs

I think you are wasting your time with this. Iran today is a Shiite Muslim country, just like Brazil is a Roman Catholic country, or Greece is an Orthodox country. This is what the majority of Iranian people are following today. This said, what does it have to do with elections?

Shah Esmail Safavi converted Iran to Shiite Islam in 1500’s and since then it’s been the state official religion of all dynasties and governments that have ruled Iran. The majority of Iranians, forced or not, brainwashed or not, are pious people who follow the twelve Imams and many of them go to Ziarat in Mashhad, Qom, Najaf, Karbala, or Mecca or any kind of Emamzadeh, and many follow the Islamic traditions in marriage, death, heritage, circumcision, fasting, Ashura, Eide Fetr, Eide Ghorban...

Either get a reality check by visiting Iran and judging by yourself or continue living in your dreams. We cannot go 1000 years back to make you happy. Iran was invaded by Arabs, Turks, Mongols and Afghans and that’s part of its history whether you like it or not. Can you change that?

I myself do not approve all of this nor do I approve the Islamic Republic, but the reality is that our people in its majority is following that religion and still believes in it. If it wasn’t for the support of at least a good portion of the population, this regime would not be here today. If a majority of Iranians decide to turn against it like they did against the Shah, then this regime will fall...

For now, there is no such option, and from most indicators, it seems that a majority of Iranians will go vote next month. It is better to vote for a more moderate candidate than to let this Ahmadinejad continue his mismanagement for another four years.

Sitting here and talking about an imaginary Iran free of Islam or about what should or could have happened 1400 years ago will absolutely not change anything.


Ferdosi was NOT a Muslim!

by BBC's Mullahs (not verified) on

Haji-Hojatolleslam --

To finish my thoughts on the venerable Ferdosi, in the book, "Ferdosi, a Critical Biography," the author (Shahbazi) writes, "Even in his own time, Ferdosi was regarded as a partisan of Zoroastrianism who had spent his life in praising ancient Iranian infidels (garbakan) and accordingly did not deserve burial among Moslems."

As Nöldeke states, "Ferdowsi remembered the religion of his forbears with respect, and, at the same time, nowhere did he show any signs of a deep Islamic faith. Indeed, to the contrary, here and there are moments in the Shahnameh which, even if they were present in his sources, should not strictly have been given currency by the pen of a committed Muslim."

You Hajis, Hojats and Hezbis try SO HARD to make it out as if EVERYTHING "elmee" or scholarly in Iran only happened after the invasion of the desert fairytales of Islam! What jackals you people really are!!!



I concur choghok

by Anonymoses on

Although you expressed it fantastically...


Extremism, no good!

by choghok on

The extremism of IRI has led to another extremism in opposite direction, thinking that everything good must be from Iran and "Persian" and anything bad from anyone else especially from Arabs. It is easy to think that the problem we have today is not from us, it must be from the outside. It is the British, the Arab, the Turk and so on. When doing so you cut from all the reason and find your own reasons. And when you do that then you do not need to do anything realy, since it is not my fault then I do not need to improve.

An example of how blind extremism is, in India, Hindu extremists see the Taj Mahal not as a mixture of "Islamic" and Indian art, but they see it as a Hindu temple that was later decorated by Islamic scripts. Now this is laughable from our point of view since we as Iranians do see Iranian architecture clearly in that building but from extreme Hindus they are as sure as Mollaye BBC is that Ferdowsi was a Zoroastrian.

I suggest instead of fueling more blind hatred towards Islam and muslims you should fight the extremism wether it is in religion or in politics (left or right). That is the root of he problems in Iran and around the world.

P.S I must add that I do not mean to support Islam or any other specific religion against any other with the example above, I mentioned the story about fundamentalistic Hindus since I recently saw a program about Taj Mahal and I remembered this thing. I have had the pleasure to know some fantastic and open minded Hindus myself.

/Bidar bash ke ma bekhabim


Stop the self-hatred

by Anonymoses on

Concerned-Iranian... you are living about 2000 years too late dude. We Iranians today are just as Iranian as those Iranians who lived in Iran 2000 years ago, and they're just as Iranian as the Iranians who lived there 2000 years before. Culture changes, culture evolves... you obviously haven't lived in Iran to experience how enriched our culture has become by absorbing every culture that passed by it. Nothing was taken AWAY FROM US, that was never the mentality of the Persian Empire, nor is it the internal Iranian mentality today, we gained from every culture, every language, ever person that transveresed our land.  Stop this self-hatred for goodness' sake. This is exactly what is wrong with Iran today, a government that believes that being closed off to the world will perserve some Iranian values or Islamic values not realizing that Iran has always always been the intersecting point of cultures in all of it's history and Islam has been a religion that has been absorbed by almost every culture.    Oh and for others, vote, the candidates are crap, but vote for the less crappy one and hopefully year by year there'll be less and less crapy candidates. 


Ey Baba

by Samad_Agha (not verified) on

Ohoy mardom, Ki miga rai nemidom. Rahbar gofta ray bedin, joon bekanin rai bedin diga. Eeno ke har khari madanah. Faghat be een Ahmadi rai nadin ke doost dara mooshak bazi kona. Hala hamegi salavat.


شازده جون،


‫دلمون تنگ شده بود، عزیز. روی آخرین بلاگت یک مطلبی را یکم دیر پست کردم.


Mullah bepar

by Hajminator on

No one can do nothing for you.

I bet you can't even read persian. The rhymes I sent before were from Shahnameh please translate, if not; LOL.

Now tell us that we should stay at home for the elections. Go on, show us more who you are...

Shazde Asdola Mirza

رای یتو بده، فحشتم بده!

Shazde Asdola Mirza

رای یتو بده، فحشتم بده!

بابا، این جیبوری اسلامی دائم دروغ میگه، خوب ما هم پس باید یاد بگیریم دیگه!

۱ - فحشتو بده؛

۲ - بگو رای نمیدم؛

۳ - برو رای یتم بده!


Ferdowsi was NOT muslim!

by BBC's Mullah (not verified) on

Stop your lies! Your imams were Arabs, aren't you satisfied with that, "Haji?" Why do you have to lie about an Iranian hero who DESPISED your bedouin religion and your bedouin mindset? Why do you people lie and lie and lie against Iran and her interests? You have made her bleed so much in 1,400 years, what do you want, her corpse?

People, NEVER believe what a "Haji" has to tell you -- also, NEVER believe a mullah for that matter. Remember Ayatollah BBC, aka, Ruhollah Hendi, aka, mullah Khomeini's "promises" of free bus fare, free electricity, free water, share of the oil profits, freedom of speech, equal rights for women and minorities? This is how Islamists operate. When they LIE in the furtherance of Islam an their disgusting agenda, according to their twisted beliefs, it's NOT a lie at all!

So, do not believe these asinine quotes that they pull from their rears. The facts are in the Shahnameh itself! Everything else is Islamic fabrication, which is the bread and butter of the mullahs and their foot soldiers.

Nice try, Haji. Not go and so some more namaz in Arabic, and while you're at it, book another flight to Mecca and help the economy of your bedouin brothers in the heart of Arabia! And hopefully, you'll find a nice life amongst your own people and stay there!


Mullah bepar

by Hajminator on

Thanks god you're as ignorant as extremist. Here what Ferdowsi says about his religion Islam

ترا دانش و دين رهاند درست
در رستگاري ببايدت جست
وگر دل نخواهي كه باشد نژند
نخواهي كه دايم بوي مستمند
به گفتار پيغمبرت راه جوي
دل از تيرگيها بدين آب شوي
چه گفت آن خداوند تنزيل و وحي
خداوند امر و خداوند نهي
كه خورشيد بعد از رسولان مه
نتابيد بر كس ز بوبكر به
عمر كرد اسلام را آشكار
بياراست گيتي چو باغ بهار
پس از هر دوان بود عثمان گزين
خداوند شرم و خداوند دين
چهارم علي بود جفت بتول
كه او را به خوبي ستايد رسول
كه من شهر علمم عليم در ست
درست اين سخن قول پيغمبرست
گواهي دهم كاين سخنها ز اوست
تو گويي دو گوشم پرآواز اوست
علي را چنين گفت و ديگر همين
كزيشان قوي شد به هر گونه دين
نبي آفتاب و صحابان چو ماه
به هم بستهء يكدگر راست راه
منم بنده اهل بيت نبي
ستاينده خاك و پاي وصي
حكيم اين جهان را چو دريا نهاد
برانگيخته موج ازو تندباد

Now, try to convince people to not vote, LOL

Kaveh Nouraee

To: BBC's Mullahs

by Kaveh Nouraee on

I respectfully ask that you consider the source who suggested Wikipedia as the source of info regarding Ferdowsi to begin with.


Wikipedia is full of mistakes!

by BBC's Mullahs (not verified) on

Niloufar Parsi thinks we should accept the word of Wikipedia as fact -- a joke in itself as everyone with a single brain cell knows NOT to take what Wikipedia says as fact.

The great and venerable Ferdowsi was 100% a Zartosht -- have you leftists and Islamists even cracked open the masterpiece of Iran, the Shahnameh???? It is BY FAR the most important piece of literature in Iran's tortured history! It saved our language, for Chrissakes!

And in the opening page, Ferdowsi writes: be nam-e- Ahura Mazda...

NOT be nam-e- Islam or Mohamad or any other semitic reference, but rather, "Ahura Mazda!"

You people can say what you want, we all know how welcoming Muslims are to free thinkers, writers and artists. Didn't a muslim cut the throat of that Dutch filmmaker who was related to Van Gogh, who made an anti-Islam movie? And didn't Khomeini want to slaughter Salman Rushdi? And the poor danish cartoonist -- Islam is against 3 things: Women, free thinkers, and democracy.

Anybody who tells you different is either patently ignorant or just too set in his ways or on the payroll of some Islamist agenda, period!

Long live an Arab/Islam FREE Iran!



by Concerned-Iranian (not verified) on

I just wanted to remind everyone here that now days instead of knowing and studying history, anyone could google any particular subject and somewhat receive a decent answer in some form or shape!

But please remember that after Arab/Muslims conquered Persia, obviously they forced all Persians to convert to Islam and also forced everyone to change their names, titles, language and etc.

Anyone who wanted stay alive had to read, write and speak in Arabic and convert to Islam.

All our Scientists, Philosophers, Doctors, Writers and anyone who left anything of any value behind for Persians (and mankind) were aware of this very fact that had they not become like Arabs/Muslims in every aspect of life, they would have lost their head, thus would not exist nor could leave any of their beautiful works behind for Iranians today and the entire world and mankind!

That is the absolute fact my fellow country men and women!

There are real historical documents about this very subject! All you need to do is to read Shahnameh (Ferdowsi), Deevan Shams and Masnavi (Rumi), Devaane Hafez, Boostaan and Golestaan (Saadi), Robaayaat (Khayaam) and thousands of other brilliant works to know and understand REAL HISTORY, FACTS AND TRUTH!

The only thing that has saved Persian/Iranian identity to some extend and to this date has been the Persian Literature! Ferdowsi, Khayam, Rumi, Hafez and Saadi were the geniuses who in their precious works left all the signs and instructions behind for you and me to understand and become better human beings!!!

We Iranians today have not only lost these treasures to some extend but also THINK, TALK AND ACT AGAINST all those precious and enlightening lessons that are left behind for us !!!

Meanwhile, Due to our unfortunate geographical position on the world map and because of Thousands of years of invasions (From Arab/Muslims to Mongolians to Seljuk Turks) The Persians/Iranians became either a very fanatic and religious Muslim who remained in power by FORCE and Oppression hence the Evil Islamic Republic and Co. or the scared and confused culture and entity that mainly could survive by mastering the ART OF HYPOCRISY...

Free your mind, heart and soul,
Learn and Practice properly!

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

According to wiki, Ferdowsi was a shia. Fancy that!

btw, i think BBC's MUllahs is Ali aqa Mostofi...(due apologies to Ali aqa). He's the only guy who talks about seyyeds. poor seyyeds! and they think they are so special too! i know an otherwise very secular friend who revels in being a shia seyyed. he raves about Ali (not this Ali, emam Ali). And he is a communist! there you go. it definitely works in mysterious ways - whatever 'it' is!

But seriously, there is a lot today's politicians could learn from Ali, judging by what my good friend says.



Facts and fiction!

by choghok on

Mollaye BBC, I do not intend to make this discussion personal but I think you should calm down a little. You start to sound like a fundementalistic person and think everything you say is true since you beleive in it.

I have never heard thar Ferdowsi being Zoroastrian before. The name Abulqasem would suggest being a muslim and I have never read anything else, maybe our English Mullah would tell us where he gets his facts from. As for Hafez, there is a reason for his nickname being Hafez. And that is because he could the whole Quran by heart. And Rumi, well his family fled around 11th century from Balkh in todays Afghanistan to Konya, todays Turkey when he was a youngster. It would have been both wrong time and wrong direction to flee Islam, especially if you are yourself a Sufi Muslim reciting from religious books in your petry. His family fled like many the Mongol invasion from the east. Arab invasion happened in the 7th or 8th century.

/Bidar bash ke ma bekhabim


Frauds like "annoymous"

by BBC's MUllahs (not verified) on

portray the situation in Iran very much in accordance to their seyyed upbringing. To say one quarter of Iranian people are de facto "seyyeds" is exactly the kind of thing an Arabized person would say. Islamic art and science flourished in Iran IN SPITE of Islam, not because of it! And the only person responsible for preserving the Persian language was Ferdowsi, who was a renown Zoroastrian!!! From Hafez to Saadi to Rumi and the rest, they were all persecuted by fanatic Islamists of their own day! Rumi ran away to Turkey, where he died.

Islam and its bedouin balderdash and desert fairytales is our greatest cancer -- and deep within your Arabized soul, you know this to be 100% true! So do us all a favor and take your Mohamad (and his nine-year-old wife) and Hossein and the rest of your Arab heroes and go to Mecca or Karbala and leave Iran for Iranians who reject a foreign culture and religion!

Mind you, but for the bastard children of Omar (=Hezbollahis), Iran would be a functioning, modern society! Sadly, with brain cells like yours, we're the face of terrorism around the world.

Amazing that to this day we still have dimwits who adhere to a semetic religion (Islam) that was forced upon us by an invading band of bloodthirsty bedouins! A religion (Islam) that is a near copy of the Jewish religion. A religion (Islam) that was written by 3 Jews and one of us, Salman Farsi, the first and greatest traitor to revolt against the Iranian culture.

Iran will never reach its full potential as an Islamic state! And if people like me have anything to do with it, at least our way of thinking will shift, even if our bloodlines don't!


This crazy arabo-phobia/Islamophobia/self-hatred has got to stop

by Anonymoses (not verified) on

BBC's Mullah, lol... do you realize that you ACTUALLY sound like a raving lunatic?

Also do you realize that at least a quarter of Iranians are "seyyeds" or have "seyyeds" in their family (or even more than that). News for you, you have Arab lines, you have Mongolian lines, and lines from just about every other group that passed by Iran. Sorry to hurt those pUrE-aRyAn feelings of yours.

Do you also realize that the Islamic era in Iran brought about the cultural and scientific revolution that still echoes today? Are you going to say "Abu Muslih bin Abdallah Shirazi" AKA. Saadi and "Khwaja Shamsud-Din Muhammad Hafez-e Shirazi" AKA Hafez weren't Iranian and should be kicked out of Iran? Those crazy half-Arabs did a lot more to preserve the Persian language than you ever will. THEY MADE IRAN FOR MOSES' SAKE.

Everytime I read comments like this I want to bang my head against the wall, but then I realize we need some Iranians with brain cells left.



by BBC's Mullah (not verified) on

The plan is NOT to vote in this SHAM "election," are you sure you can read?


And if you really think the British were NOT involved in the removal of Reza Shah, Mossadegh and the late Shah, you really either can't read or you just can't rationally process readily available information. Either way, you're NO friend of the Iranian people for taking the side of their tormentors and torturers, aka the "Islamic Republic!"

It's sad, but right up the guilty mind's alley to reject and deny the existence of a conspiracy involving the most cunning colonial power, England, which is what you're doing, denying their involvement in Iranian affairs by referring to me as "Dayee Jan Napoleon."

Mind you, I'm not blaming all of our problems on the British (for that, I blame the bedouin balderdash and desert fairytales of Islam), but the British were IN FACT deeply involved in the destruction of every modernizing leader in Iran since Amir Kabir.

Of course, the British were able to achieve this heinous result with some serious -- and I mean SERIOUS!!! -- help from the reactionary forces in the Shiite establishment, i.e., the mullahs!

As I'm sure you know, the mullahs ONLY care about themselves and their place in Iran's society. They don't give a rat's ass about the Iranian nation and the plight of its people! That's because the mullahs are "seyyeds," the offsprings of Muhammad, who was an Arab bazarri! As such, seyyeds like mullah Khatami are technically Arabs, for they trace their family lineage back to an Arab, i.e., Muhamad!

Let's end this Arab occupation of Iran! Let's join forces and unite behind one UNIFYING GOAL: the speedy destruction of the Arab occupation that is known worldwide as the cancer of "Islamic Republic."



BBC mullah

by choghok on

Please do not beleive that Dayi Jan Napoleon is a documentary program, it was just a TV show and Dayi jan was really sick and dillusional character that never participated in war against the British.

And also finally you came with a plan more than staying at home.You come with a plan that includes to free Iran from the American and English, from Islam... Ok, a grand plan. Very feasible plan, totally doable, and the best way to do it is to stay home and just do nothing. I do not understand why nobody else come up with that idea earlier it might have saved us from 30 years of IRI.

/Bidar bash ke ma bekhabim


Send a CLEAR Message!!!

by BBC's Mullahs (not verified) on

Stay home on "election" day!
And humiliate the mullahs!
And end the 30-year rule of British mullacracy in Iran!

In 1979, we may have cut off the hands of America "the great satan," but we did it at the enormous expense of jumping into bed with the Devil himself, the biggest snake of all, the British, who sponsored and financed mullah Khomeini, aka Ayatollah BBC, from the very beginning in 1962!

We don't want American imperialism and we don't want British colonialism. We want a FREE Iran! FREE of akhunds, FREE of England, FREE of MEK jackals, FREE of American intrigue, FREE of Islam and its bedouin balderdash and desert fairytales and FREE of the Arab's 7th century Trojan Horse, the Quran.

Our UNIFYING GOAL: The end of HELL on Iranian soil, the end of the British-inspired (and conspired) "Islamic Republic!"

Long live Iran and the Iranian nation!

Farhad Kashani

MiNeum71,   I do have

by Farhad Kashani on



I do have to say I agree with most your points. Good analysis.


I have always been critical of us Iranians, me included, not doing nearly enough to take matters into our own hands. And I also said, people are responsible for the government they have, unless occupied by a foreign army. Whether it’s a coup, or a revolution, or a democratic process, its people’s responsibility. Some of us, like you said engage in laaj-baazi and naaleh and conspiracy-theorism, and blame CIA or Israel or Arabs for our own mistakes.


I’ve been bashed for saying we, the people of Iran, are the ultimate responsible party in the type of government we have. And even if we demand International support in our struggle, which we should, we should ask for it, and that still makes us responsible. I believe Iranians do ask for International support to help them get started. And I believe International support is crucial, but we have to utilize that support. Some Iranians say “we don’t want foreigners interfering in our affairs” as a way to discredit International support, but at the same time are silent about what’s going on in Iran, and not only they’re doing nothing about it, they actually want the status quo to remain as it is.