They die a thousand times a day

Capital punishment in Iran

With comments by veteran actor Ezzatollah Entezami.

Part 1:

Part 2:


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beautiful voice as good as

by wesleyG (not verified) on

beautiful voice as good as Shadmehr!!!


به قول یکی از دوستان

فاطمه زهرا (not verified)

در عفو لذتی است که در انتقام نیست -- و بر عکس.



by khoram din (not verified) on

simple La's for simple people you steel your hand is cutt where is Iran's culture in this?

Ali P.

What a tough call...

by Ali P. on

I hope none of us would ever have to face that decision!


(Honestly, I won't know what I would decide :-(    )


Those who forgave the murderers show their great humanity

by saddened (not verified) on

The victim's parents / close kin shown in this video who forgave their son's muderer are truely to be admired.

They took the high road.

Delara's cousins who lost their parent to Delara's boyfriend were not capable to do this, but everyone wished they were stronger than that.

Did Delara's hanging bring their mom back? Of course not.

Do they feel better now that Delara has been murdered and they have her innocent blood on their hands? Their mother's real killer is still alive in jail.

So the victim's children commited the same ugly act on another innocent person -- wrongly labeling it "justice". That is not justice, it is just as ugly of an act as having their mother killed. They moved backwards instead of forward.

Two wrongs do not make a right.


bakhshesh behtar az entegham

by shahnaz (not verified) on

ba koshtane yeki digeh azizi az dast rafteh bar nemigardeh .rasti chera dar Iran ranandehi bi ehtiat joone chand nafar ra migirad ghatl hesab nemishe va ba pardakhte diehi na chiz az mojazat farar mikone vali javane khami keh tasadofi baese ghatl mishe bayad edam beshe mage che farghi dareh


What a

by Passer By (not verified) on

beautiful voice as good as Shadmehr!!! He was only 15 for God sake free him and love him the same love you had for your own son. That is what I would do.

Very nice documentary very touching

Nader Vanaki

نادر ونکی

Nader Vanaki

این لاتی که در مستند ملاحظه می فرمایید در آینده ای نه چندان دور به جرمی دیگر پشت میله های زندان قرار خواهد گرفت زیرا کارش از ریشه خرابه 


Very Impressive

by ExecutionHater (not verified) on

Great documentary. I was very impressed with the people who had forgiven the murderer of their kid. They definitely have a big heart. I hope, like on of them said, these guys who "have been born again," will truly appreciate their new life. They should, for the rest of their life, continue to do thing for the family that forgave them until that family is truly happy with them and has no negative emotion left in them. At least they should try.


You See,

by MiNeum71 on

Death penalty is the evidence of a cultural poor society.


Kourosh Aryamanesh

Mahdi bia mahdi bia

by Kourosh Aryamanesh on


 Khodaya khodaya ta enghelab e mahdi khomeine ra negahdaar.

Fesad dar jame-eh eslami reeshe kan shodeh va eenha hame tablighat e monaafegh ast.