David Rahni

Running for Board of Education Seat in State of New York

David N. Rahni is running for the School Board of Education in Somers Township, located in northern Westchester County, New York this May 19. Somers is a township comprised of seven hamlets with a population of nearly 20,000 and a historic area spanning nearly forty square miles.

The Somers Central School District presumably ranks among the top 5 percentile of all school districts nationwide. It is comprised of nearly 4,000 students, and with an annual budget approaching $100 million dollars. David Rahni is running against three other candidates including two incumbents on the current Board. Rahni’s recent TV interview/debate and his position statement along with other candidates’ profiles are available at nyjnews.com.

The candidates will soon be profiled on Journal News, the daily paper in the Lower Hudson Valley for possible endorsement of its editorial board. The candidates are also scheduled to partake in a number of forthcoming debates including the next moderated by the League of Women Voters at Somers Middle School at 7:30 p.m. on Monday May 11.

As a university professor and scholar, and President of Chemical Detectives, LLC, David Rahni, an American of Iranian/Persian heritage, has served with distinction in a number of community, professional and learned society institutions, and in international consultative capacities. His multifaceted contributions to the advancement of the Iranian-American Community through his prolific writings and community organizing are among his primary interests.


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Running for School Board of Education

by David N. Rahni (not verified) on

Dear Ostadan Jahanshah, Mohammad, Daruis, Ben as above and many other friends who have called or wrote,

Irrespective of the outcome, two very important development have already heartened me and my steadfast determination to continue plowing along the rough terrains to prepare it for our subsequent children to build the superhighways of civic activities on it soon:

1. It is gratifying with much appreciation and humility to hear such substantive words of encouragement and support from so very many of my friends, colleagues and liaisons nationwide, especially from my Irooni compatriots.

2. Although at times local US politics are as equally if not more tumultuous with defined and thus defended turfs and territories, suffice it to report back to my supporters that my positions statement on educational benchmarks of the highest caliber and fiscal prudence is already on the table, whereby the next Board of Education has no choice but to favorably respond to most recommendations. a nearly cost cutting for nearly $300,000 is already in the works.

Once again, I thank everyone and reassure you that more than before, I shall continue providing gratis input into advancing our community in diaspora and to advocate for people, culture, history and the nation.


David Rahni

Mohammad Ala

Best wishes.

by Mohammad Ala on

Dr. Rahni, best wishes and good luck.

Darius Kadivar

All the Best to Professor Rahni

by Darius Kadivar on

Great News !


You GO Hamshahri!

by benbagheri on

I have known Professor Rahni for years and followed his writings in print and online.

We have common friends here in Dallas, Texas area and he is my bacheh mahal and hails from my home town of Shemiran (the foothills of Alborz near Evin Darakeh, north of Tehran).

I wish Dr. Rahni all the success.