Grading women

Mohsen Qara'ati on why women should wear hejab

TV preacher says if women do not wear hejab, it will distract men and destabilize society. Men will start grading scantily-clothed women they have seen in public and regret not having a wife as good looking and desirable.


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I did not know about the numbers!!

by farshadjon on

Vey interesting clip!

I did not know that women all have numbers associated with them! 

To All Ladies in,

Please declare your number and if you are not sure, let's debate about it.




by Kamal Joon (not verified) on

Mr.Gharatti is one of the stand-up comedians of Islamic Republic.

Believe me or not, I used to sit in front of TV on Thursdays afternoon just to watch his lectures and laugh. Even during Moharam he doesn't stop this. Really humorous.

Russel Peters, Omdi Jalili and Shapark Khorsandi and others should take up an internship with him :)


some truth in it

by AF (not verified) on

I am not sure how to solve this problem on the Earth. But in Heavens with 80 houris sitting on my lap (all sizes), I will not be distracted.